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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Long Overdue Bangkok Post : Day 4

Last day in Bangkok city.

We didn't not have breakfast at the hotel this morning simply because we know that it's gonna be the same food for us. We needed to do some last minute shopping anyway , so we headed to Indra Square again to have some light breakfast. We decided to eat at Black Canyon Coffee. I had Hot Chocolate with some crackers. The kids & MP had sandwiches.

Then I just need to change some money again. Yna wanted to change her angpow that she got from her Uncle Chong in KL. She has her own last minute shopping to do.

Our first stop.....Sonny & Kate's boutique. Bought some clothing for Yna as she loves the gothic punk collection that's in the boutique.

Fast forward.....more shopping done.....more packing to do.......

Our last stop after all the shopping's done.....the driving range on the 18th floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel!

Having some drinks and the moment Ashel saw the golf balls......he wanted to play with them. It's a great place to relax & chill while having some light snacks even if you're not hitting on the balls!

Yna followed MP to go and select the appropriate golf clubs.

I went around the driving range for some photos.

MP plays golf but only for business purposes. He'll travel to golf courses around the country and overseas with his business colleagues. He's not a serious golf player , just occasionally.

Time for Papa to show his lil'boy to hit those white balls.

Just look at my son.....he wouldn't wanna let go of the club!

And Papito on the other hand , wouldn't wanna let go of his cigarettes!

Ashel in action......Since he was 2+ , he loves watching golf tournaments on TV. Now he play golf games on the iPod & Tab.....He'll go nuts in golf stores and we'll have a hard time pulling him out of the shop. The other day he was asking me to buy him a toy golf set in green which I declined coz I've bought him a red toy golf set! Tapi tak sampai hati pulak , alah.....tak mahal pun golf set mainan tu....I told him that I'll get him the green golf set next week.......biar Ashel belajar tunggu sikit :-)

OK,,,,,done putting the golf balls into thin air......

Time to snack on some finger food. Ordered 2 servings of fish fingers for the kids.

We're checking out in a while. Heading up to pack what's not being packed yet!

Owh! Masa kitaorang kat situ , ada production TV Thai buat shooting,,,,,,artis Thai tu siap menari-nari lagi kat driving range. Well , not much difference from our style of shooting a TV mag.

Checking out time.......

Few shots around the lobby......

........waiting for our taxi to take us to the airport.....

That's another Baiyoke hotel chain.....Baiyoke Suite.

Tour operators & a 24 hours convenient store , both on lobby floor.

Local fruit galore! A fruit bar , also on lobby floor.

Now , one pic with Baiyoke Sky Hotel before we leave :-)

Taxi driver's nearby......

.....and Mr Som Phong is here.....

Nasib baik jalan tak jam , within 30 minutes dah sampai airport.

Hahhhh.......the end of our short vacation. Time to head home now.

Our flight's at 7:50pm and we were at the airport around 4:30pm. Check-in counter still not open yet. We loitered around the airport......and waited.

Checked in and now Thai Immigration Check Point.

We then headed to the halal restaurants area to have our late lunch. I had Korean & Middle Eastern , Yna & Ashel had Western & MP had .....hmmmm.....lupa lah dia makan apa....

Sementara tunggu flight , layan Ashel main-main kat play area ni.....

On board , going back to KL......makan makan lagi....sambil tu layan filem Bini-Bini Ku Gangster.

Holiday's over......Alhamdulillah , selamat pulang ke tanah air yang tercinta.....wah!

Dari KLIA ke Bukit Antarabangsa naik airport taxi , dalam RM130+.

Going home.....tak sabar nak tidur kat katil sendiri! Before midnight local time , we were home. Syukur sebab tak de insiden-insiden yang tak diingini terjadi semasa kat luar negara.

Actually I was a bit scared before we flew off to Thailand. Weeks earlier before pergi Bangkok , ada news kat TV pasal kes Iranian being involved in a bomb attack yang ditujukan untuk orang Israel and what not. As a result few countries keluarkan travel alert to their citizen suruh jangan pergi Thailand. I took the step in emailing our Malaysian Embassy kat Bangkok asking for current situation and was being asked to give my travel details & etc to them.

