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Friday, October 14, 2011

LONG LONG OVERDUE : Iftar - Dagang Avenue Food Court

Me with my cyber cafe buddy , Yna.

Ni masa awal puasa hari tu....buka puasa berdua dengan Yna sebab MP sentap dengan I. Dia temper sebab I suruh dia ambil I kul 4:30pm instead of 3:30pm kat cyber cafe kat area Dagang Avenue Ampang. Dia cakap kalau dah ambil I kul 4:30pm , tak sempat nak pergi Bazar Ramadhan Melawati to buy food for berbuka. Hahhh????? Tak sempat????? Apa masalah yang besar sangat tu sampai tak sempat nak ke Melawati from Ampang? I seriously tak faham and MP was really mad at me because I asked him for an extra 1 hour to spend at the cyber cafe. SO , dia 'hukum' I & Yna to break-fast by ourselves. I OK je. Selangkah dari CC ni Dagang Avenue Foodcourt. I tak de masalah beb. Making the best out of situations. I boleh makan , kat mana-mana je.....hahhhhh.....boleh belah! move on. Next!

If you read BBBextra , you'll know that our relationship with the twins terputus kejap gara-gara incident kat Malacca. After 3 years......

Took the twins to the studio......then lepak-lepak kat cyber cafe with them....

Together with MP , their Pak Ngah......hari ni mood MP baik sangat walaupun I pergi CC. Sebabnya , anak sedara dia ada sekali. I suggested we breakfast kat Dagang Avenue Foodcourt jugak......dia OK pulak. Tak de hek....tak de hok.....pening kepala aku.

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