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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Birthday

29th February - It's leap day today and I'm having the day off to myself! Yup! Nak melompat ke sana sini hari ni.....hehehe! Well,,,,,not really by myself but am going out with my students Khalil & Mujaheed. They're on study break,,,,,so I ajak diaorang jadi my escort today. They needed a break from campus & I needed a break from work,,,,,,,sebelum minggu kedua March , dah mula mengajar balik sampai 4th week of March. Today going to meet few people to discuss business....

Insya'allah dari duit I mengajar ni,,,,,dapat kumpul duit lagi , hajat hati nak beli kereta second-hand for my parents to move around , untuk nak gerak-gerak short distance je sebab yang long-long distance boleh ikut I je. My dad tak mintak pun tapi kalau ada rezeki I yang nak belikan for him. Proton lama my dad tu dah nazak sangat.....tahap nak putus nyawa dah :-(

Hari ni ada date dengan my favourite doctor , Dr Ashar. But first am having a belated birthday lunch at his clinic with his staff. I dragged along my boys to Dr A's clinic.

Kak Ram (staff Dr A) told me that she'll cook lunch for me tapi dia tak cakap laa nak masak apa. Bila sampai clinic , she showed me this! Gulai Ikan Patin yo'all! Kesukaan ku itu! Happy sangat sebab Kak Ram masak-kan dish ni untuk I. Very thoughtful of Kak Ram. I belasah 2 ketul patin dengan nasi putih. Sedappppppp!

Tadi while waiting for their lunch break , sempat Hi! Hi! Bye! Bye! dengan Dr A......dia kena attend meeting kat hospital. Anyways , my appointment memang belah petang pun dengan dia. Kak Ram letak I patient number 1 after lunch break..........

More birthday treats.........Kak Ram & Linda ordered pizzas for us all. 3 large pizzas with 3 boxes of BBQ-ed chicken wings.

One of it was my favourite,,,,,,beef pepperoni & cheese pizza.

Dr A came in after lunch time , sepatutnya my turn to see him but Kak Ram called in 4 pregnant women who came for their monthly check-ups to go in and see Dr A first sebab semua tu just regular ultrasound check-ups je. Kak Ram asked if I was in a hurry........Of course laaa tak....hehehe! Bukan apa , kali ni I kena jumpa Dr A and my session with Dr A kena ambil masa sikit so I was asked if I could wait a little longer coz Dr A dapat call kena attend OT buat C-section. OK , fully understood.

While waiting for Dr A , me & my boys spent our time at the clinic watching 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives!

This was why I had to wait and agreed to wait. Dr A pun tak nak perform procedure toreh-menoreh lengan I dalam keadaan kelam-kabut kena ke OT and what nots. Because of my busy schedule , I was 10 days overdue to remove my 3 years old Implanon on my left arm. The removal procedure requires a small incision to be made which causes minor bleeding. Then I wanted to insert a new Implanon for another 3 years. Kena cucuk Implanon kat tempat lain *still on my left arm* sebab kalau masukkan yang baru kat tempat lama takut infection. Will see Dr A in 3 months time for further check-up on the newly inserted Implanon. 3 tahun on Implanon , no period at all. Tengoklah yang baru ni macam mana pulak. The procedure was being witnessed by my boys Mujaheed & Khalil......a new experience for them.....in Dr A's room they asked me , what's it for.....told them....."jangan tanya saya , tanyalah doctor sendiri"....hehehe!

I was out and about today with my students , went for tea at Wangsa Walk. Tapau some food home for the family. Overall , it was a great leap day on a leap year for me. Tonite,,,,,,I spent the nite leapin' with ma kids.....Bye leap year , see you in 2016.

A note for me : I saw what you did.......*smile*

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  1. tpikir gak nk pakai implanon tp xdiscuss lagik dgn gynea. comel betol u time mkn tuh! hahaha