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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Long Overdue : Vocal Picnic @ Lake Garden

Ni dah long overdue. Tak ingat bila but dah lama upload the pics kat dalam draft. So just post je lah....
Made plans with my students to go for a picnic kat Taman Tasik Perdana. Masa sampai lake garden petang tu hujan renyai-renyai , nasib baik ada wakaf yang kosong. Just nice for us all. Tapi hujan renyai tak lama....

I made spaghetti bolognese with meat balls. Tak sempat nak snap pic of it....lesap in a flash. The kids masing-masing bawa other food as well for everyone to share.

Many of the brought cakes,,,,,yang dibeli ada , yang dibuat......few jenis of lepat pun ada.

On of my students , Mujaheed,,,,,,his mom ada business kek kukus Sarawak. So memang muai-lah kita-kita semua makan kek kukus Sarawak.

Mula MP tak nak ikut , biasa lah.......picnic picnic ni is not his thing but somehow I managed to make him change his mind :-) Well, once in a while....I thought it's a fun activity to do.....

Just look at the gang.......

Ashel was the happiest , running around freely. MP usha je tengok anak dia guling-guling atas rumput tu.......he'll not allow Ashel to do that OK but dah ramai-ramai ni , dia diam je laa , hehehe! Ramai Abang-abang & Kakak-kakak yang tukang melayan dia.

Lepas makan.....relax dulu kasi makanan turun.....

Then......let's sing. Yes , we sang at the lake garden.....it was fun , dowh!

Kes ambil gambar sendiri.....

With my kids at the park......priceless.
Hmmmm.....ada je lah peel budak-budak ni dengan posing-posing yang tak dapat den nak nolong......

Nice park we have,,,,,nice view too,,,,,,should do it more often.

The kids was a spot and a fun bunch of youngsters. How can I feel old with them around me?

Owh yaaaa.....the Bieber heart pose!
Yo! Vocalwealth Vocalists,,,,,,Khalil - Octe - Nik - Mujaheed - Abang Zali - Rusman - Shahrol - Hanim - Hirzi - Wan & Shana , thank you for being part of me *wink*.

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