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Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Is Our Merdeka Song?

August is coming and I have a duty to start listening to various patriotic songs , to prepare myself......mana tahu ada request dari group-group choir yang me & my team ajar,,,,kalau-kalau nak kena nyanyi lagu patriotic during their perhimpunan bulanan or any of their Merdeka functions.

At the wee hours *sambil layan the Olympic Games on TV* , I take a listen at our new Merdeka song. Katanya Mr Rais wrote the lyrics. To me it smells more towards politics rather than emphasizing the Merdeka spirit in the song. The song kept reminding us about what the government had given us and now we must keep our promises.....hmmmm.......what promises have we made? Owh,,,,,,promise to vote the government back is it? Oooooo......in other words , they give and we must pay back laaa.....I see.....Again? This is a Merdeka song , si? Lirik bulan ada , matahari ada , BR1M ada , TR1M ada , even Kedai 1 Malaysia pun ada but not a word of Merdeka in it.....My bad if I understood the song wrongly.

Then........I found a link to the song below. I don't know the title of the song but the song has similarity to the our Merdeka song. Even the key *nada lagu* was being arranged in the same key as in the original song. Cuma tempo lagu Merdeka 'kita' diperlahankan dikit jak. It was said that the song below originates from Indonesia , a song sang by a group of Christian worshipers praising the Lord. Sik ada hal lah mun nya lagu apa tek , mun menar nya meniru lagu orang lain......aiii sik bagus bah.

The power is in our hands.......if we feel that the new Merdeka song will be a disgrace to us in the future when the world know that it's a work of plagiarism *since source of information is just at the tip of your finger* , so we shall speak up.

Owh! Well , If you asked me,,,,,,,DJ Fuzz & Altimet's "BANGKIT" has better message to lift up the Merdeka spirit. A much needed spirit , especially for the younger generations to absorb.

Same case with our 55th Merdeka logo..........the people has spoken through various platforms to address disagreement on the design of the logo. Whatever the explanation given by Rais or the officials , the public can clearly see that the said logo has everything to do with the up and coming GE. Finally the government has decided that to replace the 55th National Day celebration logo with the standard 1 Malaysia logo after a week of public outcry.

As a Malaysian I've always loved this PSA (Public Service Announcement) video, "UNDILAH". Many familiar faces and MP's from both government & opposition parties participated in the making of this clip. Too bad it was being banned for TV. Leave aside political views , I simply like the composition of the song. Kapish!

********** Tak larat , dah pukul 4:30am. Nak kejut Yna for sahur. Sambung esok. **********

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Friday, July 27, 2012

New Studio

A quick update on the new studio......

Baru selesai angkat barang dari studio lama & mengecat & atur-atur barang yang penting-penting kat studio baru.......agent property yang menguruskan hal-hal unit studio ni datang bawak buyer tengok the studio unit. Mengarok kejap MP kat agent tu. MP kata kat dia , if unit owner ada intention nak jual the unit , why open the unit for rental in the first place.

Plan-nya memang nak buat partition , nak cat studio ala-ala retro lah & etc tapi bila agent buat macam tu , terbantut semua plan. Ishhhh.......

Entahlah sampai bila pulak dapat stay kat sini. Kalau sebelum mula sewa unit ni we were told about the owner nak jual unit ni.....we would not have rented this unit.

Rasa terkilan tu ada lah sikit sebab owner & agent tak telus , tapi tak pe lah....will go with the flow. Que Sera Sera. Bising-bising pun tak guna. Kalau nanti sampai masa kena pindah......kita pindah lah. Nak buat macam mana. Dah harta orang , bukannya harta kita.

MP & Cikgu Salleh giving a helping hand at the studio.

Our new location.

* Vocal Classes
(i) Solo Class - 1 student in a class.
(ii) Group Class - more than 1 student in a class (macam vokal kelas dalam Akademi Fantasia)

* Music Lessons
(i) Currently we have Guitar / Bass Guitar / Drum lessons.
(ii) Basic Keyboard & Piano lessons starts after Raya.

* PA System for Indoor & Outdoor : home & hall events , home & hall weddings , school functions , sports day , small parties & gatherings.

* Karaoke System : with over 5,000 songs.

Our services at Studio Vocal Siti Hajar.

