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Friday, August 19, 2011

Iftar : Lok Lok

Few days ago I break my fast by the roadside enjoying Lok Lok! Just me & Yna while MP & Adriel had their food in a cafe.....ajak MP join tapi dia tak nak so sik da hal lah.....

Lok Lok is a street food. Something like Yong Tao Foo cuma eats eaten there and then. Kena celur whatever seafood yang you pilih , celupkan dalam your choice of sauce and straight to the mouth!

Kat Bukit Antarabangsa ni ada satu van yang kuala Lok Lok ni. Loads to choose from.....from seafood to variety of fish-crab-prawn balls. Not only that , kat van ni ada griller so Yna tried grilling a fat cheese sausage......nice!

Spent around RM18.50 for my Lok Lok dinner with Yna. Best!
Keliling van full of lok lok to pick.

My eating partner! Nasib lah ada anak dara I sorang ni, dapat jugak ikut I pergi sana-sini and yes, she kept lots of my secrets too!

A note for me : Updated this post using my Nokia for text & Ipod for the pics. Seriously seksa siot especially when I have to do my writing in between the HTML Codes. Hahh! Sabo je lah.....


  1. ade satu mlm pon kitorg lepak kt situ. besh sbb dia ade grill hehe

  2. Sedap makan kat lori tu....tapau dah tak best....Sedap makan kat lori tu....tapau dah tak best....