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Monday, January 16, 2012

Chinese Muslim Food Hunting Week

Just a week before the New Year , I went on a Chinese Muslim cuisine hunting! I tried eating at 3 Chinese Muslim restaurants around the Ampang - Ulu Kelang area and compared what's good here and what's good there.....Hey! I love food.....seafood......Alhamdulillah , no gout symptoms so far......

Pak Ya Chinese Muslim Restaurant ,
Galaxy Ampang Shopping Centre , Ampang.

I was here on the 2nd day of 2012 with my family. Treating them with a big seafood lunch. MP didn't join us coz he had to meet some people and headed home after his meeting. Earlier I had things to do at the studio , so MP sent me & the kids there. Took the opportunity to spend quality time with my parents , brother , SIL & nephews.

I ordered lunch at Pak Ya and called my brother & parents to join me for lunch. I ordered Roasted Duck. Been dying to try it but MP's not game for it so today's a good day for me to try some roasted duck. With my dad & brother around.....owh! It's easy to 'vanish' si bebek panggang itu.....hehehe! And YES! Crab! I ordered Salted Egg King Crabs and enjoyed both duck & crab very much!

We had a great lunch with other dishes like Shark's Fin Soup , Kang Kong Belacan , Butter Prawns & Steamed Garoupa with Soy Sauce. Food's good except for the Shark's Fin Soup.....RM10 per person , boleh makan tapi tak sedap sangat.

After lunch , I persuaded my dad to go and watch a movie with us kat MBO Galaxy Ampang! Wohoooo! He has not been to any cinema since the early 80's. I remembered that he took us to watch an Indonesian horror movie back in Taiping. Filem Penangkal Ilmu Teloh....huhuhu! Dah seram giler siol filem tu time tu. It's about a lady pakai susuk and tak boleh makan satay straight from the stick and then kena 'peeling' kulit muka dia. Uwaaa......ngeri!!! Sikit lebih kurang macam tu lah story line-nya....but I know it was so scary!

Kiranya dah 30 tahun lebih my dad tak pernah masuk panggung wayang,,,,,,tahun 2012 ni baru jejak balik.....hehehe! Hari tu tengok cerita hantu jugak.....tapi kali ni cerita hantu kelakar. We watched Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap.

Susah nak tulis post sekarang ni sebab ada mata yang dok pantau bila masa I solat & etc kalau keluar rumah satu hari. Timeline segala aktiviti nak dikira dan digali......don't worry my parents kaki tak tinggal solat and Insya'Allah we , their kids ought to follow their footsteps despite bagaimana gaya hidup & rupa pakai kami. Kat Galaxy ni ada surau & kat my studio pun boleh solat. Kat mana-mana bangunan or shopping centre kat Malaysia ni dah lengkap ada surau. Malaysian government spent a lot of money to built mosques in the country. So for me & family to perform the solat should not be a big problem and it also shouldn't be YOUR personal concern.

If me going out the whole day with my family pun I nak kasi tahu timeline bila kami pergi solat & etc.....nanti dikata menunjuk atau riak pulak. Bagi mereka yang hati hitam & jiwa kacau ni , both ways I buat pun akan dilihat salah. Tolong lah......jangan sibuk dengan solat kami. I don't have to report to you. Lagi satu , don't worry , kalau pun I tak solat,,,,,,you tak perlu tanggung dosa I. I solat you tak dapat pahala & I tak solat pun you tak dapat pahala jugak......peace. Jaga solat sendiri.

I'm sure insan yang mengutuk tu pun pernah ada 'event' luar rumah satu hari suntuk dengan family atau kawan masing-masing. Bila tiba waktu solat , I'm sure you'll know what to do. You don't need others to sarcastically remind you of your solat duties right? Vice versa. Don't act innocent and always finding the fault of others. Tak molek perilaku macam tu. Cermin diri. Diri tak sempurna tapi hentam orang lebih-lebih macam diri tu suci tak pernah buat dosa atau lalai walau sekejap pun.

I tulis pasal ni dulu sebab ada insan-insan yang membaca blog I ni yang akan 'risau' pasal solat I dan keluarga bila I kata I was out the whole day. Nanti mula-lah tulis macam-macam comment. Tak pe,,,,,,terima kasih kerana mengingatkan. *Owh! Ni yang dok melekat baca blog cari silap orang ni,,,,,,,dah solat belum?* *wink*

Fast foward,,,,,,,took the kids main-main game and spent almost an hour at the ATV motor bike arena. Satu round RM7 per ATV for 15 minutes. The kids played 3 rounds. Semua ni kat Galaxy Ampang. Cheap way to make the kids happy.

Lepas Maghrib , tunggu kat studio coz MP will come pick us up there. Treating my family for a steamboat and grill dinner at Asap-Asap Steamboat N Grill in UK Perdana. Ni pun restaurant Chinese Muslim jugak.

It was a fabulous day coz I got to spend the day with my beloved family. Wish that I could do more with them. Insya'Allah. Soon........when my book changes *wink*.

Mohd Chan Abdullah ,
Taman Melawati , UK.

Dah lama nak cuba makan kat sini tapi dunno why MP tak nak. Entah , seriously tak tahu kenapa. Makan tahun juga cuba ajak dia datang sini and finally few days before new year dia agreed. Yay! The price here was quite reasonable. The shark's fin soup was just OK. The crab with special sauce that we ordered was good. Tapi kat sini guna ketam bunga not king crab so kena kerja keras sikit-lah nak dapatkan isi-isi ketam tu.

