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Monday, February 13, 2012

Am In Bangkok.......Again!

13th February 2012 - Eeeeeee......mengantuk and malasnya hari ni. Semalam layan American Idol till 2:30am. Tu lah sebabnya hari mengantuk gila-gila......semalam siap tulis post ni tapi tak publish.........publishing it NOW!

12th February 2012 - Been stuck at this post since 7th February.....mode malas sangat-sangat. Tulis sikit , stop......tulis sikit stop.....layan tengok TV.....FB pun biasa-biasa je. Since balik Bangkok on late Monday nite, nak keluar rumah pun malas......tak boleh jadi , tadi keluar pergi rumah my parents.....bawak sekali gifts for them yang I beli kat Bangkok. Sambil tu , nak ambil our Diamond bawak balik. My parents dah sayang pulak kat Diamond. Tadi nak ambil balik pun serba salah , kesian pulak tengok my dad. Dia yang beria-ia buat-kan taman untuk Diamond....memang selesa lah si Diamond dibela my dad but,,,,,,,MP nak sangat ambil balik Diamond......hehehe!

*over & out*

11th February 2012 - Siang tadi baru selesai unpack barang-barang belian yang I sumbat dalam beg plastik China besar. Mostly baju & kasut I packed dalam beg tu. Sejak balik tak sentuh langsung beg tu.....huhuhu! Malas. Entah-lah , shopping memang menggila......cash yang tukar dari KL , sekian. Kat sana tukar duit lagi........seremmmmmmm......100,000 Baht......zappppp! From electrical goods to Thai silk to jade to clothing to shoes to toys.......rasa puas hati sebab kali ni pergi I shopped till I drop with what I've earned from working. Bukan MP tak nak kasi duit shopping tapi I yang nak macam tu. Apapun MP tetap pantau my shopping spree.

*over & out*

10th February 2012 - Been a week now since I left for Bangkok and come home......Kopak is the word! Tak pe,,,,,hari ni dah start kerja dah.......nak kumpul duit balik and off to somewhere with the kids lagi. Next week onwards dah sibuk mengajar balik , Insya'Allah sampai mid March.

*over & out*

8th February 2012 - I went out with Kak Aida , tu pun Kak Aida datang fetch kat rumah. Pergi lunch kat Taiwan House , Ampang Point. Later for tea at Sweel Bowl , Wangsa Walk.

I made a mistake this morning. I woke up at 6:20am , waktu Thailand! That's already 7:20am waktu Malaysia! I set alarm memang pukul 6:20am tapi I lupa tukar my time zone kat phone ke waktu Malaysia. Haru betul. So Yna had to skip school today due to my silly mistake.......nasib baik MP tak mengamuk kat I.....hehehe!

Ashel with anak sulong Kak Aida , Iqbal.

7th February 2012 - I traveled to Bangkok last year with Kak Siti & her niece Hanim and this year am back in the City Of Angels with my family! Since Ashel lahir , tak pernah pergi overseas together. Now that Ashel is 3+.....cuba lah bawak dia jalan-jalan jauh sikit.

Align Center
Pergi pun tak lama , just 4 days.....during the Maulidur Rasul & Thaipusam break.

MP had arranged for his friend to drive us to KL Sentral in the morning. We checked-in at KL Sentral and took the KLIA Express to the airport.

It was a convenient 28 minutes ride to KLIA. My 1st time taking the train to KLIA,,,,,,,selalunya pergi airport orang hantar dengan kereta.

Everyone with gadgets......I played the Angry Bird game all the way to KLIA!

Upon arrival kat KLIA , MP lapar......belum breakfast plus dia kena makan ubat-ubat dia. So we had breakfast before making our way to the departure gate.

Boarding time......

Ashel's 1st time on a plane.....he was a natural. Another reason why we chose Bangkok sebab flying time dalam 2 jam je. Mulanya nak pergi Seoul but MP said that it will be too cold for Ashel *forgetting that he is a premature baby*,,,,,hari tu kat I-City pun Ashel muntah kat dalam Snow Walk coz it was too cold. We didn't want to take the risk and settled for Bangkok and see if Ashel survived the 2 hour 'sit still' journey on-board....Well dia cepat bosan. Tak senang duduk. Nak pergi sana , nak pergi sini....hahaha! Insya'Allah , ada rezeki , keadaan mental , fizikal & kewangan mengizinkan ....boleh laa pergi melawat negara-negara beriklim sejuk pulak dengan anak-anak.

Time to eat,,,,,,hospitality dari MAS.....children dapat food dulu :-)

Lepas makan.....rilex-rilex lagi. MP siap baca paper lagi.....setakat bahan bacaan simple-simple tu boleh laa I baca atas flight. Kalau baca newspaper , minta maaf. Tak kuasa & leceh.

Lebih kurang 1:30pm-ish safely landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand. Sawadee Thailand!

We had 3 luggage , a laptop bag , Yna & MP had their knapsacks & I had my sling bag with me.

