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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Song : You Don't Own Me

Baru start blogging balik dah sangkak. Walaupun ada masalah , I tetap happy happy je. Life , what to do ekkk.....ada yang suka apa yang kita buat & ada yang tak suka dengan kita tapi masih 'ambil berat' , masih punya rasa 'kasih sayang'.......pendirian one individu dengan one individu is very different. We just can never know what's in one's mind. Well, naturally,,,,,I can't please each and everyone. I'm sorry if I don't think like you. I'm sorry if I've offended you in any way. I'm sorry for not being the person you wanted simply because I'm me & not you. I respect you and I hope that you can respect me. I'm no more a celebrity , am just an ordinary person trying to lead a simple and a normal life with some joy and obstacles along the way. Just like you. I was upset for a while yesterday.....but I've snapped out of it. You don't own me *wink*.

This is one of my all time favourite 'self-heal' song. It's from The First Wives Club. I absolutely love this particular scene from the movie.....

Thank you to kind readers who sent me their love and support via my shoutbox , email & FB.....you know who you are. Thank you.

A note for me : Aku nak bahagia , apa salah aku dengan engkau? Aku tak minta apa-apa dari engkau? Aku minta dari Dia dan Dia kasi.....Dia izin , kat mana salah aku? Kalau pun di mata manusia aku salah kerna meminta yang dikira salah di mata manusia,,,,,,sebab tu aku minta dari Dia. Bukan dari engkau. Ahhhh.....engkau tak perlu faham. Engkau tak perlu marah. Nota ini untuk aku. Bukan untuk engkau. *smile*

You don't own me
I'm not just one of your little toys
You don't own me
Don't say I can't go with other boys

And don't tell me what to do
And don't tell me what to say
And when I go out with you
Don't put me on display

You don't own me
Don't try to change me in anyway
You don't own me
Don't tie me down, cos I'll never stay

I don't tell you what to say
I don't tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That's all I ask of you

I'm young, (I'm young) and I love to be young
I'm free, (so free) and I love to be free
To live my life the way that I want
To say and do whatever I please

No , No , You Don't Own Me
Forever young and free
Coz...You don't own me!

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  1. wink2... hepi2 je kak... suke lagu nih best gk be liriknyer ek...simple je tp jujur