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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 2 @ Golden Palm Tree : Welcoming 2012.......

Ah! It's 6th January already......esok dah 1 minggu kita berada in the new year. Still have time to catch up with new year posts......*hurry Rima , hurry up!*

Rise and shine at the resort. Captured this pic on the way to breakfast.

This morning MP woke us up for breakfast. We were quite early so tak lah sesak sangat,,,,,,,you know lah how chaotic breakfast time can be during peak season. But it was just nice that we came in early at 7:30am-ish.

After breakfast ,we adjourned to the pool. Got a sheltered spot for us to relax by the pool.

Top view of the Infinity Pool.

The gym's just across the pool.......

Suruh MP tunggu kat pool while we hurried back to the room to change then back to the pool. On the way to the pool , I loitered around.......took some pics with the kids.

By this time orang dah ramai datang breakfast.....pool buka pukul 9 pagi tapi around 8:30am-ish orang dah mula swim dah.

Awesome view of the ocean from the Infinity Pool.

Kids and water.......Tak nak naik!

Finally dapat pujuk Ashel naik dari pool. Itu pun sebab we told him that we're going to another big pool,,,,,,,,,the beach!

All geared up in our beach rubber shoes.

Smiley Beach! The sand was super fine , white and soft!

Owh yeah! We got a nice spot at the beach too!

The colourful GPT flags embarks the border of the long stretch of beach in Bagan Lalang. On the left is the private Smiley Beach for the usage of guests staying at the resort and on the right is the Bagan Lalang Beach for public usage. Guests yang nak keluar dari kawasan Smiley Beach kena inform beach guard , if not they will not let you in via the beach and you'll have to make 1 big round , masuk ikut main entrance of the resort....Tak kuasa siol!

Left , Smiley Beach.....right , Bagan Lalang Beach.

The set back of the Smiley Beach is that there was no in-house eatery. Yang ada cuma vending machine kat water sports station. Tu pun jual air je. Nak ke hotel jauh.......so we opted to walked to the Pusat Penjaja Pantai Bagan Lalang , situated along the beach. We walked to the nearest. Basically you can buy food , beach toys & inflatables , beach wears & souvenirs here.

We had a quick lunch at a beach hut.

We've swam earlier with MP when the tide was higher. Tapi tak boleh nak ambil gambar sebab pakai phone camera je. After lunch MP went out to Pekan Sungai Pelek to buy some dinner sebelum makin ramai guests datang ke resort for the new year's countdown at the beach malam nanti.

Align Center
Sesekali dapat relax-relax kat tepi pantai......

Sampai lena anak-anak I kena angin laut :-)

While the kids were taking their nap , I snapped few pics while relaxing on the beach chair.

Eye view.....far ahead is the water villas......

Time to go back. Yna tolong bersihkan kaki adik dia from the sea mud.....

Half way back to our room :-(

Walking back from the beach to the tourist center (left pic) , then had to walk to the main lobby (right pic) before catching a buggy or walk back to the room! A long walk. We walked back coz , guests were flocking in with new check-ins that afternoon. The buggy queue was very long.

By the time we got back to the room , MP was already back from pekan. He bought KFC for dinner. After taking my shower , kelolakan anak-anak , jemur-jemur baju basah , bersih-bersih-kan kasut & etc from pasir pantai........siap-siapkan table for dinner.

Then got myself ready for new year's eve! Petang nanti ada street parade dekat Tree Trunk and we wanna go watch the parade....

Managed to get some shots of the parade......

MP didn't want to go to the beach for tonight's countdown which makes me & Yna upset a little bit. We're here at the beach on a festive nite and MP made that call. Haiyaaaa! Anyways,,,,,,,pujuk Yna to watch the sunset from our balcony. She was amazed by it. It was beautiful :-)

Not going to the beach to celebrate NYE is not the end of the world , dowh! At least not for me. As always , I'll try to make the best out of any fucked-up situations. Life's short. Move on. Me & Yna enjoyed our dinner. Not so much of the KFC that MP bought but the Chilli Crab that I tapau-ed and brought along from our left-over seafood dinner in KL few nights ago before we came to GPT! Yup! It was in and out of the fridge and was still eatable......So eat lorrrr.....

Yna now became a big fan of crabs......

Faces on New Year's Eve.......bare faced.....

Before midnite , say around 10pm-ish,,,,,,,I went out with Yna.

Went to do some late nite shopping at the Escapade Boutique. It's the only place to shop in the resort,,,,,,,naturally,,,,,,I spent quite a lot here since yesterday buying souvenirs & shirts & hats & etc.

This brought a big smile to my daughter's face on her gloomy new year's eve *coz she can't go to the beach to see the fireworks & beach shows & etc coz Papa's not into the celebrating mode* *Think I've wrote in one of my post that MP hates the beach*......whatever! Hey! Yna's still young and she can't end her year feeling dissatisfied. I won't let her. I suggested that we buy these small lucky sand bottles , write down our hopes or dreams or wishes on a piece of paper , shoved the paper into the sand bottle and throw it into the ocean at the strike of midnight........she was so excited with the idea. Yay!

Lucky sand bottles ready for the countdown! 1 of Yna's and 1 bottle's mine *wink*

A note for me : Big dream , heartfelt wish for 2012.


  1. As salam.

    Bertuah anak2 kak Rima..to have u as their mother. I've two sons..lebih kurang je cerita tapi tak sama. Sebenarnya suka baca blog Kak Rima sambil cuba belajar ilmu "kesabaran" kak Rima.

  2. seronoknyer... tmpt tu sgt cantik lah kak... anak2 akak mmg sume suke btl ngn air,pool n pantai kan... terutama ashel si bolat comel tuh...sian yna tak dpt tgk beach show tp akak mmg teror lh nk hepikan dia smula

  3. anonymous mmg ada masaalah mental ka????......get a live lah beb! stupid fool!