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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Long Overdue Bangkok Post : Day 3

Wondering what is actually in the heads and hearts of people who 'loves' spending their time to read what's going on in other people's life and then left sarcastic comments on people blogs. How pathetic is that? What do these people want , really.....They're very much interested in criticizing blog owners or counting other people's solat. How perfect can the solat of these people be with such a heart? Lu apa kes? Aku solat engkau tak dapat pahala pun derr.....aku tinggal solat pun , engkau tak dapat pahala jugak.....lu ingat dengan menegur orang lain untuk buat ibadah dengan cara kasar , menghina dan mengutuk , lu akan dapat pahala besar dari Allah Ta'ala ke? Bukan lu akan dapat dosa sebab menghina orang ke? Tak penat ke cari cela orang? Apa lu dapat bila hiriskan perasaan orang? Kalau lu dapat bahagia dan boleh tersenyum bila buat orang lain sedih atau terkilan.....moga Tuhan lindungi lu , keluarga lu dan paling penting moga Tuhan tidak hitam-kan hati lu. Amin. The Lord is watching you , not me :-)

Hela nafas.......

Sambung post Bangkok lagi. Gi mampos ahhhh. Kalau suka,,,,,baca....kalau tak suka pun , lu baca jugak kan.....bodoh.

A note for me : Nuff said Rima. They're just a bunch of hypocrite morons who has no personal life & envy with what others have. Not to let those parasites get into your system. Simply not worth it. They don't own you Rima. So am fat...........and your problem would be? Move on :-)

Today , 3rd day in Bangkok......we signed up for a half day river cruise.

Sawadee Kaa.....a new day here in Bangkok City!

The usual breakfast. Roti canai , bread , cereals , eggs......

Some how I didn't get to go to the 84th floor where the revolving view point's situated. Tak sempat. Pagi ni , lepas breakfast terus tunggu our tour guide at the hotel entrance.

Lift kat lobby jem pulak pagi-pagi ni....

Ni Nancy , our tour guide for today. She'll be taking us to few places for 4 hours.

We signed up for a private tour , so selesa lah sikit. Just us in this Toyota Camry.

We headed to one of the boat piers along Chao Phraya River.

Few pic taken while waiting for our boat.

More boats under the bridge....

I've heard of Menam Chao Phraya , the longest river in Thailand since I was little. Now at 40 years of age,,,,,,baru dapat tengok Chao Phraya dengan mata kepala sendiri. I was so excited to get on the boat and see what Chao Phraya has to offer.

Finally our turn to get on the boat! Chattered the whole boat.

Only us , our tour guide Nancy & the boat driver.......

Sebelum jalan lebih jauh.........isi minyak boat dulu maaa.....

Ashel kena angin , dengan bumpy ride boat panjang ni.......layu je mata dia....hehehe!

The Grand Palace....masa banjir besar kat Bangkok baru ni , katanya air naik sampai paras betis ke dalam istana ni.

Wat Arun aka The Temple Of Dawn

Hospital & Navy Base along the river....

Entering one of the many canals along the river......

Our boat were being approached by a lady on a boat selling souvenirs....

Spent around 750 Baht (RM75+) buying souvenirs for Yna's friends.

Here we were given a loaf of bread.....wondering for what at first.....

Aaahhhh......for us to feed the river catfish..........

OMG.....lots of them.......I believed that I've read about a controversy about this fish in the Vietnamese river. They're called Pangas. They're said to be dirty and polluted. It's cheap and instantly became a hit around hypermarkets around the world including here in Malaysia. Bought it myself , known to many of us as Fillet Ikan Dory. Most restaurants here will use this fish kalau buat fish & chips,,,,,Lots of write ups on Pangas on the net....perhaps you can check it out for yourself,,,,,takut jugak kot terberi salah info.

Masa tengah kasi ikan makan.....ada boat pelancong lain sampai to continue feeding the fish.

Syok dok tengok tiang-tiang letrik kat dalam sungai ni......kalau kat Malaysia TNB takkan lepaskan ni....hehehe!

Sepanjang canal ni je ada banyak wat-wat kecil......and they're simply beautiful.

Rumah-rumah kampung.......

Rumah-rumah batu & mewah pun ada.....tapi tiang letrik tetap dalam sungai.

Almost an hour , we headed back to the pier.....bagi tips to the boat driver :-)

Ni one of the corners of the palace where the current King lives. The new grand palace is in the city , katanya luas kawasan istana baru ni sampai 150 ekar......

Masuk kereta je, Ashel dah layu mata nak tidur but we still have couple of places to go.

We stopped by a gem house.....tak ingat nama gem house ni but dekat-dekat area istana baru. Owner of this gem house pun ada keturunan raja jugak.....

Macam-macam jenis intan permata & berlian segala. Jenis precious stones pun banyak jugak and I saw my favourite,,,,,,,jade!

I bought couple of jade lockets for me & Yna.

Next stop , James Fashion International Bangkok. Kat Bangkok ni banyak cases about tourists scams about bringing tourists to boutiques like this , over charged them & etc. Dunno if we were caught in the scam or not but I am aware that the tour guide or tour agency that we signed up for today will get commissions from whatever we bought at the gem house just now and here at this boutique. Isn't that how tour operators make part of their income? It's like that anywhere....

Trying out their Thai silk....orange dowh!

We bought 16 meters of material here including Thai silk. With discounts and all , baru RM1500+ je our money. Boleh sangat lah.

Hmmmm........While shopping here , customers we being offered some drinks. I asked for mineral water but Ashel asked for a coke!

Done shopping here....