One happy kid at the studio........

A note for me : My easy way of looking at this mishap......He has better plans for me. He must have *wink*.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

July July July 2012

Hola! On to my July updates. Sibuk sikit before Ramadhan comes. Kalau boleh tak nak buat kelas during Ramadhan tapi ada permintaan dari students untuk buat kelas siang.....OK-lah buat jugak tapi I tetapkan semua kelas kena habis by 4pm.

This was early July......makan-makan kat Mango Chili , Wangsa Walk. One of my favourite place to eat in Wangsa Walk. MP tak berapa suka , dia kata tak de benda nak makan kat sini....hehehe! Thai food is not his taste.....dia cuma suka green curry tapi kat sini the green curry is hot,,,,even for me. I suka makan set nasi & ayam goreng kat sini. Chicken fried to perfection. Yna pun suka. My favourite drink would be the Thai Pandan Tea. The Pandan Chicken pun OK. Hmmm....maybe one of these days boleh buat Pandan Chicken , I've done it many many many years back before I got married.....Yup! Will give it another try......bila? tak tahu.....but soon :-)

2 minggu sebelum puasa Yna & her dance mates giat berlatih untuk show Ramadhan nanti. Tiap-tiap hari ada 2 hour dance class. They have 3 shows at The Weld in Ramadhan , 30 minutes of traditional dance showcase.

Sementara Yna kat kelas tarian dia , me & the other moms pun jalan-jalan cari makan kat area dance class Yna. Walking distance from her dance studio is Restoran Dapur Sarawak. Wah! Best! Best! Best! Lama tak makan makanan Sarawak. First I ordered Sarawak's famous drink , Teh C Peng Special. Something like teh 3 layer or Iced Milk Tea kat sini. In Sarawak there's many version of preparing this drink....ada yang 4 layer & etc. Yang I biasa minum , layer bawah ada gula apong *Sarawak's version of palm sugar* , evaporated milk in the center & tea di layer atas sekali. Then I ordered a 2nd drink , dah tak ingat nama air apa , tapi berlayer jugak lah...siap ada fruit cocktail in it....

Makanan nya nang nyaman gilak mun kitak suka Sarawak food lah.....I had rice with Umai Udang , Umai Ikan & Ayam Pansuh! Best bah! For those yang tak tahu , Umai is a dish eaten raw , tak perlu dimasak menggunakan api tapi seafood yang digunakan hanya diperap dengan menggunakan jus Asam Paya or Buah Kelubi to us here in Semenanjung. Banyak resepi Umai on the net now and I also like Umai Obor-Obor......nyaman!

Am no stranger to these kind of raw fish dish coz my Kelantanese dad dah lama introduced-kan a traditional Kelantanese dish called Lawar.......sama juak cara polah Umai cuma sik lah guna asam paya , guna asam limau nipis jak. Umai selalunya guna ikan tenggiri tapi Lawar guna Ikan Tamban. My dad selalunya hiris ikan tamban tu nipis-nipis dan perapkan dengan jus limau nipis. Then letak kacang panjang , bawang merah , cili padi , bunga kantan & daun kesum yang diricik halus. Add some salt & sugar to taste. Sedap sangat!

As for another Sarawakian dish Ayam Pansuh.....ni pun best. Bahan senang tapi tu lah.....nak kena bakar ayam dalam buluh macam bakar lemang laa pulak. Insya'Allah , satu hari kalau dapat berkampung kat mana-mana or balik kampung *wink* yang senang nak cari buluh....will try to cook this dish....

Masa nak bayar baru I tahu yang owner kedai ni is my actor friend Mahmud Ali Basha....pernah bekerja dengan dia in a drama series for NTV7 back in 1999 or 2000 if I'm not mistaken. Lupa pulak nama series tu tapi regular casts best-best.....besides me and Mahmud , other casts includes Sharifah Shahirah - Roy Azman - Rosyam Nor - Norlia Ghani - Zizie Ezzette. Best sangat masa shoot series ni , I'll usually go to location with either Aunty Khaty (mummy Zizie Ezzette) & Zizie or with Aunty Norlia simply because they stay near my place. Owhhhhh! Those were the days :-)

Hokey dokey.......done eating at Dapur Sarawak , time to walk back to the dance studio and see how our girls were doing.....