Tu satu bab.....lagi satu bab , am so scared of Yna & Ashel's safety. Takut kes culik-culik budak kat sana. Phobia sangat dengan child trafficking. So many cases and stories and movies on TV lately. I constantly reminded Yna to stay close to me and don't ever get out of my sight.

Semalam , March 17th.....had a talk with Yna about my fears on child trafficking. One night , I did watch a telemovie on TV "Satu Malam Perawan" about girls being kidnapped and being forced into prostitution. Recently the nation was being shocked by the tragic death of a 5 year old girl , Daring in Johore. Ya Tuhan.....Yna's growing up and she has the urge of going here and there with friends but most of her outing requests were being denied by me & MP. We wanted Yna to fully understand why we made such decisions and let her think for herself if it is appropriate for parents to ask a 5 year old to go out of the house and buy groceries. Yna agreed that it was not a wise call for any parents to make. I'm glad that Yna understood why I stopped her from several of her outing requests. I love her. I love my son.

I even told Yna of my personal experience when I was a teenager. First time MP heard the story too. After SPM I took a ticketing & tour management course and while I was attending classes I got to know a Chinese woman named Kristine. She was in my class and sat with me in every class. I was 17 and Kristine was in her early 30's. After 3 weeks Kristine offered me a modelling job for 2 weeks in Beijing! I was slim then *wink* and very young......I was so excited with the offer. I told my parents and they didn't let me go. I was so angry with my parents , had arguments with them , telling them that I'm not a kid anymore and I can decide things for myself! I was rebellious back then and wanted so much to take the modelling job that Kristine had offered me. Back in class , Kristine kept on asking me when can I go to China and when I told her that my parents wouldn't let me go,,,,,,she called home and spoke to my mom,,,,,trying to persuade my mom to let me go.

Syukur that He loves me.....and knocked some sense into my freaking head.......even though I was mad with my parents for not allowing me to go *in which I could have just eloped to China without telling them* but Syukur Syukur Syukur that He did not allow it to happen. He protected me and I did not make that trip to China. If I had gone , I wouldn't be in this world anymore , I guess. Now I'm very grateful to my parents for stopping me from going but most of all , I thanked Allah for showing love , sparing my life and having mercy on me.

My story shook Yna. Even MP was in full silence.....listening.

Syukur Syukur Syukur.

Next day lepas balik Bangkok,,,,,,,unpacked. Macam-macam ada dalam beg baju ni.....hehehe! Ada kereta control Ashel , ada electrical gadgets , ada kain baju , ada kasut.....memang I went there for a shopping spree. I admit.

Jade lockets that I got for myself & Yna :-)

Few t-shirts & souvenirs bought at Dream World & Madame Tussaud's.
Indulged myself with some jewelries.
Toblerone chocs jumbo ni last kopek , beli kat airport.

OK peeps,,,,,done with my Bangkok posts! Done.

A note for me : Peeps who left comments pasal si anonymous psycho tu. TQ so much , your kind thoughts is very much needed. I'm drained. TQ again. Kiss kiss.


  1. Lama tak jenguk & tinggal komen kat sini. MP nampak dah susut banyak & Ashel (bukan adik mok lagi) pun dah besar panjang. :) Seronok tgk satu family jln2 & shopping. Kisah modeling di China, that's a scary story tapi penuh pengajaran utk Yna. I love how you communicate with her. Miss u Kak! :)

  2. seronok2.... setuju ngn Ely Hasrul, akak lawo bile lps rambut mcm kt golf range tuh... nmpak lain gitu kak

    pasni blh la MP ajak ashel ajak main golf sama2...suke betul ashel ngn golf nih

  3. Lama tak jenguk ur blog, apalagi tinggalkan comment.
    Its great that u let Adriel waited for his new golf set, delay gratification is a good way to boost EQ. Moga Adriel belajar 'sabar itu separuh dari iman' :)


  4. tgk gmbr2 cuti u n terus teringn nk pg pulak...secara tk langsung tis entry can act as a guidance nk pergi bkk in d future...hehe tp one thng i realise dlm photo2 u ni how happy MP was... see the diff side of him ..he can be funny too esp with his baby boy...maybe u need lotsa cuti2 kot.. hehe