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Friday, February 3, 2012

All Set For Bangkok!

Esok nak ke Bangkok with MP & the kids. All arrangements dah buat through my buddy , Sonny in Bangkok. Can't thank him enough. I've also sent an email to the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok asking for current situation as few countries had issued a travel alert to their citizen not to visit the city. I received positive feedbacks from our officer at the embassy stating that it is save to travel to Bangkok must take extra precautions. I've been asked to send all travelling information & names of contact person in Malaysia to the embassy. They've also provided me with phone numbers to contact if should I need any assistance while in Bangkok. Alhamdulillah , all set.

Ni dah nak pukul 2 pagi dah.....semua dah tidur except for me. Update blog & upload gambar-gambar Melaka to my draft. Nanti bertimbun gambar. Tak sanggup. Tengok lah....kalau WiFi OK kat Bangkok.....I'll continue to post,,,, kalau cam hampeh......faham-faham je laa ekkk.....Story Melaka ada 2 posts lagi....uwaaaaaaaa.....

Esok MP's friend will be sending us to KL Central and we'll take the KLIA Express to the airport.

Talk soon ya.


A note for me : I have you in my mind. Yes,,,,you!


  1. wah..bestnye cikgu nk pegi bangkok..kirim FM satu!!! hehehe..

  2. beshnyeeee!!!!! asik bercuti ajeeee!!! have fun!!!