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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yna's 10th Birthday

6th December 2011 - 11:39 pm

Hari ni baru dapat jengok blog. Pagi tadi ada Perhimpunan Bulanan kat AADK , ketua pengarahnya nak tengok transformasi oleh kumpulan koir AADK HQ,,,,,,,satu tanggungjawab berat for me & my team at Vocalwealth Networks. Alhamdulillah , selepas persembahan koir pagi tadi,,,,,ketua pengarah happy sangat. My team did it. Dari group koir yang nyanyi unison , now they can sing in 4 parts harmony plus the song Belaian Jiwa in a capella,,,,,in just 10 training sessions the group did us proud. Dari zero to something. Hahhhh.....pagi tadi pergi AADK dengan Kak Siti , dapat bercakap dengan ketua pengarah sendiri about the progress of the choir group.

Petang tadi dapat news dari budak-budak choir katanya ketua pengarah kasi green light untuk buat vocal workshop hujung bulan ni kat PD.....Wohooo! Workshop lagi. Alhamdulillah , rezeki tak putus dengan AADK. Since October dah buat 2 workshop dengan AADK. Ada jugak job ajar kumpulan nasyid & choir diaorang. Next week I'll be going to Pangkor dengan Kak Siti for another vocal therapy workshop also with AADK for 3 days.

Mulanya ingat tak dapat buat small birthday celebration untuk Yna on her birthday itself tapi since last Monday cuti Awal Muharram , I made a last minute plan to invite few of Yna's friend to her slumber party at Berjaya Times Square. On Awal Muharram Eve , dapat jugak satu family perform the doa akhir & awal tahun prayers dengan my parents di rumah bokap gue.....(Kes layan Nada Cinta tengah-tengah malam nih...hehehe!)

My brother cuti pulak time I nak gi Times Square ni,,,,,but my brother's friend Man yang tolong arrange-kan my last minute accommodation kat Times Square ni. Mulanya ingat tak nak bawak Ashel (macam last year), tapi kesian pulak. Ending-nya dia ikut sama dengan kakak-kakak yang lain.

We met everyone at Berjaya Times Square (BTS) around 12pm. Then I left the kids kat Cosmo's World Theme Park with MP kejap and I pergi settle-kan bilik dengan Man. For this party Yna cuma ajak 4 orang kawan group Nova Nona and her best friend kat sekolah , si Aida.

Mulanya Yna and friend main-main kat theme park children then they spent almost hours kat adults theme park.

I have a thing for fantasy world........suka sangat......dalam banyak-banyak theme park kat Malaysia ni , I simply adore these flora structures at the theme park. Made me feel like a child. You know that Alice In Wonderland kinda mood.

Owh! Pumpkins......my labu , why must you be here *wink*.......hehehe!

Dekat park ni I banyak ambil gambar si Ashel sebab Yna & friends pergi main-main kat adults section.

Hmmmm......kena lah I layan Ashel main-main rides kat sini......over and over again.

Ni Aqilah , the youngest member of Nova Nona. She's 9 so height wise tak mengizinkan dia untuk ikut ber-adventure dengan kakak-kakak yang lain. Dia lah jadi kawan Ashel the whole time spent at the park.

MP memang jaga......tapi dia lagi banyak MIA sebab pergi cari pot untuk merokok.....huhuhu!

Semenjak sampai , the kids tak nak makan. MP dah siap naik ke bilik , sette-kan beg budak-budak. Ni I told them to take a break to eat something at the theme park. Sebulat suara nak french fries & mineral water! Laaaa.....tu je makan-nye?

At around 4pm we made our way to our suite at BTS Service Suites @ East Tower. Very very spacious & clean. It's a 2 bedroom suite , actual price of the suite I tak tahu coz I got it at staff rate at RM600 per nite.

Dining & Kitchen area......

Ni 2nd room......MP's not staying over so , I slept here with Ashel. The girls semua nak tidur satu bilik.

I just love the view that we got. Keliling master bedroom boleh nampak view KL city.....even can see KLCC!

Ni view of KL city from the living room. Simply awesome.

Lepas dah settle down , apa lagi.....time to swim! We headed down to the BTS Hotel pool.

While the sisters were having their splashing fun time at the pool,,,,,little Ashel chilled by himself at the baby pool,,,,,,with mummy watching close by , of course.

We had dinner at the food court and later went to Cold Storage for some shopping. I asked the girls to pick and choose their own breakfast and favourite snacks to munch and drinks.....anything,,,,,anything yang diaorang suka. I can see that they had fun picking items and putting them back on the trolley,,,,,and then pilih yang lain pulak.....girls!

Re-run Nada Cinta udah abis donk,,,,,,mata gue udah lagi kelat nih......gue mas-suk tidurr dulu yah.....besok gue sambungin....malem yaa....daaaa..........zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

10th December 2011 - 1:00am

Ni nak sambung balik story mory , after 4 days.........memang sangat-sangat sibuk.

Besides my work , I'm busy managing an all girl group Nova Nona *do find them on FB*. Esok nak bawak diaorang pergi recording studio untuk jumpa music arranger. Nak finalized key lagu for their single.......doa-doakan that the group will succeed ye,,,,,,Insya'allah.

