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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Song : Kesepian - SUDIRMAN

Lama cari lagu ni.....few years back cuba cari kat Youtube , 4shared.....tak de. Every time tengok filem Kami , mesti tunggu part lagu ni dimainkan. Tu pun dapat dengar melodi dia sampai part yang watak TooKoo nyanyi je. Tak dapat dengar lagu ni sampai habis. Walaupun dari dulu sampai hari ni I cuma dengar lagu ni sekerat je.....I've always told myself that this is a beautiful song. One of Sudirman's best ever love song tapi entah kenapa lagu "Kesepian" ni tidak di-promote oleh EMI sejak tahun 80'an lagi. Lagu "Pelangi Petang" lebih dipromosikan , maybe because it's the soundtrack of the movie.

Kebetulan hari ni tengok cerita Kami......terus cuba cari kat Youtube. Dah ada pun yang upload-kan clip lagu ni. Happy sangat. Baru hari ni dapat dengar lagu ni sampai habis. Siap download & convert to MP3 lagi....

Ahhh.....such a lovely song. Melancholy. Easily touched me.

Kesepian (SUDIRMAN)

Jauh ku tinggalkan
Melati ku yang tersayang
Kini ku sendiri kesepian
Di rantauan mungkin engkau jua
Merasakan rindu begini
Rindu yang menyeksa jiwa ini


Walau ku jauh janji tidak ku lupa
Pada semuanya ku kembali jua

Ku rindukan
Wajahmu dik yang tercinta
Kasih ini hanyalah untukmu


A note for me : Rindu yang teramat,,,,terubat seketika.....merindui kembali. Dear God , Izinkanlah. Amin.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Yna's Starting Early.....

So sorry,,,,,,took quite some time for me to update.

Lately I've been a little busy with the pre-production of Nova Nona's single.

Nak record 2 lagu for the girls. I yang buat lagu & lirik. Then got my friends to do the arrangements. Kena susah lah sikit , buat from scratch to produce single sendiri , kalau bawah naungan mana-mana record label.....biaya part part produksi lagu ni bolehlah record company bayar.

Ni belum lagi nak buat photography , album cover , disc printing & etc........Dulu I cuma penyanyi. Semua urusan pre & post production of an album diselenggarakan oleh my recording company , Sony Music Malaysia. Now I have to learn so many things about album production in a short period of time.

Last month dapat news yang pihak management Galaxy Ampang Shopping Centre nak tutup the whole floor of tingkat satu kat shopping centre tu. Tak tahu lah depa nak buat apa. That means we have to move out. My studio with Cikgu Siti Hajar , Studio Vocal Siti Hajar kenalah cari tempat baru to operate. Our neighbour's music studio milik Cikgu Salleh , Music Channel & Jamming Studio pun kena move jugak.

Management Galaxy ada offer space kat Ground Floor of the shopping centre untuk new venue tapi , rasa I tak sesuai laa pulak nak buat vocal studio kat tingkat bawah tu. Kat bawah tu penuh kedai-kedai urut kaki , penuh salun rambut.......hmmmm.....macam mana nak buat studio vocal or studio jamming.....

Kak Siti pulak sejak kebelakangan ni sangat-sangat busy dengan kerja hakiki dia. Dari end of last year dia dah kerja full-time dengan Puncak Niaga. Dia juga ada tugas-tugasan dengan satu NGO named GWGF , yang mengelolakan hal-hal FELDA. On top of that she's also the president of another NGO under GWGF , named PERKESAN. Semua ni under satu big boss,,,,,,owner of Puncak Niaga. Makin payah nak jumpa Kak Siti walaupun Kak Siti dah pindah nearer to my place. Bila Kak Siti ada masa baru boleh buat kerja sama-sama. In-sya'Allah by June we will be working together quite frequent.

As for me , I kenalah cuba sedaya mungkin to run our vocal studio. Do whatever I can to maintain the studio. Have to find more jobs and engage few vocal trainers to help me out with jobs.

Ni nak kena pindah studio pulak , apa pun kena tunggu Kak Siti jugak untuk dapat kata putus nak pindah studio ke mana.....Kak Siti kata dah ada tempat kat area Desa Melawati. In-sya'Allah we will be operating Studio Vocal Siti Hajar there in July. While waiting for end of June , I made a move and approached our neighbour's studio owner , Cikgu Salleh,,,,,,,to JV his music studio business with my vocal studio.

