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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Of Me

This weekend will be my 11th anniversary as Mrs. MP.....dunno for how long more *?????* So am taking this opportunity to re-open my 2 blogs Big But Beautiful & Big But Beautiful 2 for new readers yang baru kenal I setahun 2 ni......

I tahu , ada yang hairan and tak senang and tak suka sebab tengok I dok pop-pet pop-pet pasal MP and this and that.......maybe if you know me more , you'll know and understand my intentions. Am simple , what you see in this blog is the exact reflection of what's going on in my life. Tentu-nya ada yang I sembunyi-kan , tu adat lah.......biar-lah yang I sembunyi-kan tu jadi rahsia I. Walaupun macam-mana perit , I cuma mampu tulis dasar cerita je.....inti-pati cerita tetap I kena simpan. Tapi......kalau ada readers yang boleh relate kisah mereka dengan dasar cerita I , am sure they will know & are able to feel me......surprisingly , I received many emails asking for marriage advises *from me??? Ya....seriously there is...* , telling me their version of marriage problems & etc......all this gave me extra strength , knowing that I am not alone. Married couples mesti ada their own set of problems......walaupun kecil.

I hope , you'll enjoy *huhuhu! enjoy ke...hehehe!* reading my BBB1 & BBB2 as am opening it for a week from today......please leave your judgments about me to yourself. I'm not an angel , I'm only human. I do make mistakes. My only hope , from what you've read......ambil yang baik-baik saja and discard yang tak molek. Yang tak molek tu adalah diri I , bukan you *wink*


To read Big But Beautiful , click HERE.

To read Big But Beautiful 2 , click HERE.

And........as a bonus , do visit my Big But Beautiful Extra , you'll know what I mean when you're at it*wink* , click HERE.

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