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Monday, November 14, 2011

Yna Made Mac & Cheese

Yna will be 10 end of November and she's so into cooking right now. I was like , Alamak.......am I the right person to teach her how to cook sedangkan my cooking pun main short cut , short cut je. What Yna will gain from me will be the short , fast & easy version of food preparing........nanti dia membesar , lagi dia akan implement more short cut methods........Aiyooo......Hmmmm.....how lah?

The other day we were doing some grocery shopping , Yna wanted Mac & Cheese for dinner......I said OK. Dalam kepala hotak I ,,,,,,ahhhhh......San Remo ada instant Mac & Cheese......senang , senang , senang......hehehe!

What Yna did was....she went to look for a pack of rigatoni and some cheddar cheese. When I told her to put it back and take a packet of San Remo's instant Mac & Cheese instead,,,,,,she was like......"Ma , cheese tak payah?" , hehehe! Confuse dia.....poor baby. Macam mana laa dia nak belajar dari I kan????? I told her , just trust me and you'll have a delicious Mac & Cheese tonight!

All I need is a packet of Mac & Cheese , milk , butter , salt , water.

OK , time to cook.....in the kitchen , I suruh Yna buat semua from taking the suitable pot to opening the Mac & Cheese packet to stirring to measuring the water & milk amount.

Easy.......just follow the instructions at the back of the packet. In a pot , in goes some water , San Remo's Mac & Cheese......stir constantly. Add milk & butter.......and continue stirring it sampai mixture pekat. Dah guna yang instant , kena-lah kacau non-stop , kalau buat dari scratch boleh masak pasta before hand. At this point , give it a taste.....kalau kurang masin , add some salt. As for me , I like it creamier......meaning,,,,,more butter & milk for me.....hehehe!

A packet is enough for Yna & Ashel's dinner.......ada lebih lagi,,,,,,supper for MP.....

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  1. mstilah di minat msk sbb selalu tgk akak msk... hehehe mudah n ringkas kn msk mac & cheese tuh,rasa pun sdp