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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Gift For Yna...

2nd January baru ni I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus for Yna. Kira belated birthday present dia lah ni. Few days after that , bought her the SG Tab cover in purple colour. Kat dalam velvet , luar leather. I liked it. The twist was , I told MP that it's a gift from my brother & his wife for Yna *wink*. Kebetulan on that day we were having a family outing. Siap pakat dengan Yna , my brother & wifey.......sticked to the storyline.

An attempt I did to lembutkan hati MP untuk lebih terbuka dengan my parents , my brother , especially my brother's wife. If you know my family you'll be confused of why MP behave as such. Mek pun sik tauk kenak nya cam ya. Selama ni bukan dia tak terima cuma tak berapa terbuka. Beza sangat bila dia bersama keluarga belah Johor. Nuff said pasal kecil hati. Sama jak dari dolok.

MP's OK with my family cuma........*diam*.......*diam yang panjang*.........*thinking*..............hmmm.......tak pe lah , enough is enough. Senior readers perhaps dah more or less configure how hardcore MP is. Let the new ones left wondering , hehehe! Adalah al-kisah yang tidak dapat diceriterakan di sini......kelak mek juak nak besalah kerna madah ngan sidak about MP di sitok. Mun pun menar, ada rami nak sik suka. Bait iboh lah hoh. Sik mok.

I went to the Nokia store to get a new battery the other day. Battery yang lama dah kehabisan juice-nya. Am still faithful to my old Nokia N95. Sayang nak tukar plus masih boleh guna. My main personal number guna this phone. Untuk FB & Twitter & what nots , guna Blackberry Curve je. Untuk urusan studio & business guna my Samseng....hehehe! Tapi for my Nokia ni I had to change the housing. Kali kedua dah tukar housing. Hope it'll be alive to serve me for many years more.

A note for me : Misi 12 January *wink*

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