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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raya Spring Clean

Tak de raya update lagi? Hehehe! Insya'allah coming. Next week apa jadi pun kena jugak pergi cyber cafe to properly update my blog with loads of raya photos and all. Ni update guna my mobile.

A quick raya update. We wore green this year. Celebrated Eid with MP's aunt and cousins in Muar. Also visited the historical tragic police station in Bukit Kepong. Lastly , I spent the raya holidays spring cleaning the house....tu yang letak gambar clorox spray & etc kat atas tu....hehe!

I don't mop. Hate it. Tangga rumah ni parquet, so what I did was to use clorox wet tissues to wipe off dirt from the parquet , kotoran yang degil...kenalah spray dengan clorox stain remover and then wipe it dry using paper towels. Satu-satu anak tangga same process. Same goes with the marble floors and the kitchen tiles. Nasib lah rumah mek tok kecik jak bah...boleh lah buat cam tok.

Walaupun my cleaning method sounded complicated but I've been doing it for years. Became easy for me to clean the floors like this. Boleh je kalau nak cuci guna air & sabun tapi malas nak perah-perah kain. Then nak kena ganti air sabun kotor dengan yang baru. Hohoho! Malas. Doing it my way , I can just sit down on the floor and scrub my way till am done. Sikda hal lah camney mek polah nya, janji bersih. Taun tok Yna nok nolong mek cuci lantei , sik lah mek sorang-sorang molah nya.

Oke lah hoh. Sampei sitok jak dolok. Mun kelak ada crita pa-pa dalam palak mek tok, mek update blog mek empun tok....bye hah....

A note for me : Come home to me.

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  1. huh tu aje?! penat i tunggu tau! hahah selamat hari raya. cpt2 update tau!