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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ada Nok Suka & Ada Nok Sik Suka....Sikda Hal Bah...

I received many feed backs via FB & also on this blog about my "Randy" for Nova Nona. Biasa lah...ada yang suka , ada yang tak berkenan dengan music retro , ada yang even kata lagu Randy tu macam lagu sarkis! Wow! These people must be composer-composer lagu hebat di Malaya to deliver criticism of such. Their words show no mercy to humankind at all. Kalau these bunch of people yang jadi jury reality shows , masak contestants......huhuhu! Takut....hmmm....takut-lah sangat....dowhh! (ala-ala Boboi)

I told myself , tak pe lah.....I can't pleased every soul , can I? Am still learning on how to write music & how to arrange music. Am still learning how to be a music producer & still learning about studio work , a job in which many artistes or singers or women out there have no clue of. Am staying positive , focusing in what I do and believe.

Along the way , I'm prepared with all the consequences. Pasti ada yang support , pasti ada yang totally tak support dan pasti juga ada yang suka tapi tak mahu tunjuk support (group nok tok nang ramei bah) *wink* , it's OK. Mek juak bukan malaikat , bulaklah mun sik ada ngutuk orang hoh...Nama pun manusia.....am no difference....

As a human being , I have feelings....I have a heart and I do feel hurt at certain remarks.Whatever it is , I'll try my very best everyday not to hurt anyone with my actions or with what I say. Kinda sad when there are others who speaks trash about you and not feel any guilt. Oh well , they're born that way......poor thing.

Alhamdulillah , He loves me and He granted me with this heart , this patience , this persona and this soul. A good one , I can say. Thank You Ya Tuhan. Like you , there are times when I feel happy and there are times when I feel blue. In any state of feelings that I'm in , He knows that I'll always turn to Him and not others. When I'm gay , I'll thank Him & show gratitude. When I'm down , I'll ask Him for His blessings. I minta dari Dia & hanya perlu doa pada Dia. Tak perlu fikir pasal apa orang nak kata. Yang penting is my inner peace. I hanya perlu mencuba yang terbaik. Apa juga yang datang , I terima....I akan lalui sebab rezeki , kejayaan & segalanya datang dari Dia Yang Maha. Allah knows best.

As for Yna & Nova Nona.....popular ke tak,,,,,tak jadi hal. Orang nak ketawakan ke.... nak kata I ni berangan bagus ke....nak kata apa sekali pun , kata-lah jika itu yang boleh membuat si jiwa-jiwa kacau di luar sana bahagia. Kitak bahgia ngan cara kitak....mek bahgia ngan cara mek. Yang I tahu , Yna & Nova Nona are having fun and experiencing new things in their young life. Pengalaman yang tak semua anak-anak remaja dapat rasa. They're adding more colours into their life. For example , they've been in a recording studio when many girls their age *or even many adults* have not been into one. They've experienced how to do a recording process when many kids *and most adults* have not. Kinda like what's offered at KidZania laa.....nak kasi budak-budak experience kerja orang tua. Bezanya , Yna & Nova Nona dapat experience kerjaya yang real....dan bukan olok-olok *wink*.

Their time to be involved in the industry is still very far ahead *if they choose to be in the entertainment industry later on* but for now their time is quite limited as they are still schooling. Me , MP & Nova Nona's parents are taking things slow......participate mana yang termampu je...bukan nak promote the girls sampai gila-gila pun.

Am done for today....felt better.

A note for me : Sing...."Kosong...kosong......."

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. huishh i xdpt nk run lagu tuh, so xdapek la nk dgr ... baca org komen2 nih mbuat kn i nk try donlod lagu nih hishhh

  2. biarkanlah cikgu. mereka berhak mengatakan apa sahaja. klau mereka boleh berkata itu ini, cuba try test jd komposer tgk cmne. bkn senang tau. xpe cikgu, ape yg baik kita ambil. yg buruk kita jadikan sempadan. bersabarlah..i know u're a strong person! will always support u!

  3. biasa la tu manusia mem....take it with open mind...maybe bad reviews sometimes good for future improvement...sometimes as a new group, bila baru keluar mesti tgh tercari cari genre yg sesuai dengan suara ...its good that you listen to others comments..but jgn sampai u jadi negatif...all the best....to you and the girls

  4. dear sis, maybe you should rope in professional composers...maybe....

  5. di saat anak2 Cina berlumba2 belajar nak jadi tokey..anak2 Melayu berangan nak jadi penyanyi..mmmm.dah abis belajar nanti barulah jadi penyanyi dik..banyak dah contoh budak sekolah yang kemaruk nak jadi penyanyi ,pelajaran nya ke laut..jangan marah dik..ini cuma nasihat dari abang je..peace

  6. Noah Belan's comments should be ignored - because they are very shallow, ignorant comments. Schooling stops but education is a lifelong thing. To live a life that's full, we must develop interests other than study. Music is a rich learning experience. Music is life. It teaches us about life and about the aspect of being human and having feelings. It's a study by itself. You are a great mum and doing a wonderful thing for your daughter. These experiences can never be bought and we can never turn back the hands of time. By giving your daughter this experience, you have taught her freedom of choice, freedom of expression, discipline and opened up a whole new world to her. I know what it's like when troublemakers and nosey people gossip and criticise. My mother and sister were unfortunately these kind of people. I was into music in a very big way when I grew up in Malaysia. I formed one band in my mid teens and joined a professional band at 17. But sadly, I was punished for it and my parents banned me from continuing with the band. I live my life now wondering what might've happened...etc. my whole life has been a string of careers as a result of not being able to chase my dream of being in the music business. And my mother, after years since she went crazy and shouted and banned me from continuing with the professional band, called me a rolling stone because I changed jobs so often. Your daughter is lucky that she has a stable and smart mother who is strong enough to ignore the small talk and small mindedness out there. At the end of the day, God gave us life and he gave us individual talents and we should make the most of it. Nobody says your daughter can't concentrate on school studies and music at the same time! Keep up the good work, I'm loving your blog :)

  7. TQ for sharing bits of your life story with me Kate. Not easy for one to admit that our own family members are the ones being very nosey & critical & letting us down all the time. Good to know that there are someone out there *and far away* who feel you :-) Thank you again Kate , you've certainly made my day. Cheers from KL!
    Love , Rima.