Now 1:03am , baru balik dari Malam Matrade 2011. My team ajar choir Matrade so tonite's the big nite. Dinner & show & gelak tawa giler vavi by Nabil + Jepp Sepah......I had a great time for few hours with my Matraders! Awesome group.

Continuing my post on Yna's birthday............

Hari tu lepas beli-beli barang kat Cold Storage , we went up to the room untuk simpan barang-barang yang dibeli. Mulanya Ashel was supposed to follow MP home but when seeing him happy to be around his 'sisters' , tak sampai hati pulak nak suruh Ashel balik. Finally MP went home leaving Ashel with me & the girls. Kalut sikit lah konsentrasi I bila Ashel ada. Mana nak kelola the girls , mana nak kelolakan si Ashel.

We later headed to Starbucks Coffee. They girls were not so much into the makan-makan kek thinggy,,,,,,,so that's why I didn't get Yna a proper birthday cake. While we were waiting for our movie time at Starbucks Coffee , I got the girls few slices of Chocolate Cake & Chocolate Marble Cheese cake,,,,,,sang the birthday song for Yna then everyone dug in for some sweet treat.

With free WiFi & their Ipods & Blackberrys.......a long waiting time is not a problem!

Finally it was time to watch Misteri Jalan Lama. The girls went for this movie over Aku Bukan Tomboy......

I took the very back seats for the kids. Panggung tak penuh pun malam tu , so duduk belakang pun OK lah,,,,,,still boleh nampak screen.

Ni movie hour pertama for Ashel. He was OK in the movie theater walaupun kitaorang tengok cerita serius. After 20 minutes , Ashel mula bangun dari tempat duduk. Dia nak jalan-jalan tapi I tak kasi. Pujuk dia duduk tapi dia tak nak.....dia nak berdiri. Agak-agak dia dah penat berdiri , dia duduk......not long after that , he fell asleep.

Speaking of sleep..........it's 2:02am now and I seriously need my sleep. Another long day with Nova Nona at the recording studio tomorrow. Then the next day , Sunday 11th December,,,,,I'll be flying off to Pangkor Island with my team for a vocal workshop for 3 days.

I'll try to finish updating this post before tomorrow comes. Promise. Tidur dulu ye. Nite peeps.

10th December 2011 - 11:45am

After movie dah 11pm-ish.....seksa lah jugak nak pujuk Ashel jalan ke suite. Nak dukung dia all the way,,,,,,hoooooo,,,,,,,tak larat ooooooo......kena jugak gerak dia bangun and make him walk. Dia merengek-rengek tapi jalan tetap kena jalan.....hehehe!

Midnight in the room but the girls was still wide awake! We played some games.....

They were making lots of noise and running around the suite searching for things that MP had hid earlier,,,,,,nasib baik bilik paling hujung and suite ni jauh dari bilik lain......It was nice to see them laugh and happy.....priceless.

The fun continues when they've won something and get to choose their presents......

Opening their presents.......

Entering 1am......tattooing time!

Just for the fun of it.......I helped 'to tattoo' them on the arm.....From left Sofia - Diana - Yna.

More tattoos on the hand for Aida - Elisya - Aqila....

When the tattooing is done,,,,,,nail painting time. Girls!

The end result........

I was too tired to join their party.......they were dancing in the bedroom at 3am! I just had to sleep........

The next morning.........they woke up around 9am-ish.

All wearing their Coca Cola sleeveless tees......beli masa Nova Nona had their shopping spree kat Sungei Wang a day before the party.

Hmmm.....their choice of breakfast.

Taking their breakfast before taking their showers.....

Check-out......waiting for MP to get the car. Am taking all the girls home except for Sofia & Aqila.

Before heading home , had a KFC lunch at BTS with MP.

A group pic at the entrance of BTS before going home.

While waiting for Sofia & Aqila's dad at the entrance of BTS,,,,,,Ashel saw 'balls'.............

Had to send the girls to Chinta Salon *of Fasha Sandha's* as I have to be in Sungai Merab at 3:30pm. Left the girls with Mama Eja *Elisya's mum* at the salon and she took over baby sitting the girls. Malam nanti ada kelas menari , so the other mummys will take charge. I can't attend,,,,,I have to work :-(

While at Chinta Salon , Elisya's sister,,,,actress Fasha Sandha took Yna and the girls to Tutti Frutti near her salon for a birthday treat!


Lega sebab finally dapat habiskan post ni at 12:43pm *in between buat presentation for vocal workshop kat Pangkor esok , mandi & siapkan Ashel.......huhhhh!*

Ni nak siap-siap,,,,,nak keluar for lunch , nak beli susu Ashel , nak print hand-outs , nak beli stationery untuk workshop esok , nak beli exchange gift untuk Pengarah Pusat Latihan AADK for closing ceremony di Pangkor , then nak ke recording studio kat Taman Bolton.......*MP is not going to like my itinerary for today* . Packing baju untuk 4 hari di Pangkor belum buat lagi.........Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Oh! No! Skor lagu Nova Nona yang I buat ada kat studio.........hmmmm.......kalau nak ke arah Ampang sekarang mesti jam kat MRR2. MP mesti marah.....what to do aaa.....Aaarghhhh.....kena turun bawah kejap , quickly play the keyboard to get the chords.....Mati laaa aku!


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