Alhamdulillah , Cikgu Salleh setuju with my proposition. So last month he moved his studio equipment to this new studio in Ukay Perdana. Actually space kat Ukay Perdana ni I yang cari tapi since Kak Siti kata dia dah ada suitable place kat Desa Melawati so I offered the space to Cikgu Salleh. Besides vocal classes , talent management , vocal oriented jobs , vocal workshops & courses.....now , my business scope dah lagi luas. We'll be having a Studio Vocal Siti Hajar branch in Ukay Perdana. Awesome!

Promo sikit aaaa kan.....huhuhu!
  • We have solo & group vocal classes at the studio for adults & kids.
  • We have dance & drama classes for kids.
  • We have our own complete PA System suitable for home & hall functions , weddings , birthdays , speeches , parties , school functions , outdoor events.
  • We have musical instruments for rental.
  • We also have our own modern & traditional line up of musicians & back-up bands.
  • We have our own line up of back-up vocalists.
  • We have basic music lessons , teaching Drums , Bass , Guitar & Piano.
  • We also do T-Shirt printing & merchandise.
  • We also have a spacious practice studio for rental suitable for dance , script reading , acting rehearsals & etc.
  • We have our own technical & production crew as well.
  • Now we've started talent management , starting with an all girl pop dance group----Nova Nona & Vocalwealth Vocalists :-)

Having a studio in Ukay Perdana , it will be much easier for Yna & friends to rehearse their dance routines as it's nearer to home.

Ni Yna and her Nova Nona member , Diana at dance class with their dance teacher , Teacher Nana.

Teacher Nana is a celebrity dance choreographer. Terbaru , dia yang choreograph dance routines for singer Alyah in Astro's MANIA.

This was last week's class at Teacher Nana's studio.

Training for a show in their tutus!

At times , they needed more practices with their dance moves & singing.......so kena-lah berlatih kat my studio pulak.

Masa ni Yna & friends were rehearsing for a birthday show at Great Eastern Mall.

This was on show day at Teacher Nana's studio.....make-up & dress-up session.

After their show @ G.E. Mall. Rambut buat African Braid.....kena spray warna gold lagi....balik kena cuci coz esok nak sekolah!

This was at my studio , after practicing for hours and hours before their show later at nite. Nova Nona rehearsed for a show at Uptown Shah Alam. Kak Siti yang suruh budak-budak ni perform kat situ.

Off to show now.....

Align Center
Ni kat lokasi show , Uptown Shah Alam. Malam tu I tak jadi jury but I had to chaperon the girls. Nova Nona were guest performer at the finals of Akademi Bakat Seni 2012. One of our students , Wan....made it to the finals. Kak Siti together with Kak Ogy were among the judges that nite.

This is Nova Nona & other kids talent at the WOW Karnival in Putrajaya last February.

It was Nova Nona's first time singing live with a live band and backed-up by a choir! They only had 2 days to practice the songs given to them before the live show. I was afraid but I had loads of confidence in Yna. I know that she can do it. Proud of her.

Briefing with Astro's production team. Astro will be producing the showcase.

After 1st sound check.

Second day of sound check and camera rehearsals. Such a big stage for a new comer like Yna. I can't be with Nova Nona on show day coz I have to work. I have to conduct the AADK's choir for a performance in Sembrong , Kluang. Pak Menteri KDN datang.....so , I have to execute the job myself.

Getting ready for rehearsals.

Nova Nona kena nyanyi the chorus of Mila's "Jika Kau Ubah Fikiran" & Stacy's "Aku Stacy". They did well singing & dancing.

Nova Nona with other kids talent yang perform at the show. Shahri AF1 , he works as an Astro's talent scout or something with Astro.....also a former student of Kak Siti.....so pusing-pusing situ jugak.

Show day , MP kena take charge along with other Nova Nona's parents. Tags for backstage access.

Hmmmm......naturally , my tag goes to Ashel!

It was an awesome experience for Nova Nona because on their first live show they got to share the same stage & showcase with living legends like M.Nasir & Ramli Sarip. Also at the show was Man Kidal , Ella , Hattan , Black , Mila , Stacy , Meet Uncle Hussien with Didi Alias as the MC. I have performed with all of them except for Mila , Stacy , Black & Meet Uncle Hussien but I had to do it in few different shows. Nova Nona was lucky to be able to do it in just one night! Sheeeshhhh! Lucky girls!

Backstage......Nova Nona got star struck.....I told Yna that all of the senior singers are my friends and at one point while asking for Didie Alias's autograph,,,,,Yna told Didie that she's my daughter and Didie said that Yna look like me when I was younger. Wohoooo.......By the way , Didie's my junior , 2 years my junior kalau tak silap. Ingat lagi , I dah sekolah menengah dah kat St Mary's and Didie sekolah kat CBN,,,,still pakai pinafore sekolah rendah lagi.

