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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Postponed Yna's Birthday

A quick update.......hehehe! Sorry. Memang tak sempat nak duduk lama-lama depan lappy baru I ni. Been busy with classes & workshops lately. Last week I had to stay kat Seri Cempaka Service Suites in Cheras for 3 days. My vocal team was being hired as a vocal consultant for finalists of AADK Idol.

Dekat tapi jauh laa kaedahnya.....

Ni update minggu lepas.......kot....hehehe! sorry laa peeps.....otak dah nak sampai tahap tepu dah ni.....macam-macam tarikh kat dalam kepala ni......NO....am not complaining *wink*. Syukur.

Ashel with his cuzz Bob.

Ni Bob , nephew MP. Living in Johore......if you read BBB1 or BBB2 *lupa yang mana* ada lah story zaman tok kaduk pasal MP yang dah bertahun tak berbual dengan mak-nye si Bob ni aka adik MP, si Oked *a big reason for me to despise orchids!* After the fateful incident on 2nd Syawal many many years back and 1st Syawal the next following year with this lady,,,,,,,no orchids are allowed in my house. Buang semua yang pernah ada. I choose not to remember this lady in any way until dia datang mintak maaf kat MP. Rasanya dah lebih 5 tahun this lady stick dengan kepala batu dia walaupun family members & sedara-mara belah Johor tahu that this lady is the culprit. Memang bangang. Malas cakap pasal dia , Yup! she's my SIL only coz am still MP's wife.....tapi,,,,,kalau dia sendiri tak hormat abang dia , why the hell should I. Ada situasi yang I boleh terus hormat orang walaupun MP tak suka,,,,,,but in this case,,,,,,am so sorry , she doesn't deserve my respect at all. Kapish!

Satu yang puji si Bob ni,,,,,,walaupun apa yang jadi antara mak and Pak Ngah dia......dia tak pernah lupa MP or termakan cakap-cakap busuk. Rasanya Bob kenal betul perilaku mak dia dan dia kenal bapak saudara dia ni. Walaupun luaran MP hardcore tapi anytime Bob mintak MP favours,,,,,,,,setahu I belum pernah lagi MP fail to fulfill. Dengan I pun , belum pernah Bob bersikap kurang ajar.....tak pernah,,,,,,jadi I tak ada reason untuk halang Bob jumpa MP or my kids. Jangan macam adik si Bob,,,,,,,tu memang species sama macam mak dia. Nuff said.

Recent weekend Yna was being invited to 2 birthday parties. One party on a Saturday and another one on the next day. Both invitations were from her Nova Nona buddies. I was extremely busy with my work and I only managed to get birthday presents for Yna's mates few hours before attending the first party. Hah! Chaotic! Nak harap MP , memang lah dia tak reti nak kelolakan benda-benda macam ni. Tak salah dia lah.....I pun tak pernah dapat birthday present yang ber-wrap dan ber-ribbon from MP himself,,,,,,ni nak suruh dia belikan present untuk kengkawan si Yna....hhhhmmmm.....sekian lah jawapnya.

I went to MPH and bought 2 books. Then brought them to Memory Lane and asked the in-house gift wrapper to tie ribbons on the books. OK lah tu....janji ada presents.

This is the birthday girl Diana , a member of Nova Nona. She lives on the same lane as us and her home is just few doors away from my place.

Diana's a fan of Justin Bieber unlike Yna......she's still with Michael Jackson....and now tengah dok gilakan si Randy Panglila. So kat birthday Diana tu ada piniata that was being hung up high on the ceiling. I love piniatas....wish I can hit them! Hehehe.....masa kecik-kecik dulu mana sempat kenal benda alah ni.....

At the party.....sweet treats and clowns....

Ashel......hmmm......either he's independent or a loner like me. One thing about him,,,,,,,bila ada kids ramai-ramai.....he'll find a way to loiter around by himself. Sorang-sorang dia , tak kacau orang. In a way , me & MP are that sort of person. We dislike going to places that we know akan ada ramai orang. Bukan laa sampai gila nak avoid places macam shopping complex tu pulak......contoh nak pergi Sure Heboh ke , award shows ke , party ke , basically tempat yang ada keramaian.....unless we really have to,,,,,,,then only we'll go.....that's why , I've always enjoyed a quiet raya or birthdays or gatherings.....just me and my small family. Lain orang , lain-lain preference. Tak sama.

