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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Short Updates For 16/11/2011

Mode : Malas. So,,,,,,I celebrated Chinese New Year and Moon Cake Festival. Call me a sinner and see if I care. Que sera sera.....

These past few days I've been off blogging and been spending my time on the net doing photo collages. I used this cool online photo editor application , best part is......it's so easy & fun to use! For an IT dumbo like me , it's a big help OK. If you're anything like me with computers , give Pizap photo editor a try.

The photo collages is actually for a 2012 calender project that am working on. Print pun online jugak....hehehe! Tinggal tranfer duit je.

Apa lagi I buat ek......

Owh ya....today I started teaching Agensi Anti-Dadah Kebangsaan's (AADK) choir in Sungai Merab. Alhamdulillah,,,,,dapat job baru. This coming Sunday ada vocal workshop yang my company kena kelolakan with AADK jugak but this time , nationwide participants will be attending , 3 days.....Syukur lagi.

Also , these few days I've been hooked on my FB games again. Lama tinggal-kan cafe & ladang & mafia-mafia I kat FB tu....hehehe! Dah jauh kena tinggal dowh!

A short post today......my mind is not functioning well at this hour , naturally.....hehehe! Hitting the sack now. Tadi layan re-run Nada Cinta. Yna's falling in love with Randy Pangalila.....and the ladies in the show.....they're just so pretty.

A note for me : You were always on my mind.


  1. owh..patutlah Cikgu Rima xde dgn Cikgu Siti time kami koir skang ni..bz as a bee ye..hehehe.. :)

  2. Iye darling....dah nak hujung tahun ni,,,,,,bertimbun kerja,,,,kena divide kerja dengan cikgu siti.