*Geram-nye I kat MP malam showcase tu....why? Coz MP tak ambil gambar Yna dengan M.Nasir & Ramli Sarip.....hiiiiish......* I tahu yang MP ni tak berapa gemar ambil-ambil gambar dengan artis-artis ni melainkan kengkawan artis yang dia kenal. So naturally dia ada 'boundary' sikit aaa....ego pun sama lah....tak kuasa dia nak terkejar-kejar artis untuk bergambar. OK fully understood. I pun ada 'ego' tu jugak. Te-ta-pi.....can't he just swallow the pride for the sake of Yna? Other Nova Nona parents , can do it for their child but not MP. Hmmmmm....tak tahu nak cakap apa I. Memang I frust sikit *sikit je laa* dengan MP malam tu. Kalau I ada , memang I tak harapkan dia pun. But I'm not there. His reason was susah......susah sebab Ashel is tagging along.........lagi laa 'my blood go up stairs'. Ambil je laa gambar Yna & Ashel with the artistes. Susah sangat kot....

Tapi takpe lah......dah prinsip MP macam tu , nak buat macam mana lagi. Salah I jugak sebab lupa nak roger-roger dengan parents lain to take pictures of the girls with those living legends :-(

FYI , my encounter with Abang Nasir started back when I first started singing. We did a TV show in RTM with his late wife Kak Nana , brother in law S. Amin Shahab , sister in law Kak Dada (twin arwah Kak Nana) & Kumpulan Kopratasa. Then Abang Nasir contributed a song titled "Kasih Ku" for my 3rd solo album. Most musicians , song writers & lyricists who worked in my 2nd & 3rd solo albums was from under Sifu M.Nasir's wings.

Also , me & his current wifey Kak Marlia attended kursus kahwin sama-sama kat Bangsar. I was invited to their wedding in August & September 2000 but I can't go because I was busy preparing my own wedding mid September 2000. I later went to Abang Nasir's studio , Luncai Emas in Sungai Buloh after my wedding to send a wedding present personally to him :-)

As for Abang Ramli pulak.....dulu.....dulu.....I ada ikut a konsert & road tour kempen anti cetak rompak around Malaysia with Abang Ramli , my first duet partner Hattan , Ito & Blues Gang and few others.

As for Abang Man Kidal pulak......selain I minat dengan Lefthanded , last year he sent a singer that he's producing to our studio for vocal lessons. Met him couple of times. A very soft spoken man.....and his wifey jual biskut tart nenas tapi doh tart tu is made from labu! Arrrggghhhh....sedap!

The girls making their autographs rounds. Only if Hattan knew that Yna's my daughter....hehehe! We have a story....Pass!

Dengan artis yang baru-baru , nak pulak MP ambilkan gambar but not with the senior artistes. Tapi tension je Yna bila MP ambil photo.....mesti go----yang! Huhuhu!

Well , although Yna's following my footsteps to be in the entertainment industry , I will make sure that she fills her days as a normal kid. I do not want her to be big headed. I've been a child star and I think that I'm the best person to guide her with her new found career. It's at a very early stage still. Lots of things to do. I'm not putting high hopes for her to succeed in showbiz. I want her to excel in her education and have a career out of showbiz. In short , have a secure career.

Showbiz in Malaysia tak jamin kan apa-apa. Those celebs can say whatever they want or even disagree with me but I know first hand that you can't sustain forever as an orang seni yang 'berduit' in Malaysia. Kerja seni kat Malaysia ni pasang surut. Time popular , time orang suka,,,,adalah job , poket penuh. Time orang dah tak ingat , time dah suam-suam kuku ,,,,,nak dapat job pun perit.....kadang kering terus duit dalam poket. Sehebat Siti Nurhaliza pun , ada title....husband pun ada kerja.....but after some time in showbiz.....she had to turn to business jugak to secure her future financially.

Am not gonna force Yna to be in the industry forever. To me it's more of for the fun of it & to gain experience in showbiz. She & Nova Nona graduated from Linda Jasmine Performing Arts Studio in Kids Hip-Hop dance course in 2010.....so I thought why not put some use to their passion for dance. If Yna make it , great. If she doesn't , fine. No big deal. Cukup kalau selepas setahun dua dalam industri , Yna come to me and said that she has had enough,,,,,,OK then. Sekurang-kurangnya , I dah beri dia rasa. Kalau nanti Yna pilih career lain , go ahead. I will not stop her. The choice is always hers.