The 2nd birthday on Sunday , kat Segambut. A pool party. I tak dapat pergi , ada kelas kat studio from 11am - 6pm. Yna went with our neighbour Diana and later MP fetched her.

Rasa tak best sikit sebab tak boleh nak kelolakan birthday Yna as planned. Walaupun birthday dia 28hb November ni , rasanya kena put on hold dulu sebab I'll be busy with work in November. Again , tak boleh nak suruh MP to organize the party. Huhuhu! Keras kengkawan Yna kalau MP yang chaperon diaorang , hehehe! Hopefully December nanti jadual kerja lega,,,,,dapat buat small party for Yna and perhaps dapat bawak dia pergi holiday somewhere. Insya'Allah. I need a break myself anyway.

Dalam hati sedih , risau , rindu.......semua ada. Dari Hari Raya Haji hari tu , sampai hari ni tak jenguk my parents. Sekadar pergi hantar Ashel , then off to work. Tak dapat duduk berbual betul-betul. Rindu. Ramai yang dirindu *wink*.......

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Short Updates For 16/11/2011

Mode : Malas. So,,,,,,I celebrated Chinese New Year and Moon Cake Festival. Call me a sinner and see if I care. Que sera sera.....

These past few days I've been off blogging and been spending my time on the net doing photo collages. I used this cool online photo editor application , best part is......it's so easy & fun to use! For an IT dumbo like me , it's a big help OK. If you're anything like me with computers , give Pizap photo editor a try.

The photo collages is actually for a 2012 calender project that am working on. Print pun online jugak....hehehe! Tinggal tranfer duit je.

Apa lagi I buat ek......

Owh ya....today I started teaching Agensi Anti-Dadah Kebangsaan's (AADK) choir in Sungai Merab. Alhamdulillah,,,,,dapat job baru. This coming Sunday ada vocal workshop yang my company kena kelolakan with AADK jugak but this time , nationwide participants will be attending , 3 days.....Syukur lagi.

Also , these few days I've been hooked on my FB games again. Lama tinggal-kan cafe & ladang & mafia-mafia I kat FB tu....hehehe! Dah jauh kena tinggal dowh!

A short post today......my mind is not functioning well at this hour , naturally.....hehehe! Hitting the sack now. Tadi layan re-run Nada Cinta. Yna's falling in love with Randy Pangalila.....and the ladies in the show.....they're just so pretty.

A note for me : You were always on my mind.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yna Made Mac & Cheese

Yna will be 10 end of November and she's so into cooking right now. I was like , Alamak.......am I the right person to teach her how to cook sedangkan my cooking pun main short cut , short cut je. What Yna will gain from me will be the short , fast & easy version of food preparing........nanti dia membesar , lagi dia akan implement more short cut methods........Aiyooo......Hmmmm.....how lah?

The other day we were doing some grocery shopping , Yna wanted Mac & Cheese for dinner......I said OK. Dalam kepala hotak I ,,,,,,ahhhhh......San Remo ada instant Mac & Cheese......senang , senang , senang......hehehe!

What Yna did was....she went to look for a pack of rigatoni and some cheddar cheese. When I told her to put it back and take a packet of San Remo's instant Mac & Cheese instead,,,,,,she was like......"Ma , cheese tak payah?" , hehehe! Confuse dia.....poor baby. Macam mana laa dia nak belajar dari I kan????? I told her , just trust me and you'll have a delicious Mac & Cheese tonight!

All I need is a packet of Mac & Cheese , milk , butter , salt , water.

OK , time to cook.....in the kitchen , I suruh Yna buat semua from taking the suitable pot to opening the Mac & Cheese packet to stirring to measuring the water & milk amount.

Easy.......just follow the instructions at the back of the packet. In a pot , in goes some water , San Remo's Mac & Cheese......stir constantly. Add milk & butter.......and continue stirring it sampai mixture pekat. Dah guna yang instant , kena-lah kacau non-stop , kalau buat dari scratch boleh masak pasta before hand. At this point , give it a taste.....kalau kurang masin , add some salt. As for me , I like it creamier......meaning,,,,,more butter & milk for me.....hehehe!

