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Thursday, October 6, 2011

All Smiles :-)

Morning of 29th September.....
Woke up this morning feeling super excited and with butterflies in my stomach! I was in a good mood and hope it stays with me t├Čll end of the day.

I've an appointment to go and see my favourite gynae Dr Ashar later in the afternoon at his clinic in Ampang Puteri. Don't get funny ideas lah, am going to the clinic as his patient , to do my annual pap test. But Yes, I have to admit that it's always pleasant to see Dr A coz he's a cool doctor. A charmer too. So,,,,sue me laa. Duhhh!!!

Took my time and got myself ready for the appointment. By 3pm-ish I was already at the clinic.

Dah sampai klinik Dr A , banyak la story mory dengan staf-staf Dr A sampaikan after 10 minutes Kak Ram tanya "nak masuk sekarang?", I said "nanti lah..." , nak borak-borak dulu....hehehe!

Giliran I No:7 petang tu , Kak Ram bawak few files masuk bilik doktor....lepas sorang, sorang and finally patient No:6, ok,,,next will be my turn.

Fast forward....great , patient No:6 dah keluar dari bilik doktor. Tunggu Kak Ram keluar dari bilik doktor and panggil I masuk jumpa doktor. After few minutes Kak Ram keluar and told me doktor nak Take 5! Time turn I laa Dr A nak Take 5 pulak ye....hmmmm....padan muka I. Tadi awal-awal orang suruh masuk tak nak , now tunggu je lah.

Dr A rest tak lama pun, dalam 5 minit je. Then dia buzz Kak Ram and Kak Ram suruh I masuk.

Knock! Knock! Assalamualaikum Doc....Aiiyoo! Tak kan laa sampai semua detail from A-Z nak di-story mory ekk.....macam nak buat transcript pulak kan...hehehe! Saje nak kekwat sikit dengan you peeps kejap...

Alamak! Dr A pakai scrubs la hari ni. Handsome. Handsome....hehehe! Seriously, if you're a patient of Dr A, nasib you baik lah kalau you dapat tengok Dr A in one piece and smart. He's one busy doctor , usually he'll cover other doctors as well , he'll work till late and his looks, his shirt, his hair will be all over the place at the end of the day *as most of his patients would describe*. As for me, tak pernah pulak I tengok Dr A macam tu. Maybe coz I tak rajin nak jumpa dia when he's busy at the OT or kat ward kot. Selalunya I jumpa Dr A masa dia kat klinik and etc , OK je.

Another thing , I've always like to see doctors in scrubs. Sexy. Hehehe! And today he's wearing one. Yay! Actually ada lah story pasal scrubs-scrubs Dr A tu and the story stays with me lah ye. Borak-borak pasal scrubs and then balik kepada tujuan asal I ke klinik.

Alhamdulillah after buat Ultra Sound, Dr A confirm-kan that I'm Cyst free. After performing the papsmear test on me, I was told that my ovary is healthy.

Keluar je dari bilik Dr A, baru realized yang I terlupa bawak masuk wedding gift untuk anak saudara dia. I was being invited to his niece's wedding in Shah Alam few weeks back. Dah janji nak pergi dengan Kak Ram tapi tak sempat , further more the date clashes dengan my nephew's wedding in UPM.

So sebelum patient No:8 masuk jumpa doktor, I masuk jumpa Dr A balik. Mintak tolong Dr A pass-kan my wedding gift ni kat niece dia. Thanx Doc...*wah! Macam lah Dr A baca blog I ni nak TQ TQ doktor bagai...hehehe!*

Tadi Dr A tanya how old is Adriel and I told him that my baby dah 3 year plus. Dr A said how time flies, kejap je dah besar. Yup! True, so fast. He'll be in school in a couple of years. I have Adni Islamic School at the top of my list for young Adriel.

Up till today Adriel can't pronounce his name correctly. He calls himself ASHEL. Adriel speaks well , tak pelat cuma don't know why dia tak boleh sebut nama dia. He can even pronouce Italian word 'crescendo' correctly. We've tried everything to make him say Ad-dri-yel but he kept saying Ash-shel.....Owh well, Ashel pun Ashel lah...am fine with it.

Earlier today *pre clinic*, I had to go run some errands. Yang paling penting , kena pergi collect these mini Cheese Tarts that I've ordered in Taman Melawati. Recommended by my girlfriend Kak Lizza. Sebiji @ 80 cents. Nice.

It's for Yna , nak bawak ke sekolah dia esok. Kat sekolah dia ada event International Day Celebration and then a class party. The tarts are also for gifts at a religious event later in the evening.

Few days ago, I bought these pretty and cheap plastic containers boleh buat isi kueh tart.

I isikan each container with some Cheese Tarts and that's my gift for the guests.

Semua siap I aturkan tart-tart tu for tonight's religious event and for Yna to take to school tomorrow. And yes , as am going to Ampang Puteri , I packed some tarts for my Dr A and his staff. Boleh kan? *wink*

A note for me : Sebentar cuma tapi bahagia terasa hingga langit ke7.....Izinlah. *my FB status yang membuatkan Kak Siti aka Cikgu Siti Hajar, ketawa terbahak-bahak semalam....hahaha! Dia amat memahami.

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