The last time I was here , I took the airport link straight to the city but with Ashel around , I don't think that it's a good idea as there'll be many passengers......mana nak angkat beg-beg naik train lagi.....No lah,,,,,,we decided to take a cab to the hotel. As we came to Bangkok free & easy , we signed up for a private 4 hours Morning River Tour which cost us around 1,400 Baht (RM140+ for the whole family). We also got free local starter pack for us to use and make calls while in Bangkok. Nice!

Kalau naik LRT dalam setengah jam dah boleh sampai area hotel tapi disebabkan jem kat Bangkok ni lagi gila-gila dari KL......we arrived hotel almost 4pm that day!

Our taxi driver was a singer suatu masa dulu......eh! macam sama pulak......dia tak tahu yang dia pun bawak retired singer jugak.....hehehe! *Siap ada CD dia kat depan taxi lagi dowh!*

Sampai hotel , checked-in and we went to meet my friend Sonny & his wife Kate at their garment store. Diaorang tolong arrange-kan my ride esok to places that I wanna go. After meeting them we freshen up and rehat-rehat kat bilik. Then we waited for the 6pm shuttle to Siam Discovery , boleh kata macam area Bukit Bintang laa kat KL....most shopping center berpusat kat sini. The famous Mah Boon Krong or MBK Center pun kat sini.

The shuttle dropped us at MBK and we walked to Siam Discovery. Senang , sebab ada jejantas yang sambungkan one shopping center to the other. Alhamdulillah , dapat jugak cari Madame Tussauds Bangkok.

Like Malaysia , ada double system entrance ticket. Cheaper tickets for the locals & foreigners kena bayar mahal sikit. Paid 800 Baht (>< RM80+ for adults) & 600 Baht (>< RM60+ for kids).

Ada 13 Madame Tussauds Wax Museum around the globe,,,,,been to one of it here in Bangkok.

Let's go meet the stars......

Kat Malaysia tak dapat jumpa Dr M......jumpa kat Bangkok.

With President Barrack Obama & wifey Michelle at The Oval Office.

2 ladies that I admire......the late Lady D & Aung San Suu Kyi. I remembered that I was on set in Malacca when Lady D died. Cried like anything. After that I collected lots of books & mags & etc of Lady D. I ended having a room dedicated to Lady D , filled with all stuff of her for over a year! As for Suu Kyi , all I know that she is one strong lady and believed in freedom and an important figure in the democracy movement in Burma.....Suu Kyi's just a lady and like Brother Anwar , dunno why "they're" so afraid of her & him..... *wink*

Yna with Gandhi & Dalai Lama.

Susah sungguh nak dapat-kan si Ashel pakai crown tu betul-betul. Kesian Queen tunggu anak raja kekwat tu....hehehe!

She looks kinda real......

With legends.....Picasso & Einstein.

Moved on to the sports section.....boleh main virtual football.

With world's famous sports figures........Cristiano Ronaldo , Tiger Woods & Yao Ming.

Got to play a Beethoven piano piece.....huhuhu!

Got to sing with Pavarotti!

With Beyonce & a Thai band.

A full drum set......Yna took the opportunity to play.

Yay! MJ pun ada.....

Ni I tak tahu apa jadi.....hehehe!

With my favourite female singer Mama Madonna! Now Yna's favourite too....

Take 5.....karaoke kejap.

The character of Hannibal Lecter played by Sir Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs......one of my favourite movie of all time!

Spiderman was there too.....

Johnny Depp in his Pirates of the Caribbean outfit.

Before entering the martial arts exhibition area......MP & Ashel played the martial arts game....hitting the big guy on screen....it was fun!

With Chinese action heroes Bruce Lee & Donnie Yen.

An interview with Oprah on her set :-)

Shot 1 , Scene 1 , Take 1..........Action!

Yna on TV with couple of Thailand's movie stars.

Kate Winslet greeted us at the entrance to the Celebrity Party! There was Jim Carrey , Nicole Kidman.........

My favourite actor Will Smith was there too!

He was with Julia....duhhh!

Jackie Chan , a martial art hero who never killed anyone on screen....

Angie & Brad was at the party too y'all.....

Ni OK lagi kan?

Ni payah nak process sikit kan? Hehehe!

We finally came to the area where they exhibit cara-cara patung-patung lilin ni dibuat. That's Madame Marie Tussaud sculpting a head.......spooky spooky!

Dah banyak kali buat for Yna.....dan banyak kali jugak pecah......sekian.

I wanted to buy these Oscar statues....but MP said tak payah :-(

I ended buying fridge magnets , key chains , pens & a mug. Wanted to buy few mugs but MP said tak payah too *even though I'm paying and not him* :-(

Sebelum balik , jalan-jalan around Siam Discovery......lalu depan Channel V Thailand , kebetulan ada shooting pulak kat situ.

Dah malam pun masih jem lagi.........