A packet is enough for Yna & Ashel's dinner.......ada lebih lagi,,,,,,supper for MP.....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Work & Play

Gathering stuff I did in the past weeks.......in between my hectic schedule teaching in October and early November , managed to find some time for leisure.

This was on Diwali. Early in the morning Yna followed my brother to his work place in Berjaya Times Square. My brother bawak family dia swimming kat sana so dia ajak Yna ikut sekali. Yna told me that she had a good time with Pak Su & Mak Su & Ian & Izad at Berjaya Times Square. Bagus lah.....sesekali dapat keluar dengan my brother......walaupon.....tett!

Same day , I have a date with my girlfriend Sis Nita and her family to go swimming kat Oakleaf Club. The club is only 3 to 4 minutes away from my house kalau bawak kereta. I was at the club already when Yna called me saying that she wanted to join me. Wah! Tak puas swimming anak dara I ni. Sebelum swim tadi I dengan Sis Nita sempat ke Jusco Alpha Angle kejap. Pergi beli goggles & swimfins. Bought 2 goggles for myself & Yna. Nak beli Yna fins tapi better bawak dia ke kedai so that she can try them out in her size.

This was on Halloween. I nak beli toys for Adriel kat Toys r Us, so we went to Great Eastern Mall to check out the store there. Sebelum tu we had dinner dulu kat Cozy House Restaurant. I love the Deep Fried Butter Squid......

We went to check out some party stuff at Balloon Buzz.......it's for Yna's coming birthday.

Then headed to Toys r Us. The mask was pretty cool , I thought.

I've always like witches.....the dark side of me....hehehe! But good witches laa....not those evil ones. I have a witch hat at home tapi somewhere kat dalam store.....store kat rumah tu dah padat dan sendat dah....nak masuk pun seksa.....hmmmm.....time to throw some stuff.

Finally done shopping for the kids here.

Remember pyjamas skeleton ni? Ashel can still wear it. Malam bila dia tidur , it glows in the dark.....and.....Ashel panggil baju ni 'Baju Tulang'....hehehe!

My little lovely devils on Halloween :-)

This was a day or two after Halloween. I went out for a Japanese Buffet Lunch at Saisaki , Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang. Around RM54 per pax on week days, it is an eat all you can lunch buffet from 12-2:30pm. Birthday guest eat for free & 50% for senior citizen. They're also open for dinner from 6:30pm onwards if am not mistaken but price is slightly higher for the dinner buffet , around RM60+ per pax.

Pastinya , salmon sashimi jadi my main target!

There was so many choices of food and dishes from udon , spaghetti and noodles. There's Japanese , local & western dishes too......but am not game to try. I'm set on having as much of salmon sashimi as I can. Tempura is another of my favourite Japanese food. I had a full plate of yasai (vegetable) & ebi (prawn) tempuras. As for the vegetables , usually I'll go for aubergines and sweet potatoes.

In the pic above , I had bits of everything that I like.......Kim Chi - Deep Fried Salmon Skin - Soft Shell Crab Tempura - Steamed Prawns with 1000 Island Dip - Jelly Fish & of course more raw salmon!

Another one of my likings , Tepanyaki....freshly cooked using your choice of ingredients. I had beansprouts - bak choy - shitake mushrooms - prawns - squids & thinly sliced sirloin beef. I ate my tepanyaki with loads of Shichimi (a type of Japanese chilli pepper).

A photo before I ate my last plate of salmon sashimi *tu pun dah bantai 3 keping....* , I also had a bowl of Shark's Fin Soup............ahhhhh........kenyang. Rasanya ada seekor salmon dok berenang-renang dalam perut nih....hehehe!

I had to go to Sungai Merab after lunch to submit some documents and today I took these 2 boys along with me. First to accompany me for lunch then heret diaorang merata. Nasib baik my students ni tengah cuti semester , dua dua budak U. Sorang ada kereta , so......chantek.....I tuangkan minyak kereta and they're happy to take me anywhere......nice!

After lunch , off we went to the HQ of Agensi Anti-Dadah Kebangsaan in Sungai Merab. Jumpa budak-budak Al-Widad , diaorang tengah practice for a show. Ada diskusi sikit dengan the group leader sebab Insya'Allah nak kena start ajar choir diaorang 3rd week of November.

