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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 Raya - Green Raya Bah!

Taun tok mek sefamili pakey werna gadong bah! Mula-nya MP madah nya sik maok pakey werna sama , nya maok pakey baju raya taun-taun dolok jak.....werna merah.....I was like....OK , whatever. Mek beli my baju raya in July agik.....sik maok kelak gago cari size sikda lah....haah! boring bah! Awal-awal agik mek beli werna gadong.....mun MP pakey merah,,,,,kelak sik sama lah werna baju nya ngan kamek anak-beranak.....again , sik ada hal.

Taun tok mek pilih baju kurung nang ada banyak pearl , sama ngan tudung nya pun ada pearl juak.
Hehehe.....kenak tek mek klaka Srawak dari mula.....saja jak,,,,ngegeh! Hehehe! Ramey sik paham ho00 , apalah nang mek madah tok.....OK lah....back tu my bahasa rojak,,,,,,This year I see everything as a sign. Even the end choice of baju raya pun I considered as a sign for me to review. In life , I made things clear of what I wanted. I tahu apa yang I nak. Awal-awal lagi I pilih hijau....with pearls. I've always seen green especially hijau PAS ni , as an Islamic green *hello , just me thinking like it OK*. And pearls......susah nak dapat , tapi bila dapat......cantik - mahal - mewah. I want to achieve that sense of financial security. My own.

For the kids , a lighter shade of green. Still in the green family but very light. Meaning , they're still mine no matter what happens.

MP decided to go for a much lighter green shade a day before raya. He's unsure. Still green but very far from my green but nearer to the kids colour.....they're his no matter what.

*sighhhh!!!! just me playing with colours.......hehehe!* Que Sera Sera........

Now the real raya deal.......
Pagi raya , MP pergi solat raya kat masjid.....I had to skip. Kat rumah nak kelola anak-anak and nak sambung masak lagi sebelum ke rumah my parents.

Semua dah siap.....time beraya anak-beranak.

Yes! Between them too....

My angels on 1st Syawal.

My bundle of joy......

In my kurung.....off to my parent's place.

After 15 minutes........sampai rumah my parents sebab jalan KL lengang on 1st day of raya.

At my parent's......with the kids & my nephews.

With my little brother & SIL.

SIL Yatie & my Mama with the kids.

Mula-mula.....mintak ampun...then rompak purse Mama....boleh cam tuh???? Hehehe!

Me & MP beraya with my Papa.......

Beraya with my SIL....I love you.

Nephews beraya dengan Bonda depa.....

Kat sini baru dapat ambil gambar family masing-masing.....another sign or a sweet coincidence , me & my brother did not plan that green will be the colour this year.

Another complete raya with my parents. I can't imagine raya without one of them....dragged the moment. Let me go first.

"Happiness is when they are around you"

Angpows to my chubby nephews.

Atok was creative this year. He gave all his 4 grandchildren an Uncang Raya with RM10 worth of 50 cents coins in each uncang. Hmmm....nice.

Lepas 2-3 jam lepak-lepak kat rumah my parents , we headed home. Don't ask me why.....let's just say that it was a call from my partner......I kena ikut. Right? *Sigh....*

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