2 jam latihan tarian.....finally done. Tapi masih ada satu errand nak kena buat before heading home.....

Pergi cuba costume tarian kat Centre Stage......the place where all Karoot Komedia X's casts , musicians , geng dikir barat , tukang karut & dancers got their extra ordinary vibrant costumes!

Yna kena pakai baju India coz her main dance is Indian dance. The girls were shy to take pics coz costume yang depa pakai ada bra pad.....hehehe! Too big for them , the only set back about costumes kat sini,,,,,,,tak banyak children's collection so the kids will have to make do with what they have here.

Macam-macam baju & costume jewelleries & headwears ada kat sini and it's open for rental to the public as well. Selain dari baju-baju tarian , costumes pun ada. Mana tahu if you have theme parties like Arabian Nights ke , Retro ke , Bollywood Nite ke , nak baju jepun ke , nak baju silat ke , baju samurai ke , nak evening gaun yang bling-bling....basically semua ada,,,,boleh je sewa costumes kat Centre Stage ni.

Akhirnya costume fitting done.....Tarian 1 Malaysia...

Dalam kesibukan mengajar , sempat curi-curi masa kemas studio sikit-sikit.

Satu hari tu masa nak ke Kementerian Pertanian & Industri Asas Tani di Putrajaya untuk mengajar koir , me & my team nak beli mineral water. Cari 7/11 kot-kot ada kat area tu tapi tak nampak yang terdekat. Seberang jalan dari Wisma Tani tu ternampak pulak Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia. Selalu tengok kat TV pasal KR1M ni tapi tak pernah pergi. So we gave it a shot. Macam-macam barang runcit yang berlabel KR1M ada kat kedai ni. Apapun most of us dah ada brand yang kita suka and to switch to KR1M brand will have to be the choice of the people. Unless di semua mini market or supermarket or hypermarket kat Malaysia ni dah tak de brand-brand lain yang dijual , they we Malaysian will have no choice but to buy the KR1M products. I ended buying mineral water , 2 cans of sardine & sabun cuci pinggan brand KR1M. Dah cuba masak sardin 1 Malaysia. OK jugak. Dah sardine in tomato sauce je pun,,,,,brand apa pun tetap sardine jugak kan....cuma sos sardine tu tak pekat macam sardine cap ayam :-)

On another day *a Wednesday*,,,,,,pergi studio UK , kemas-kemas lagi. Since it was a Wednesday , kat area studio tu ada Pasar Malam. Apa lagi.....singgah cari makan. Then on another Wednesday , on my way back from Putrajaya.....singgah Pasar Malam Taman Dagang. Ternampak kuih Peria.......lama tak tengok kuih ni. The last time I saw & ate this kuih was when I was 11!

My late aunty Siti Zubaidah aka Mok Bidah to me *my dad's elder sister*, dia memang buat kuih everyday untuk dijual. She makes delicious kuih Melayu. Buat biskut-biskut raya lama pun sedap especially her Semprit. A fantastic cook too. She's very fussy when it comes to cooking. Kalau tak cukup bahan , baik tak payah buat. She only uses fine ingredients and the best quality ones. Kuih Peria inti kelapa ni adalah antara kuih arwah Mok Bidah yang I suka. Ingat lagi waktu dulu ada hari bila my dad singgah ke rumah kakak dia masa kat Taiping selalunya lepas ambil I dari sekolah. Tiap-tiap kali datang waktu tengah hari , my aunty mesti tengah sibuk buat kuih. Goreng karipap lah , goreng kuih gelang or kuih keria , tengah buat cucur badak & etc. I also remembered helping my aunty untuk buat garis-garis halus kat badan kuih Peria guna garfu......

So the other day when I saw this kuih kat gerai Kelantan yang jual nasi kerabu & makanan Kelantan,,,,,,terus I beli. Tapi bila makan....inti dia kacang hijau macam kuih Ang Koo. Tak berapa best aaa....coz I suka inti kelapa and it has to be sweet! Mulanya ingat nak hantar sikit kuih ni kat rumah my dad tapi takut my dad sebak pulak tengok kuih ni coz he will definitely remember his lovely Kak Nik :-)

Biscuits & Chocolate bar from IKEA. A gift from one of my blog reader. She's been reading my blog for so long , since BBB rasanya and finally after years being a virtual friend,,,,,I got to meet her in person. Met her 3 times already this month. Finally setelah bertahun-tahun nak berjumpa untuk makan satay kambing kat Suwarno , Alhamdulillah.....dapat juga bawa dia jamah satay kambing Suwarno yang pedas berapi tu sebelum Ramadhan....hehehe! Now I can call her my friend and hope we'll stay friends selagi Dia izinkan :-)

Yna having a taste of the Swedish cookies.