We had dim sums , fu yong egg & kangkong belacan. The butter prawns was good. Almost similar in taste and texture dengan butter prawns kat In-Park Floating Restaurant Shah Alam.....hehehe! Dulu dulu in the 90's , after MP stopped working with an entertainment company owned by Dato Shake's brother,,,,,,my BIL Kadir had stationed MP kat satu seafood restaurant in Shah Alam as a GM kat situ. Boleh kata 90% pekerja kat restaurant tu was Chinese. Dari head chef , chefs & cutters were either from China or China trained. The food there extremely delicious. For many-many years , business was doing very well with couple millions of ringgits yearly profit until one day , MPSA nak ambil balik bangunan restaurant terapung yang boss Cina MP sewa tu. Tak boleh buat apa-apa kena tutup business.
The butter prawns kat Mohd Chan ni brought back the taste of butter prawns kat restaurant lama tempat MP kerja dulu. We both agreed that it tasted almost similar. Nice.

Haji Sharin Low Seafood Restaurant,
Bukit Antarabangsa , Ampang.

The next day , we had lunch at Haji Sharin Low. It's located on one of the hills of Bukit Antarabangsa :-) dekat rumah je. Kalau you tengok hutan kat belakang I tu , at the feet of the jungle is my housing area. Masa kejadian tanah runtuh kat Bukit Antarabangsa in 2008 dulu,,,,,,,we were asked to evacuate. After sending baby Ashel & my mom to the helipad with Arwah YB Dr LoLo , I jungle trekked uphill with the rest of Bukit Antarabangsa's residents who was stranded. The Malaysian Army made an alternative path for us get out from Bukit Antarabangsa. This was the exit point where we came out of the jungle with rescuers & volunteers were waiting to help us.

More seafood for us......

Menu sama , actually I was also comparing the kangkong belacan. I nak macam yang I makan kat Pangkor baru ni. Half cooked with the shrimp & chili paste and still very crunchy. Nyaman gilak bah. Nang payah mok dapat cam ya. Ni pun tak sama. Sedap tapi slightly over cooked. Yang kat Mohd Chan ada bawang besar pulak.....tak syok.

Here we tried the Nestum Prawns & Sotong Goreng Tepung. Not bad.

We had 2 soups. Shark's fin & crab meat soup. The shark's fin soup here is good compared to the other 2 Chinese Muslim restaurant but pricey for a very small bowl , not even enough for Yna *as she loves shark's fin soup* :-) As for harga , Mohd Chan beats the two :-)

For dessert, aaaahhhhh......my all time favourite , Chinese Pancake & Peanut Soup. Now this is yummy!

Am planning to cook for my family for the much waited Makan Besar ceremony on Chinese New Year's Eve in honour of my late grandma Nyonya Jenat Ahmed. See how nanti. Kalau rajin. These few days I'm tanglung hunting........

More makan-makan post coming..........

A note for me : Keeping part of my traditions alive doesn't change my religion at any cost. Let's keep an open mind. So , Kevin *nephew on MP's side*......you are half German , to me the Xmas tree's fine. It's for your child to embrace your German mom's side of the tradition. I'm doing all these for my kids to know part of their traditions too. They don't have to perform any prayer or recite anything that is against the Islamic teachings for the matter.

I know how Islamic you are. Solat is important to you. I've seen you perform the solat with your Melayu Muar dad together with the Qariah at the surau where my parents lived. Don't let anyone interfere with your beliefs & yes the traditions that you cherish. In your case , it was just a small tree in your house. In my case , it will just be couple of red hanging lamps being placed in front of the house. So much so , we're very much a Muslim. 1 Malaysia,,,,,everybody regardless religion and race are celebrating major celebrations in the nation together. For what may I ask? Obviously for us to embrace & learn the culture & traditions of others. Nuff said.


  1. suke tgk akak n family lyn mkn chinese muslim food tu, bestnyer
    umah dana ngn rest asap2 tu dh dkt tp tak berkesempatan n ke sana... tak pnh try mkn chinese muslim sama2 ngn family...

  2. You should try the mee tarik in a Chinese Muslim rest in PJ area... freshly made noodle, bila order baru dia uli tepung & tarik.. :)

  3. bestnya makan2.. i mmg penggemar makan2 and also chinese food, but tulah.. sokmo was was..

    hari jumaat lepas i've found one restaurant named Country kitchen near selayang capitol, owned by a malay couple from Perak.. dorang serve steamboat and grill and others too... hui best giler.. now got promo sebab baru openning.. suka la i.. dulu asik pi korean restaurant, tapi now takyah dah.. i pi situ je la sekrang, dah jumpa dan suka!!

    u shd try there also rima!!

  4. i've found one steamboat and grill restaurant dekat selayang, named country's kitchen. owned by one malay couple from Perak. takyah pegi korean rest. dah.. heheh.. best!! murah and dekat je from my house.. u must try also rima!!

  5. Nice information about chinese muslim which i am looking for. chinese muslim girls



  6. My sincere regards and salam to you and family, especially to your significant other i.e. my dear friend Mohd Adnan. Taufek

  7. Happen to find your blog..looking for good food.
    My regards to my good friend, Adnan. Lama tak jumpa.