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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Break-fast At The Studio

Dah masuk 13 hari puasa....baru dapat datang CC to upate my blog. Kat rumah memang gelisah sebab sejak lappy rosak rasa macam a part of me gone don't know where. Why didn't get a new lappy , you might be wondering kan? Hmmmm....am saving to get a new one. A good one. Cash tu ada tapi ada banyak yang nak didahulukan. Yang lagi penting. Bulan puasa ni studio pun slow plus we've not been getting our claims from few government institutions yet. Yup! Now it's August and our January claim pun tak dapat lagi. Kerja tetap kena kerja jugak.

For RM1000+ I can get a simple notebook but this time around I wanna get a decent one. Tak nak mintak MP sebab I know he's glad that my lappy's gone! So asking money to buy a new lappy is like I letak my head on a chopping board laa kan. He hates it when am always online even though I dah penat explain kat dia that basically everything is online now , so sekarang ni he's kinda relief tengok I tak de lappy kat rumah but I can still do few things with my Ipod & Blackberry & Nokia & WiFi......dowh! Oh! Just to let you know....MP will not pay for the WiFi bill OK......naturally lah kan....hehehe! Pissed him off to see me still connected to the world wide web but hey presto! you just have to live with it....hehehe!

Even nak mintak permission MP to go to cyber cafe pun siksa as he'll 'kuliah' me first. Dia tak kasi I datang CC ni bila-bila I suka walaupun CC ni dekat je dengan studio. Ada sekali tu dia blew-up and we had an argument sebab I suggested that we break-fast kat Dagang Avenue food-court which is just selangkah je dari CC ni. I ended breaking-fast with Yna. Gua tak de hal beb. Gua boleh hidup. Tapi yang besar-kan hal kecil tu yang dah jadi nanah. Apa masalah-nya pun I dunno.

Yna pun gelisah jugak bila tak de lappy ni sebab dia pun nak online jugak.....kena-lah I heret Yna ke CC sekali dengan I when time permits. In 2 hours tak banyak yang boleh I tulis....Hmmmmmphhh! Susah lah sikit nak upload gambar & what nots. I had to go to the studio to transfer photos to my pen-drive , then pergi CC and baru upload to the blog. Kalau pics from my phone yang tak sempat upload ke pen-drive.....kena laa upload guna Wi-Fi kat CC ni to my FB then baru save to folder and upload ke blog.....banyak kerja but what to do.....walaupun am not a paid blogger but I have a duty to myself. A duty to write down my happenings for my remembrance.

Hari Rabu lepas , I took the opportunity to break-fast with my vocal students at the studio. Another thing yang MP tak suka during fasting month is to break-fast separately , even if to break-fast at my parents place. *How I wish I can tell* I ajak MP buka kat studio sekali tapi dia tak nak. Leaving me in misery but I went on jugak with the plan. Nak marah-marah belakang cerita. Biar I tanggung sorang , the kids doesn't have to know. Tak pe lah......palat pun gua terima,,,,selagi gua larat.

Every Wednesday nite memang ada choir practice kat studio. Last week since 1st week puasa , we cancelled the practice sebab ramai yang nak balik kampung & etc so naturally minggu ni the practice is on lah. I took the kids to Bazar Ramadhan kat Taman Nirwana....near the studio je. It was fun to gather around for iftar once in a while. Dunno why some find it not amusing. Pelik.

Sebelum mula practice........sempat tunai-kan yang wajib dulu bah....Alhamdulillah that we have our very own Imam Muda Afiq & Bilal Muda MJ in the house......

Malam........around 12:30am-ish , pergi sahur kat McDonalds near the old Sri Inai School. Yna had Double Cheese burger....boy! she can eat so much at this hour!

My baby boy enjoying his sahur too! He's only 3 but I somehow managed to put him without milk or food till 1pm! And he took it well. Great start to train him to fast in future.

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