Kerja sebelum Ramadhan tiba......

Hahhhhhhh! Selamat post sampai 20th July. Esok will update my Ramadhan posts pulak......Dah 6 hari puasa dah ni.......have to write super fast! Later peeps.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

May May May 2012

Hari ni I'm updating my May happenings. Next post Insya'Allah part of my July happenings plus Ramadhan happenings. Uwaaaaaa.......boleh ke? Will try , try , try. Ni dah 2nd day puasa.....then raya....and before you know it , it will be the new year....and I'll be 41! OMG! So fast dowh!

Apapun , am living life to the fullest regardless apa orang kata. I'll lead my life , my way on planet earth. You lead yours. Mudah sangat. That way......you will be at peace & I will be at peace. You will be happy & I will be happy too. I have married Muslim friends who's still going out clubbing.....and drinking.....and partying like there's no tomorrow. Yeah, sure,,,,,I dislike their lifestyle BUT I'm just gonna stick to my business. Some may say , I'm wrong for not reminding them.......well , would you? How? Will you go and tell them straight to their faces? Or I believe you would but by sending them surat layang...or sending Anonymous rude comments to their blogs....or by stalking their FB's to see what they're doing then take their obscene photos and embarrass your friends in any way you can think off but remaining to stay Anonymous to your dear friends , depan diaorang berlagak suci...Oh Boy! *so pathetic*......and you call that doing the right thing or doing your friend a favour to correct their morals.......to you that is better than doing nothing at all....hmmmm.....never-mind. Am not game to follow your 'unethical' way atau cara menasihat dengan membaling batu sembunyikan tangan. Keji dowh!

The best way for me *for me* would be....I'll keep on displaying what I lived up for and what I believed in. Perhaps , if anyone in my group of friends above sees my way of living and comes to like it and make positive changes.......then,,,,I've contributed some goodness into their lives. Sometimes , in order to educate or to make better changes......we don't have to be too vocal or too critical. Sometimes action speaks a thousand words by itself. In the process , no one and no heart is hurt. Isn't that beautiful? *Be the pretty flower , don't be the buzzing bee...shall we? *

This was in April...huhuhu! I was sleeping with my kids in the master bedroom that night. MP slept in Yna's room. At 3am-ish tak de letrik. I bangun sebab kepanasan. Letrik kejap-kejap ada , kejap-kejap tak de balik. Trip. Tengok luar rumah dari tingkap bilik , rumah neighbour depan semua ada letrik. Cuma I tak nampak sama ada rumah neighbour kiri kanan I ada letrik ke tidak. Takut terlupa bayar bil ke , sampai TNB potong letrik subuh-subuh ni.....nak turun bawah gelap-gelap takut pulak. Bukan apa , takut jugak kalau tektik-tektik perompak nak merompak ke apa....depa potong wayar letrik....anything is possible. Kejut-kan MP......dia turun bawah.....dia check meter letrik.....memang tak de current. Dia pun tak berani buka pintu to see if rumah neighbour sebelah-menyebelah ada letrik ke tidak. He called TNB. Dekat sejam tunggu dalam cahaya lilin , orang TNB pun sampai. Baru berani keluar rumah.

Masa keluar rumah , neighbour lat 2 buah rumah to my right , pun keluar jugak. Katanya , rumah dia pun trip & tak de current jugak. Neighbour kiri I pun sama. Lahhh....sederet 5 buah rumah tak de letrik rupanya......

Disebabkan trip current ni , Astro bilik Yna rosak. My WiFi pun rosak jugak. Neighbour I lagi teruk. Semua bulb lampu rumah dia terbakar , ada yang siap meletup lagi. Dia punya deep freezer pun rosak.

