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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Thought.....

Like I said , I know the importance of having a shout box kat blog ni. I can easily communicate with you peeps.

Quoting partly of what mademoiselle ten said...my advice 2 u :
Never wrestle with a pig: You both get all dirty, and the pig likes it.
in the 1st place u shouldn't removed pun ur shoutbox so tht we can see comments make by those idiots...

True enough , I never like wrestling with pigs and idiots but along the way , I'm only human. I have feelings and I can actually feel the pain and sadness. I make mistakes. I have anger & rage too. I make wrong decisions at times. Only me knows what going on in my life and I posted only parts of the ups and downs in my life here,,,,,,just the surface of it and with that those pigs made their judgements. That's so unfair.

If some of you feel that I've made the wrong decision by removing my shout box , I'm so sorry. But I do not want gentle readers here to read irresponsible comments by some idiots. Do give me some grace period. To cool myself down. To let me enjoy some peace and quietness from those pigs......

Insya'allah the shout box will be up again......

A note for me : Aku akan jaga solat aku walaupun di mata engkau ianya tidak sempurna atau tiada langsung. Kau jagalah solat kau. Moga Dia terima solat kita......dan semoga jari kau masih ada di tapak tangan kau. Jangan kerat jari kau hanya kerana mahu buktikan solat aku. Kata-kata adalah doa. Kawan , jangan jadi bodoh. *wink*


  1. takpe lah kak... biar lah `org baik` tu ngn peel dia... yg pastinyer ada shout box ke takde kami ttp setia lyn kisah hidup kt blog akak nih...

    smile :))

  2. Salam Rima

    Berbanyak bersabar....I know how you feel coz I'm also facing the same problem....tak pe, Allah tahu isi hati kita dan bukan mereka2 yg berada diluar tu....

    There's one quote saying, "In nine times out of ten, the slanderous tongue belongs to a disappointed person." - George Bancroft

    Be strong ye....and plse continue to share with us your story

  3. Hi again,

    What was the last line in the shoutbox??? I saw some of them counter attacked spesis2 noripah/tambi but I assume its in your defense... maybe i missed something...

    juz stay positive & i suggest u change the tag/category "mishaps" to a more beautiful word.

    u know according to the law of attraction, the more you dwell on something the closer it gets to you regardless how much u hate it... its best to keep away, to never mention/quote, to ignore it & naturally only good things will come along your way... my 2 cents..


  4. rambutan : they were saying that MP was a wise man as he knows on what to spend his money on unlike me , boros & etc. They said that such a pity that MP had to put up with my antics and so on........

    OK i will change the mishaps tag :-) as i very much want the LOA to favour me ;-)

    Thanx a lot.

  5. Salam kak rima cayam :-)
    There r many people who know us but very few who really understands us, sabar kak, tkder shoutbox pn derang leh wat komen bangang jugak kt komen.. Spray mcm mane pn langau2 tetap dtg , stay strong n cool ,n continue sharing ur moments with us here <3<3

  6. owh... i miss baca la tu... u know best how to deal with these people... but we'd all love to see the shoutbox again...

    thanks for the pangkor post.. tak pernah terfikir that's would be the nearest exotic beach holiday for KLites.. :)