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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Didn't Postpone Yna's Birthday Laa....

Yes! I didn't postpone Yna's birthday.....I managed to squeeze in my time to organize a quick small party for her......

Can't update now, I need my sleep. Seriously busy plus with other domestic issues tagging along. Penat dowh! Yna has few shows coming up with her dance mates Nova Nona. I have few choir shows to handle myself. Mana nak kelolakan Ashel lagi. Home duty and ............hahhhh.........nevermind lah. Gua lalu je laa beb. Will stop when He says so. Kalau gua stop before He said so,,,,,,parah gua nanti. Gua tak nak. So , lalu je.....Que Sera , Sera....What Will Be , Will Be......

One thing , I may be physically tired but am happy mentally. I have the image of happiness playing in my mind 24/7. I will not let that picture go away. I WANT that picture to be permanent,,,,,,to be mine for real even though it looks kinda impossible. Impossible to us humans , maybe,,,,,,but not to Him. Well , I believe that nothing in this world is impossible if He permits. Am praying for the impossible to happen. I asked of the impossible from Him daily without fail. In my mind , I've already got what I want. Living with that thought daily for over 3 years now till the real one comes. Owh! Please come.

Off to lala land now. Talk soon. Nite peeps. *Ely,,,,,jangan maraaa.....hehehe!*


  1. cuba tuk berehat yer kak...by the way..gud luck to u...

  2. hahahah u nih!!! i baru nk komen jgn nk cuba2 buat entry lambat alih2 dah mintak maap siap2.. hahahahha

    anyway, carik time to rehat beb.. insyaAllah ape yg u impikan/doakan itu menjadik aminnnn