Dalam gelap subuh tu jugak , team TNB bertungkus-lumus sambungkan semula electricity to our houses. Kat luar rumah ramai neighbours berlonggok tengokkan team TNB buat kerja.

The TNB team worked non-stop since dawn till almost 9am to ensure that we get our electricity supply back. Kudos to them. According to the TNB team , diaorang kena buat report & siasatan on how this problem happened. Siasat punya siasat , akhirnya dapat tahu that the culprit was the neighbour sebelah rumah I....6 months ago my neighbour buat major renovation. The problem was,,,,,,the electrical wiring system dibuat tak ikut TNB's specs. Apapun , syukur pada Tuhan sebab kami semua selamat dari terkena genjatan elektrik , kebakaran and what nots.

Kerja kerja kerja.......dulu sebelum buka studio dengan Kak Siti , I don't know what is Perhimpunan Pagi atau Bulanan....serba-serbi about the government sector & its agency , I tak tahu. Sampaikan apa itu LO pun I don't know. Apa itu pangkat KP...TKP....TKPP hmmmm....semua tu aku sik tauk bah. Tapi sejak I banyak mengajar koir di kementerian-kementerian & agensi kerajaan sejak 3 tahun kebelakangan ni , dah makin tahu sedikit-sebanyak tentang polisi & etc about our government sector :-) Bukan tu saja , dulu I hanya mengajar kumpulan-kumpulan koir ni tapi sekarang I will have to conduct the choir when they perform. So far Alhamdulillah , dah pernah jadi choir conductor depan TKP , KP , Timbalan Menteri & Menteri :-) Syukur.

Alhamdulillah , dekat nak puasa baru ni dapat job baru. Now am currently training 2 kumpulan nasyid di 2 kementerian......Nasyid tu....huhuhu! On Friday , 13th July....one of my nasyid group got 2nd place in an inter-ministry nasyid competition. What made my day was my nasyid group got the highest mark on vocals,,,,yay!

Hari ni *2nd day puasa* nak ke Dataran Merdeka to chaperon another kumpulan nasyid kementerian ke satu lagi competition. Group ni tak pernah masuk competition , ni 1st time......so if they didn't make it to the next round pun , it's OK coz this will be an added experience to them. Next week will start coaching 2 more nasyid group male & female & chaperon them to Festival Ramadhan.

Gelagat anak-anak murid selepas persembahan awal pagi di perhimpuan bulanan......kerusi tak cukup , duduk atas lantai pun OK lah.....

Ni lagi gerek.....One of my choir student , siap terlentok.....hehehe!

Ahhhh......kita rilex kejap layan gambar-gambar Super Spontan. Lepas kali pertama I pergi tengok rakaman Super Spontan,,,,,,Aida kawan baik Yna dok cakap kat Yna yang dia teringin nak pergi tengok Super Spontan secara live. This is on Week 8......via my sista Kak Diba aka Adibah Noor & melalui PA Bob Azrai of Astro , I got 4 tickets to watch another episode of Super Spontan. Masa I pergi tengok Super Spontan before this , Bob did introduce me to his PA and told me to call his PA kalau I nak tiket ke Super Spontan......and I did just that.

Malam tu sampai ke FINAS awal , sebab nak ambil tiket dari Kak Diba & wakil PA si Bob Azrai. So we had dinner in FINAS.

Sistem penonton nak masuk ke studio sebelum live show was so PALAT! Budak-budak yang jaga kat pintu masuk asyik dok kasi kengkawan depa masuk dulu , walaupun ada yang tak ada pas. Orang berbaris , queue....tapi sekoq-sekoq kawan-kawan depa dok mai "Excuse me...excuse me...bagi laluan ye..." sambil signal kat budak yang jaga pintu , "ni guests so and so...." Memang macam siol. Sampai turn I nak masuk......eh ada lagi , yang minta laluan nak bawak family & friends depa masuk dulu.......siap cakap kat budak jaga pintu tu "ni guests Bob Azrai..." Well , FYI....Bob Azrai is the Pengurus Saluran Astro Warna , he's the boss laa. Wah! mentang-mentang guests boss , dapat masuk dulu ye....OK , tak pe....tak pe....

