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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DumbCooking : Sandwich Nite

My baby boy , he'll be 4 end of June and still on the milk. I have no intentions for him to stop though. Yna was still on the milk till she was almost 7....I think that it's good but my in-laws thinks otherwise. I remembered that they say something like....."malu laa , dah besar hisap susu lagi..." to Yna. At one point MP was with them , wanting for Yna to stop taking her milk but I refused to compromise. I don't have to be a doctor or to google for the benefits of milk , commonsense told me that milk's good for everyone. Sishhhhhh! What were they thinking implementing the idea to a child, I seriously have no idea!

Now , after seeing loads of advertisements on TV about the wonders of milk for child's brain & growth developments , MP's OK with Ashel being on the milk....

MP himself is drinking more full cream milk in which he dislikes before. As for me , I'll drink sekotak Anlene Concentrate daily. I even managed to persuade MP to take the same calcium supplement like the one I'm taking daily. It was recommended by my dear Dr A since after I gave birth to Ashel. Dr A said that it's good for me :-)

Well-----done with the milky story , now on to some food for dinner!

Am making Steak Sandwich for dinner on one of the nights. A simple salt & pepper dry rub on both sides of the steaks.

Sear the steaks with just a little bit of EVOO. Let it cook as you like. I let 1 steak cooked till it's well done and the other cooked till it's almost well done. Let it cool for a while before slicing it.

I also sauteed 2 large red onions with butter , salt & pepper for a simple topping,,,,,let it caramelized.

Then I made an easy Honey Mustard spread using mayonnaise + mustard + honey + pepper.

Time to assemble the sandwich....some honey mustard spread on the bread , then arrange the beef slices as you wish. Well done slices for MP & almost well done for me......you can see that it's slightly pinkish in the middle.

Topped the steak sandwich with some caramelized onions. I added some butterhead lettuce for my sandwich and none for MP. Dia tak suka sayur :-(

There you go , my steak sandwich for dinner. For the kids , just some honey mustard spread & beef slices.

On another nite , I made Chicken Ham Sandwich.

Sebelum tu.........kita minum dulu!

Kali ni just a butter & mayo spread - some cheese slices & butterhead lettuce....

2 layers of thickly cut chicken ham....

And finally,,,,,dinner is served.

Happy Labour Day to all. May Day! May Day!

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. salam kak rima.. my kids now 6yrs old still minum susu dlm botol, susu sampai besar pun kena minumkan :D anw thanks for the simple recipe that u share here.. suka!! sangat2 suka... menpercepatkan proses didapur hihihi...

  2. sgt simple menu dinner akak... tp msti sedap..

    *dana dh try dh Mustafa jones buger... sedap kak...

  3. Salam Rima. lama tak comment. Ni nak komen pasai susu. Anak kak yati minum susu dengan botol sampai tahun 3. my mak mertua tak benarkan berhenti botol sebab kalau berhenti dia orang akan sekali berhenti minum susu. Benar sekali, bila berhenti botol, dia orang pun berhenti minum susu.Oleh itu, biarlah dia minum sampai dia sendiri nak berhenti.Apa nak dimalukan.

  4. Menyampahkn nosy ppl ni sampai anak menyusu pn nk jd isu...

    btw, ur sandwich tu to me too much la sampai kene masak2 heavy mcm tu.. I punye sandwich all the lazy type one..hehe.. kalau mcm u punye tu baik I terus masak nasi je makan dgn nasi..

  5. kalu menu cam gini yg selalu masaknye papi haha.. sedapnye onions tuh.. ermm my niece now standard 6 masih minum susu, nephew pong sama, kite yg beso nih pon minum susu ape lagik la budak kecik haishhh