Balik ke hotel naik Tuk Tuk. Seram sejuk naik Tuk Tuk ni sebab they will drive melawan arus & what nots to get to the destination. Segala lorong depa lalu.....jalan besar yang jem padat tu pun they will cross over in between cars to get to the other side.....laju jangan cakap lah.....melayang! It was an experiences......fun too....we clapped or hands when we arrived at the hotel..........fuhh!

Makan kat area I duduk ni tak susah sangat , banyak Halal restaurant. Al-Sana ni betul-betul tepi Baiyoke Sky Hotel je.

Kat sini specialized in Pakistani food tapi since ramai orang Malaysia yang datang shopping area ni,,,,,,,there's Malaysian food in its menu too. Thai food pun ada. MP had Lamb Briyani - the rest of us shared some roti paratha - prawn curry - chicken tandoori and hummus.

Habis.......hummus , my favourite. Halal food can be quite expensive in restaurants in Bangkok. Plus drink , we paid around RM110.

Now a bit on the hotel......The tallest tower or building in Bangkok.

We stayed in the Junior Suite......very spacious , Ashel can freely run about in the room.

I like the room I stayed the last time I was here. Masih mood cuti Chinese New Year lagi kat sini,,,,,bilik fully booked so we can't get the room that we wanted.

Daily complimentary mineral water.....botol bentuk Baiyoke Sky lagi.....

Tengok-lah si Ashel.......berlari-lari.......

Took this pic from the net.......Yup,,,,,the lobby is on the 18th floor.

Shots on the lobby and lobby lounge.

More shots of Baiyoke Sky Hotel , Bangkok.

View of Baiyoke dari area shopping.....hehehe!

A note for me : My FB status in the midst of watching On Air on February 8th.....
sengal jugak juri ni....kata orang tak handsome.....nya sik nangga mukanya kah? bibir cam tok kacak kah? madah orang gemuk sik buleh mengacara.....nang lah bakok.....
· · · 22 hours ago
    • Camy-Qazim Andeka Nang menar padah kitak tek.. Kamek pun tekejut juak! :O
      22 hours ago ·
    • Rima R Noah Tu lah....sengal!
      22 hours ago ·
    • Sharifah Norihan Syed Hamzah huhuhu..bahasa jiwa bangsa... kamek ker kemek??
      22 hours ago ·
    • Rima R Noah kamek aka saya le kak pah....sesekali nak cakap srawak...
      22 hours ago ·
    • Sharifah Norihan Syed Hamzah patut wa tak paham hahaha...camy terer ler dok sana lama..
      22 hours ago · · 1
    • Hirzi Syahrir Othman mane boleh cakap macam itu . tak baik kata orang lain tak hensom. cakap jangan lah lepas je .jaga lah hati peserta yang datang uji bakat itu .
      21 hours ago ·
    • Azmi Abdul Aziz kena ada guideline for juri supaya tidak serang kehansoman seseorang. komen tsb meletakan juri tsb ketahap yg lebih rendah dari perut ular. i rasa the juri got no right at all to comment on this factor as got nothing to do with seni.
      20 hours ago ·
    • Rima R Noah
      Betul Bang Mi....adab tak de. Kita faham yang tv station nak kasi program tu sensasi , ada kontroversi supaya rating program naik.....tapi like you said kena ada guideline on what they can say on national tv and what they can't.....tak de pun undang2 dunia pengacaraan yang stated gemuk & tak lawa or tak handsome tak boleh jadi pengacara. mana depa ni belajaq? konon professional........dalam episode tadi awat depa blur-kan muka abang yang serang aznil tu? i believed that the show is all scripted,,,,,every week ada story yang depa created....i had to watch cause pengacaraan is part of vocal jugak....kalau tak , seriously tak kuasa.....
      20 hours ago · · 1
    • Azmi Abdul Aziz kalau muka bro tu boleh kena blank out kenapa tak diblank out kenyataan yg degrading orang lain? lots of bias decisions atas nama tv ratings.parai tuk.
      19 hours ago ·
    • Maziah Selamat Sucks n scripted! Nak tunjuk kuasa x kena tempat cam tu la kak rimaaaa...
      19 hours ago ·
    • Rima R Noah Mazzy - some people just won't admit that their time in the industry is over.....pathetic....
      19 hours ago ·
    • Maziah Selamat Gitulah gamaknyerrr... Malanggg... Malaa
      19 hours ago ·
    • Juliana Angah Mazidul tu kategori ensem ke? Pelik tul. Subjektif sangat la ensem ke tak ni. Yang mulut juri dah macam asam keping kembang tu ape cer?
      3 minutes ago ·
    • Rima R Noah Ju - hahaha....part asam keping kembang tu yang tak tahan tuh.....hahaha!
      2 minutes ago ·

    1. ceh...dalam dok marah kata juri kutuk peribadi orang,korang pun sama kutuk dia...2X5 saja..

    2. Anonymous - ......and your problem would be? get a life.....