Bila masuk ke dalam usher *budak lelaki* yang kat dalam pulak tanya.....I guest siapa? I terus kata yang I guest Bob Azrai. Dengar je nama Bob Azrai dia terus bawak me & my entourage ke depan....jumpa dengan PA Afdlin Shauki *sebab geng-geng Vision Works yang banyak kelolakan serba-serbi tentang Super Spontan termasuk bab-bab tempat duduk penonton*. Sampai kat depan usher bagi tahu kat PA Afdlin yang me & entourage ni guests Bob. Dia kata tempat tak de *walaupun banyak lagi yang kosong.......rasanya dia dah reserve those seats for her personal guests , obviously laa kan* dia gasak hantar I ke tempat duduk kat belakang sekali dalam studio tu! Hawau betul. Her reason was because I bawak 2 budak under age and tak nak nampakkan budak-budak tu on TV! Tak masuk akal langsung laa wei! Memang Vangang! Kalau you peeps tengok Super Spontan kat TV , boleh nampak ramai je budak-budak baya si Yna yang tengok show tu. Saja nak kekwat tak tentu pasal.

I tak suka marah-marah tapi this is too much. I terus sound kat budak perempuan trainee yang usher kitaorang ke belakang studio tu.....I kata cara depa buat kerja tak betul....asyik dok kasi kawan & family masuk dulu & duduk kat depan.....penonton yang betul-betul ada pass , kena tendang duduk belakang. I insisted yang I am Bob Azrai's guest....guest you all duduk depan , guest boss kena duduk belakang ke? Mulanya I pun tak nak gunakan nama Bob tapi budak-budak production ni over sangat , konon kerja & buat practical dengan TV production.......dapat pakai baju production.....depa ingat dah tersangatlah tinggi standard depa tu. Pi rahhh! Terkial-kial budak perempuan trainee tu pergi kasi tahu her superior , then I saw her superior waved to me and asked me to go in-front and usher me to sit with supporters of Beruang Comel.

Akhirnya....me & my entourage dapat duduk berdepan dengan kumpulan Angsa Ganas. Duduk 2nd row from the stage. Memang clear view of what's happening on stage. Later , Bob and wifey came and sat at the next row towards my right. Later said Hi! to him & wife :-)

I hate the drama.....datang sini nak happy happy dengan the kids tengok live show....tapi bila un-justification berlaku depan mata dan I punya ruang to fight for my rights.......I did just that and that was just it , I enjoyed Super Spontan regardless incident tempat duduk tu. Show tu tak salah , team yang mengelolakan hal-ehwal show tu yang fail sikit sebab ada self interest.

Dalam ramai-ramai audience kat dalam studio tu , budak production came and ask if I wanna hold the Angsa Ganas or Beruang Comel flags. Dia cuma ada one of each. I said OK. I'll take the Beruang Comel flag and gave Yna the Angsa Ganas flag. Throughout the entire show , only me & Yna yang pegang both flags......

Yna & Aida with the ex-Raja Lawak comedians.

With TV hosts.....

Autograph sessions with the casts....

Photos caption : (i) Dengan manager Beruang Comel , Reza Zainal. (ii) Sat among supporters of Beruang Comel. (iii) A pic with members of Beruang Comel. They were shocked to see me,,,,they remembered mwa....hehehe! (iv) And a pic with taukeh Beruang & Angsa....hehehe! That nite was Afdlin's birthday.

Yang paling penting......Yna happy. Kawan dia Aida pun happy dapat tengok Super Spontan live!

Ni Yna on her concert day. Tahun ni I tak dapat pergi tengok concert dia sebab ada kerja hujung minggu. Dia kena jadi firefly tahun ni.......

Tak pergi ke konsert tapi I sempat make-up-kan dia. Stage make-up , over laa sikit....hehehe!

Now makan-makan time.....My favourite at Sushi King.....Chuka Kurage *seasoned jellyfish* , Yakiniku Don *rice & beef* & of course 2 plates of Salmon Sashimi. Yna had 2 plates of Salmon Sashimi too :-)

Lama tak ke Warung Santai , Tesco Ampang.

Antara lauk-pauk kesukaan my family kat Warung Santai ni , Sambal Udang Petai - Telur Dadar - Taugeh Ikan Masin & Daging Goreng Kunyit. Aaaaa....satu lagi is the Ikan Kembung Masak Kicap.

