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Friday, October 14, 2011

LONG LONG OVERDUE : Iftar - Palace Of The Golden Horses

Got a call one afternoon during Ramadhan from my BIL Kadir. Dia ajak buka puasa sama-sama.

Twins , Erwan & Erman pun ada. Diaorang took a trip from Kolej Tunku Ja'afar to KL just to breakfast with us that day. Lepas buka puasa kena balik ke Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.

Ni tradition jugak.....tiap tahun mesti ada sekali my BIL akan treat us for buka puasa.

Few days sebelum raya.....dapat duit raya from my BIL....Yes!

My BIL with his twins , niece , nephew & grandchild! Still standing strong at 72.

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  1. Thanks for the stories -- dua tiga hari sekali mesti masuk sini utk baca cerita terkini. Walaupun pun kita tak kenal tapi terhibur baca your live tanpa perlu cover sana cover sini aka tapis tapis keterlaluan.