Like other kids , I allowed Yna's friends to follow her home. They stay overnight and do their homework together and.....Ya.....Yna can practice cooking for her friends too. The other day , I guided Yna & her best friend Aida in the kitchen. Taught them to make a simple delicious pasta.

On another day.....out for a movie marathon with her buddy Diana with Ashel tagging along , of course...hehehe! When I got involved in the entertainment industry , I had to sacrifice most of my teenage life. I skipped loads of fun & moments being a teenager. Using my experiences as a guideline , In-sya'Allah , I'll try to balance things out with Yna. In-sya'Allah.

Hopefully Nova Nona boleh masuk studio to record their 1st single by end of May. Tunggu! *wink*

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ke Suwarno Lagi.....

This was last week. Dunno why dok teringat-ingat kat Sate Kambing Suwarno ni....hehehe! Nak ajak siapa pergi Kampung Baru. Seram nak ajak MP but ahhhhhh.......try my luck lah! That very day MP had some free time and Yna pulak kena stay back in school till 4:30pm. So , I thought lepas Zohor boleh laa stunt ke Kampung Baru kejap for lunch. Suwarno pulak pukul 2:30pm baru open for business. I berani-kan diri and asked him if we could go to Suwarno for lunch............lariiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!

YAY! Berjaya! Berjaya! Berjaya jugak datang makan kat sini lagi. My muka kesian managed to lembutkan MP to agree to come here.....hehehe! On a normal day , trust me......he won't. But we went there quite late jugak , lepas ambil Yna dari sekolah baru pergi Kampung Baru. Takut jugak I kot time-time after office tu jem ke jalan menuju bandar but Alhamdulillah , jalan OK. Balik tak de masalah sangat sebab keluar je dari Pintu Gerbang Kampung Baru , turn left.....terus boleh naik AKLEH , straight to Hulu Kelang.

Gambar food kat sini selalu I post , so this time you'll get to see Warung Suwarno. Simple place. They only serve Sate Kambing , Bakso , Soto & Mee Jawa. Oh! Ada Gule Kambing (Gulai Kambing) kalau tak silap.

Food we ordered. What I love about eating here is the simplicity in the preparation of the food. Simple yet sedap. The Sate Kambing was just plain mutton grilled using charcoal , so it takes longer time to cook before it gets to your table. Worth the wait. I love the Bakso soup. It's a clear soup with bits of beef & tetel......no rempah-rempah....arrgggghhhh! Slurp.

I ordered 20 cucuk sate kambing , Yna ate 1 cucuk & I ate 12 cucuk.....all by myself! 7 cucuk lagi , tapau. MP can't take it coz the kuah kicap cili padi was too hot for him. Bila makan kat sini , I will order 2 gelas air terus. Sebab kuah kicap tu memang pedas gila babi but delish!

As usual , we sat outside. Belakang kita ialah laluan motor , basikal & pejalan kaki. The last time Ashel datang sini masa pergi outing ke Dataran Merdeka hari tu. I bawak dia pergi ke kedai runcit *if you can see the green gas tanks* , beli drinks for him. That day we went , Ashel ingat lagi about kedai runcit tu. Dia merengek ajak I pergi kedai tu , nak suruh belikan dia air botol. If you can see on the near right of the alley , ada kedai buat songkok.

That's Warung Suwarno. It has it's followers.

Walking back to the car......

At the car park area you'll see this Minangkabau influenced abandon stage.

KLCC on the background.

Ni jalan keluar from Suwarno.....Yup! You'll encounter small small businesses on both sides of the alley.

End of the alley , turn left you'll be heading towards Pintu Gerbang Kampung Baru.

Before reaching the pintu gerbang , you'll see this flat on your left. Warung Suwarno is behind this flat.

Tu dia....Pintu Gerbang Kampung Baru....terus menuju ke jalan besar , Jalan Raja Abdullah. Turn left heading towards Jalan Sultan Ismail & AKLEH , turn right heading towards Jalan Raja Alang & General Hospital.

My dinner on the same day. A plate of what's left during lunch. Nasi separuh + 7 cucuk sate kambing + 3 biji bergedil kentang. Also accompanying my dinner , bakso kosong and my daily consumption of Polleney's Bird's Nest drink.

MP pulak tapau Mee Jawa for dinner. The kids just wanted bakso kosong.

Malam tidur,,,,,,berjawab......kepanasan,,,,,,,walaupun dalam air-cond. Smile :-)

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