Seberang jalan tu James Taylor.........katanya tourists scams happens here. Entahlah mana yang betul. Kot kedai yang I pergi ni yang involve with the scams.....no idea....hehehe! The price range kat kedai kain yang I beli ni was reasonable enough for me to shop. Kedai yang I pergi ni is James Fashion International , yang belakang we all is James Taylor......nama dekat-dekat , mana tak keliru.....nasib lah.

That was the end of our tour for today. We were back at the hotel by noon. Sampai hotel , letak-letak barang , R&R kejap..........

Around 2 pm , we walked to Indra Square which is only across our hotel. Just 2 minutes short walk from the hotel. Nak shopping. Tapi sebelum shopping , some ice-cream treat dulu.

Dah berzaman tak makan Swensen's Ice Cream! Dulu-dulu in the 80's rajinlah sangat ke Swensen's Yow Chuan Plaza for ice creams.....MP tak nak ice cream , just some coffee for him. Ordered 2 scoops of Macadamia flavoured ice creams with caramel sauce & chopped almonds for Ashel.

Align Center
Me & Yna shared this mega sundaes with 5 scoops of ice creams , we chose macadamia & vanilla. It comes with a delicious crispy waffle , bananas , whipped cream , hot fudge butterscotch sauce , chopped almonds , wafer & cherry toppings! Heaven.....We also ordered a piece of warm chocolate brownies. Eating brownies with ice creams....wow weee.....nyaman gilak!

MP went to Dunkin' Donuts for some donuts untuk makan later kat bilik.....Ashel sebat seketul kat situ jugak.

Energized. Now shopping time!

Fast foward......

Shopping done for now. Hantar barang-barang ke bilik then walked to this Iranian restaurant that's just 3 minutes walk from our hotel. I ate here during my previous trip and loved the hummus. Tapi kali ni pergi frust sikit sebab hummus tak de.......

Nice small restaurant on the 1st floor of a shop houses.....

Align Center
MP's not into Middle Eastern or Arabic food.........hmmmmm.......sekali-sekala OK kot,,,,,hehehe!

We ordered white rice and it came with some condiments.

There was no dishes that comes with gravy in the menu.......huhuhu! Mati laa aku. For me & the kids lepas laa. Tak de hal makan kering-kering. For MP yang problem sikit sebab dia tak reti makan nasi dengan lauk je. Dia mesti kena ada kuah. MP suruh I order apa-apa je , coz dia tak reti......Nasib laa he's on holiday mood kalau kat KL ni,,,,,,Menanah telinga kena pop pet-pop pet.....hehehe! I ordered Ikan Goreng & some Beef Keema.

Also ordered a platter of Beef + Chicken Kebab & Grilled Prawns. The grilled tomatoes was delicious and super sweet!

Hahaha.....tengok laa expression muka MP......perhaps dalam hati he was saying something like "macam mana nak makan ni".....hehehe!

After our late lunch , MP took Ashel shopping while me & Yna went shopping separate ways.

We got back to the hotel first.......MP dengan Ashel belum balik bilik lagi. Amboi , lagi sakan anak & bapak menyopping!

Around 6pm , I took the kids for a swim.

6pm in Bangkok will be 7pm in KL. Living on the same continent , naturally dah nak gelap lah kat sini. Lampu pun dah dibuka around the pool. We got a spot at the pool gazebo to stash our belongings.

This is around the poolside cafe area. This time I managed to spend some time in the sauna by myself.

Mexican inspired decor around the pool with vibrant colours.....I like it.

A metal garden arch upon entering the pool.....

It was a refreshing way to end our long day today. The kids were in the pool , me in the sauna while MP took his power nap in the room.

Dah nampak bulan......time to head back to the room. Malam nanti nak keluar shopping lagi...wah!

Yup! That's what we did......we went out on a shopping spree again later at night........esok dah nak balik,,,,,,counter check shopping list,,,,,gifts for my 2 nephews dah beli. Untuk my SIL Yatie dah beli. Tinggal ole-ole untuk my close friends , my dad , my mom & my brother yang belum dibeli. Kalau tak sempat beli malam ni , esok masih ada....hehehe!


  1. wah..bnyk tempat2 menarik yg cikgu pegi ye..saya haritu ke bangkok pn sbb urusan kerja dgn Tourism..klau x, hari2 berjalan.. :)

  2. tau i nk nangis time smpai kt Chao Phraya nye station, saja naik tren ke station situ sbb tau xsempat nk boat ride. maklum la sungai tu femes so bile nmpak ngan mata sdr so whoahh hihih.. dh la waktu mlm.. santek, busuk dan ala2 seram pon ade.. ade skalik i pg dgn my sis mmg xtau la scam ke ape tp kedai thai silk yg kitorg pg tuh mmg reasonable at least to us and i jeles gile baca entry nih sbb i kalu g sana mmg soping aje la keje.. hishhh i tgh confinement nih.. xsabo okeh nk g BKK hahahhaa

  3. I luv thai hospitality... :-) went north thailand backpacking alone and hv no prob at all... felt like going back to my root... maklum la got a trace of siam blood running in me.. dun worry abt ppl questioning ur solat.. i pun magrib2 masuk wat siam thai massat... bukannya tak boleh jamak solat...

    D swimming pool deco tu macam dulang kenduri kawin kan?? ur MP looked ceria... also the whole family

    Not sure if you got my msg on fb - rima x acct.. anyway i got the stuff already...

  4. seronok nyer tgk percutiaan akak n family kali nih... view sepanjang sungai Chao Phraya tuh pun nice jugak yek...
    suke tgk muke hepi anak2 akak juga mp...

  5. rima....

    just ignore those people...jgn disebabkan org busuk hati ni...u tak update your bolg..and i didnt get to read it......hehe...