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Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Rhyan

Sorry peeps tak dapat nak update banyak post coz tak lepas nak ke CC. Tak dapat permission laa. Besides updating my blog banyak kerja pending tapi nak buat macam mana, dah letih cakap tapi tak faham-faham jugak. Kena lah I terkial-kial update blog guna my handphone. Siksa. Silap sikit, semua yang I karang , lesap.

Insya'allah, tengah kumpul duit, allocate my personal budget betul-betul before I get myself a new laptop. Bukan apa , I have plans for Yna's coming birthday yang I tak nak bebankan MP dengan its expenses coz I know that he's not into it. So kenalah I cari duit sendiri untuk merealisasikan hajat di hati. Dulu I will ask him or bill him later *walaupun menanah telinga* but since I have the studio , I cuba jadi independent sikit. Yang patut I mintak MP, I will. Mana yang I patut minta tapi yang akan buat dia bising , seboleh-bolehnya I will try not to ask him. Senang. Hati tak sakit. Otak pun tak bengkak.

Until then, kena lah harap MP kasi permission I pergi CC. I tahu MP tak suka I lepak kat CC and at the same time he also doesn't like me having a PC or a laptop at home coz my world and center of attention will be on my laptop or PC. Walaupun tak lah sampai abaikan duty kat rumah , I tahu MP tak suka I tatap laptop tu lama-lama...*errr...baik lah I tatap laptop kot dari tatap ??? Tett! Hehehe!* Both ways dia tak suka. Cuma bila MP perlu I type paperwork dia or print something for him or check important email dia....then baru dia tone down sikit. Itu jugak antara sebab I dapat pergi CC...partly to do his work.
My nephew Rhyan turned 8 recently. Cuma celebrate with family members je kat rumah my parents. MP wasn't game to celebrate-celebrate birthdays ni , tak kiralah birthday siapa pun but hey.....the kids must know their cousins. I wanna be there to celebrate my nephew's birthday. Kapish!

Atok decided to BBQ some beef and chicken. Nice! I yang marinate them and Papa took charge of the conventional stail barbie.

Sabar menunggu BBQ Atok masak. I took an alternavite route by "BBQ-ing" some beef steaks on a skillet! Cepat sikit dapat makan daa...hehehe!

The birthday food....Mama made fried kuey teow, a family's favourite and I made spaghetti bolognese.

I bawak Kek Sarawak to the party as well.

Blowing the candles...kena tenangkan Si Adriel sebab dia yang sibuk dok tiup lilin tu sebelum birthday boy sempat tiup...

My brother Ramos with his wifey Yatie & kids , Rhyan & Rhyzad

The birthday boy Rhyan Ramos

Hmmmm....another kid with the party hat....

Adriel tak henti colek-colek birthday kek tu...sekeping, sekeping cokelat kat keliling kek tu Adriel copet makan...kek dia tak nak, just the chocolates that he was aiming for.

Birthday present Rhyan tak kasi lagi sampai la ni....coming soon.

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