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Friday, October 14, 2011

Celebrating Lantern Festival With The Kids

This was last September 12th..........I was searching for some traditional lanterns to celebrate the lantern or mooncake festival that very nite with my kids. Puas cari kat Giant , Jusco....tapi tak de jual. Kalau kat area my parents place in Ampang tu memang banyak , tapi tu lah.....nak ajak MP pergi cari benda-benda yang tak de kena-mengena dengan dia, janganlah nak mimpi. Akhirnya dapat jugak lanterns kat gift shop tapi yang battery operated punya bukan yang guna lilin.

Apasal yang I sibuk-sibuk nak celebrate lantern festival ni? It's actually in honour of my late grandma's culture.

Masa my late grandma ada dulu, tiap kali tiba pesta kuih bulan or mooncake festival or lantern festival or mid autumn festival....mesti round kampung bawak lantern dengan my brother.

Tak sah laa kalau tak de mooncake during this time. I like the sweet type. Bukan apa, yang savory one payah nak jumpa yang halal.

Festival ni is a historical festival and not a religious one. So I guess it's OK to keep the tradition alive.

Let go kids! Leave Papa at home!

Huhuhu! Gelappppppp........

Glad that the kids enjoyed the tanglung nite walk around our residential area walaupun Adriel menjerit-jerit sebab anjing-anjing neibours melalak bila kitaorang lalu depan rumah tuan dia. We bumped into couple of Chinese neighbours yang turut sama berjalan kat kawasan taman perumahan ni. Ada neighbours yang tak parade but only celebrated the nite by decorating their houses with beautiful lanterns. Awesome.

Ahhhhh....a shot of mummy in the dark.....

A note for me : I miss you Nek.

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