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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Off To Gold Coast.....Gold Coast Sepang Je Dowh.....

Nak merasa duduk kat The Palm Dubai entah bila laa boleh dapat.....so , opted for the next best thing lah,,,,,,dapat stay kat the Palm Malaysia pun jadilah walaupun memang tak boleh nak di-compare dengan project The Palm Dubai Jumeriah ni.

Yes! Like I said , it's the next best thing.....Syukur sangat-sangat. Dapat jugak datang sini. Dah lama teringin nak stay kat sini , since I know the existence of the Sepang Palm project......I've been eager to come here.

Friday 30th December 2011 - we drove to Gold Coast Sepang. MP kata tak sampai sejam pun boleh sampai tapi since mula gerak dari rumah , si Yna tengok DVD cerita Aku Bukan Tomboy dalam kereta,,,,,,,,sampai habis cerita tu,,,,,,,tak sampai-sampai jugak. Sejam setengah lebih dah tu.......

Finally , sampai jugak ke Sepang Gold Coast.....hehehe! Gold Coast katenye......to those yang dah ke Gold Coast Australia , you'll know beza Gold Coast Sepang dengan Gold Coast Australia ni memang macam langit dengan bumi laa kan.....I've been to both , I know for sure. Wonder why laa depa dubbed tempat ni Gold Coast.......hmmmm.....seriously no idea.

Sampai kat porch lobby , turun kereta we were being greeted by the resort's friendly staff. Semua beg depa angkat and we were being ushered to the lobby lounge. Lemongrass tea were being served while waiting for our turn to check-in.

After we've checked-in , we went to Bila Bila Cafe which was situated at the Club House to have a late lunch.

Basically everything is stationed here.......the pool , the spa , the gym , a Chinese Restaurant , Bila Bila Restaurant and the Buloh Bar.

Ordered pizza for Ashel , wild mushroom soup for MP to share with Ashel.

MP & Yna had nasi lemak , while I had beef burger with wild mushroom soup.

Including drinks , the bill came up to RM200.70 for just a quick lunch. Wohooo! Nasi lemak , burger & soup.....200 bucks! Baik makan seafood dowh! Well , can't complain much coz it's the price tag for a 5 star restaurant regardless we know kat luar memang much much cheaper. Foreign visitors are the main target to visit this place , so naturally-lah pricing of food & etc here is of such. For Singaporeans they'll just have to pay lebih kurang half of the the bill in their currency. In USD more or less 50 dollars je.....so for foreigners it's not be a big problem.

After lunch , jalan-jalan kejap around the Club House before heading back to our water villa *for the next few days*.

This is our room......semua bilik kat sini dalam laut.

Spacious , enough for us. Enough for Ashel to run around & Yna to dance her heart out.

Ada balcony over looking the Smiley Beach :-)

Take 5 kejap.......kita minum dulu.

The kids nak ke pool but it was to congested. Ramai sangat orang......so I decided to go for a walk around the resort instead.

Before the walk,,,,,,a glance at the bathroom. The big mirror was my favourite.

The toiletries......

View of neighboring water villas from where I was doing my thang.........hehehe!

A better photos of the room from various sites featuring Golden Palm Tree.

Heading to the lobby & club house......you'll have to pass the Tree Trunk....

Went jalan-jalan around the resort and the white sandy beach.....

This was at the lobby lounge area.....

Jalan-jalan sampai gelap......

Freshen up a bit , rehat-rehat kejap and we decided to have dinner outside of the resort. We heard that there were many seafood restaurants around the Pantai Bagan Lalang area.......

We ate at Art Catering Seafood situated along Pantai Bagan Lalang. We ordered 2 small pari slices (RM11) + 350 grams of white prawns , dalam 7 ekor (RM33.30) + 251 grams of sotong putih , 3 ekor (RM11.30) + 1 Nasi Goreng Cina tak nak sayur (RM4.50) + 1 Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin (RM4.50) + 1 Nasi Putih (RM1.20). Drinks pulak , Air Kelapa (RM3) + Sirap (RM1) + Tembikai Laici (RM3.50) + Milo Ais (RM1.80) + Teh O Ais Limau (RM1.50) + Air Kosong (RM0.30).

Makan sambil layan Maharaja Lawak Mega Final........tapi dapat tengok 1st round je sebab Ashel dah merengek nak tidur.

While watching the MLM Finals , we ordered another round of udang bakar. This time dalam 200 grams , 5 ekor (RM19).

Back to the hotel.........

Tengok TV kejap and call it a nite for day 1 at Golden Palm Tree .

Got this pics from the net , this one is an aerial view of the main lobby - tree trunk heading to the club house.

Upon entering the club house , it's the Buloh Bar and straight ahead is the infinity pool.

The well kept and elegantly manicured garden on the left. On the right , it's always nice to pamper yourself on these comfortable sofas while sipping your favourite drink and being caressed by the sea breeze..........kalau tak hujan......hehehe!

Day 2 at GPT coming.


  1. bestnyer kak... walaupun tak sama the palm dubai tp ala2 gk lah hehehe...
    lama tak jln2 bercuti2an nih

  2. wah..mmg best la tmpt ni..
    cikgu, yg putih melepak tu boboy cikgu la kan?laaa..dh besar dh dia..mcm gegurl je saya tgk..hehe

  3. saya pegi gold coast Morib, they have their own water theme park. tapi makan kat pantai morib je sbb nak pegi bagan lalang, 30km away, malas sgt. hehhehhe.
    tapi nama dia gold coast tu mmg pelik gak. =)