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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Before I Rest My Case........


Those Youtube girls wrote & composed amateur songs with un-sync & meaningless lyrics when they first started. No one look upon them then. Some laugh their heads off. When their names hits mainstream , wahhhh......many praised them. So , why should I even bother with what you ought to think. Having or singing songs from professional composers doesn't promise you success in this industry. Hilarious song about a woman with a set of protruding teeth can be made famous if you support the airplay. Senseless. I have a song by M.Nasir in my album but listeners chose a song by Siso to get me noticed. So crap with it. I started young and I finished school. I speak good Malay & I speak fair English. I can write in both languages. Do you? Or....can you? I have nothing to be ashamed of by being a child star. Anak Melayu or anak Cina , I have both blood running in my veins. I have the brains and I gained loads of life experiences with what I've done.....and I owe all that to my parents by having an open mind , thinking ahead and opening the door to me. They showed me the other side of life. I'd be a doomed and a gloomy person sitting behind the computer eager to find other peoples fault to critic if I ever had parents who thinks like you,,,,,people who think they know everything but in the real life they're such a big L on the forehead. Only because 'you are a frog under a coconut shell' *Oh My English.....so sue me for the direct translation....huhuhu!* , you don't know how many local Chinese child stars out there in the Malaysian Chinese entertainment market. So please , spare me the anak Chinese berjaya & anak Melayu mundur debate. Hell with what you say dude. Don't over step the border and respect others , my friends. What you say to others *even if you do not know them* , you will get back. In double. You can never run from adjudication. I don't look upon what you do but He does....all the time. Look at what you've achieved before looking down on others. Look at your own kids and stop worrying about mine. Do learn to have mercy and be nice to others. It won't cost you a thing. You'll gain more. Anyway , you don't own me. Moving on. Kapish!

Happy with my job now. Vocal teaching expands my musical creativity. These pics were taken in March 2012 at Auditorium D8 Kementerian Dalam Negeri in conjunction with Agensi Anti-Dadah Kebangsaan's Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang event. I officially conducted the AADK's Choir for the entire event with songs like Negaraku , Perkhidmatan Awam , Satu Malaysia , Beribu Sesalan (by 3 Suara) & Terukir Di Bintang (by Yuna). *Hela nafas lega*

Now , I rest my case.

A note for me : Buleh kah kitak molah nya?

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. Hi Kak Rima - I'm a silent reader of yours all this while. I like reading your blog for its wealth of information (especially on food places hehe - cos we live in the same area) and also because of your positivity and the `out of the box way' you're raising your kids who are delightful btw and a host of other reasons..I may not agree with all of your views but that's life huh? Anyway, the reason why I terpanggil to finally comment is because I can sense your pain at the few heartless comments on your song and daughter's stint at singing and just want to show my support. You hit the nail on the head about all these comparisons between anak melayu and anak cina. Most `anak cina' I know are sent to some sort of activity that has to do with the arts which are outside of academia like piano, violin, ballet, dancing or even painting. Why? many reasons - because it promotes left brain right brain development, they value and have an appreciation for the arts and adelah yg ckp if they cant get any other job they can teach. As far as anak melayu pulak, I have a few cousins who took up dancing and piano when they were Yana's age and even appeared on tv shows as dancers and they went on to study and graduate as doctors and lawyers. Thats not to say that going into the entertainment industry should be a last resort option-who rules the world now? yeah people involved in the arts, people who create - Jay Z, Bono (he's fighting world poverty), Oprah, Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber (yeah discovered on youtube)and so many others - like this kpop movement and all those korean dramas I think- which have helped Korean tourism industry loads with lotsa of malaysians flying over there. So in short - Kak Rima - power to you.

  2. Hi there sista....TQ for reading this humble blog of mine. I write from my heart and from what I feel. Nobody influenced me but myself. Like you said our views may be different but still it's not a reason for us to be disrespectful to each other. TQ for the support , much appreciated. You've made my day :-)