Off topic sikit. Ni Azmarul , been our student since early 2010. We call him Marul and he lives in Malacca. Still studying in a college and very passionate about singing. Boleh kata every week Marul will drive down to KL from Malacca with his mother or sister or grandma to attend vocal classes at the studio. Selalunya his mother Makcik Zai yang teman Marul. FYI , mak Marul ada stall nasi campur masakan-masakan kampung kat Mydin MITC Malacca......I dengan Kak Siti dah pernah pergi and the food's good. Selalunya bila Marul datang kelas , dia akan tapau-kan lauk-pauk dari kedai dia dan bawak ke studio. So , apa lagi.....I dengan Kak Siti tinggal beli nasi putih , makan dulu then baru start kelas dengan Marul. Marvelous!

He's a very good student,,,,,,,rajin,,,,,,tapi malu sangat nak buat body movement masa mula-mula belajar vocal dulu. Rasa rendah diri sebab size badan dia. In time , he improved. Bila dapat tahu Marul dapat masuk program reality Vokal Bukan Sekadar Rupa di TV3, we were so excited for him. Marul ada sms I to go and watch him perform masa 2nd concert hari tu tapi belum berkesempatan lagi. Insya'Allah,,,,,,,will go with the Vocalwealth gang. Good luck Marul!

Sambung balik story I,,,,,,,,lepas habis meeting kat Sungai Merab.....I ajak Khalil & MJ to follow me to Taman Melawati , Hulu Kelang. Nak pergi beli sweets & etc untuk preparation birthday Yna kat kedai borong. Birthday Yna hujung bulan ni tapi I nak siapkan sikit-sikit sebab towards end of November my work schedule will be hectic. Takut I yang terkejar-kejar nanti.

Done at the kedai borong , I walked over to Party Heaven with the boys. Ni kedai my school mate , Zack aka Datin Sri Zakiah. Tapi Zack jarang kat kedai ni sebab dia banyak kedai nak jaga laa kan. So kat Party Heaven ni , two of my school mates jugak yang jaga , Normi & Bob. Basically you can get everything yang you nak for a party kat sini. From cake ordering to helium balloons.

Senang je nak cari kedai ni. Betul-betul berdepan dengan tapak pasar malam/open parking space kat medan selera. Kalau kat area Melawati ni you nampak kedai Floral Heaven , Heaven Veil & Slimlife Heaven *siap ada gambar Zack yang slim melim on its signage*.....then you are not far from Party Heaven :-)
Party Heaven
No 316 Lorong Selangor
Pusat Bandar Melawati
53100 Kuala Lumpur

Before the day ended for me , I went home,,,,,,took Yna & Ashel out and went to Old Town White Coffee , Jusco Alpha Angle with Khalil & MJ. MP ada meeting so he can't come with us. Still full from our Japanese lunch but we had something light.

Ni semua yang I dah beli untuk birthday party Yna nanti. Barang dah beli tapi tak confirm nak buat kat mana lagi.....nak kena catur budget I dulu....hehehe!

Ada free time over the weekend , I kelolakan benda-benda yang I dah beli-beli tu. Bought party bags for Yna's guests kat Toys r Us.

Yna tak suka Angry Bird but I bought loads of Angry Bird stuff to fill the goody bags. Alah,,,,,bukan untuk dia pun , untuk kawan-kawan dia. Jadi Angry Bird si Yna kejap.....hehehe! Bought bottles of Magic Ink coz Yna and her girlfriends loves playing with it. I ada beli Batu Seremban.....

Sweet treats & Corntoz.

I basically bought benda yang Yna & the kids suka makan.

I masuk-kan all sweet treats kat dalam party pack ni.....senang , tak menceceh dalam party bag tu nanti.

Ni pulak I beli dah lama , bought it in June. It's a DIY batik painting kit. Each cost RM10 and it's fun to do. All guests will get one set each. Nice kan?

Ni I spare-kan untuk party games nanti. Belum wrap lagi.....

Party accessories for the party.

Invitation card.......tapi I kena print party itinerary for each guest. At least parents are aware of what their girls will be doing at the slumber & pool party plus senang nanti parents nak fetch their girls time balik. Yna wants a sleep over party like last year , just her and few close buddies. Nak kena beli envelope.....hmmm.....kena tulis , nanti lupa.

Party bag's done! Tinggal nak order cake & send the invitation cards & booking tempat. Insya'Allah , banyak masa lagi.