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Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai.....Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Welcoming the year of Dragon! Of course semua feng-shui yang positive saja di-upfront-kan but must always bear in mind that dragon is a huge mythical creature. Illusion. No one have seen a dragon for real. So on the other side,,,,,,*as dragon is a huge mythical creature* , I'd look at the new lunar year as a year of big dreams , big hopes , big fantasies , big ideas , big visions........and the snake will execute them in the next year to come :-)

Dragon ni badan je besar tapi ilusi semata.......hehehe!

This is me taking to myself about the dragon year. Don't you believe what I've written. No worries , my faith stays still with the Al-Mighty.

Tahun ni since tak sibuk towards the CNY celebration , dapatlah plan Makan Besar on CNY's Eve with my beloved family. I was quite busy spring cleaning part of the house......*tak larat dowh , nak buat semua*...

A day before CNY's Eve , I went shopping for things to cook. Pre-dinner pun went for a last minute ingredient hunt at Giant Bukit Antarabangsa. Started cooking at 4pm-ish , lepas Asar by myself with Yna helping me out with the table setting and some other light things to do.

Nak stir fry asparagus......blanched it first and tossed in ice cold water to stop the cooking process. A cooking method used in Chinese cooking. Tak sempat nak tunjuk my dumb-cooking......too many dishes to cook in my small and simple kitchen.

I finished cooking few minutes before Maghrib. I managed to prepare Steamed Siakap with Ginger , Mushrooms & Tomatoes in Oyster Sauce. Also Sweet & Sour Dory Fillets with Pineapples , Red Apples & Japanese Cucumbers.

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Had 2 veggie dishes , Stir Fry Spicy Bitter Gourd with Eggs & Stir Fry Asparagus with Oyster Sauce.

Also made Clear Meat Ball Soup with Potatoes.

Ni nampak rentung but eatable still....hehehe! My attempt to grill a whole chicken using my mom's portable electric oven. Hah! Lama giler tak guna benda alah ni. Dulu masa zaman I belum kahwin ada lah 3-4 kali je guna then terbiar je kat dapur rumah my mom coz my mom pun is not the baking type kind of a person. Dia guna pun dok buat bengkang ubi je. I lupa berapa temperature and it's exact timing to grill a chicken using the oven. So , ni lah hasilnya derrrr.........Grilled Chicken stuffed with Chopped Chicken Liver , Chicken Gizzard , Bread , Spring Onions , Garlic , Ginger , Dried Cranberries , Shitake Mushrooms , Salt , Black Pepper & Honey! Glazed the chicken skin with some salt , black pepper & honey too.....

For Yum Seng lorrr.....

Yna helped out preparing the CNY tit-bits.

Table's done....

After the Maghrib prayers........Makan Besar time!

Lepas makan.....spent some quality time with the family. Nice. I love the moment spent. I miss my grandma so much. Wish she's with us. *Al-Fatihah to nenek*

Happy faces of my 2 chubby nephews , Ian & Izad. Mana tak-nye....they're enjoying a whole barrel of snacks & chocs & wafers & what nots!

Last but not least.....I would like to wish my family , friends & readers here a very prosperous new year.

A note for me : Same boat.....I know that you are celebrating it too! *wink*


  1. hepy cny kak... meriahnyer...seronok...mkn besar utk cny tp ada doa mkn kan... bestkan, selalu wish dpt jumpa akak time supink brg dpur kt giang bukit antarabangsa tuh...