This was at D'Santap Asam Pedas , Jalan Genting Kelang *sebelah driving range*. Macam-macam jenis ikan masak asam pedas ada kat sini from patin , kembung , pari , sembilang , ikan merah.....the asam pedas was OK for a non-kaki asam pedas like me. Price range pun OK and affordable.

What made us stop by this restaurant was because Yna's dance class was in Gombak.....so on the way balik ke Ampang kerap kali lalu restoren ni tapi tak pernah singgah. Satu hari tu lepas Yna habis kelas tarian , we gave the place a try. Besides Nasi putih & asam pedas , ada juga nasi goreng & nasi ayam. Suitable for kids.

MP ordered Asam Pedas Pari & I pulak ordered Asam Pedas Ikan Sembilang. Like I said , rasa OK but I was taken aback by the restaurant simply because my asam pedas ikan sembilang was mix with ikan patin. Hello! I minta ikan sembilang. I'm not so stupid not to know yang mana ikan sembilang & yang mana ikan patin. I tanya MP if yang lagi seketul ikan kat dalam mangkuk asam pedas I tu ikan sembilang ke bukan? MP kata bukan. Dia pun kenal rupa ikan sembilang sebab family MP kalau masak asam pedas , memang favourite guna ikan sembilang. I love patin but the thing was , I did not order patin! Rasa tertipu....sebab MP panggil waitress and then panggil mamat yang jaga cashier......tanya depa elok-elok , sama ada yang dalam mangkuk tu asam pedas dicampur potongan ikan sembilang & patin. Both bilang ikan sembilang......jenis besar katanya. Oh! My....rupa kedua-dua ikan pun tersangatlah lainnya....mana boleh sama. But both buat muka tak bersalah langsung. I boleh makan,,,,,,tak de hal......tapi attitude peniaga macam ni rasanya tak molek kot....I belum makan lagi masa I tanya depa pasal ikan tu......they could have just admit their mistake and change it for me but they did not. Ataupun depa tahu sembilang mahal , tu yang try campur dengan ikan lain......nak tipu customer ke? MP sampai suruh depa tengok betul-betul.....tegak-tegak depa kata tu sembilang.....rasa sembilang dengan patin lain tu dowh!

Makan - makan - makan.........sebelum bayar , me & MP witnessed an incident yang membuatkan we decided that it will be the first and the last time we'll be eating at the restaurant. We saw a female worker came to the front of the restaurant , bawak sebesen sudu garfu dan dah dicuci. Dia lap sudu-sudu garpu tu dengan kain. Tiba-tiba segenggam sudu-sudu garpu yang dia lap jatuh bertaburan ke lantai........what she did next was to pick all the fork and spoons from the floor and campakkan semuanya dalam bekas sudu garfu bersih! Oh No!.....I heard MP murmured , "Dah agak dah....." hahaha! Sorry , we're not coming back to D'Santap. Just because of that? Yup! Simply because of that.

Kicap manis.....a must for me bila makan asam pedas.

Now it's my turn to make asam pedas. Pes asam fish yang I selalu guna dah habis stock kat rumah tapi dalam fridge ada ikan pari.....tu yang nak jugak buat asam pedas pari. MP suka. Mood nak masak memang tak de sebab badan penat sangat tapi.......for the sake of peace , asyik dok makan kat luar je.....asyik kerja ke.....sebelum MP sound , baik I jenguk dapur......hehehe! Seriously malas tahap gaban dowh!.....sampai nak keluarkan blender to blend the ingredients pun tersangat-sangat malas hari tu........huhuhu! So I pun ber-experiment-lah kat dapur.

Dalam fridge ada chili giling Giant. I've been using it lately.....bagus jugak. I suka sebab cili dia tak lumat macam cili boh. So back to my asam pedas experiment......I campurkan pes cili giling + chopped garlic + chopped ginger + chopped bawang besar + serbuk kunyit. Mix well!

So far so good.....next.......

Bahan-bahan sayuran dah basuh. Next , tumis chili mix tadi dengan belacan & serai *yang dititek*. Bila tumisan dah masak & naik bau,,,,,,add water + pes asam jawa. Bring it to boil then add ikan pari cuts.....later add salt & sugar to taste.

In goes some daun kesum & bunga kantan.....nanti dah akhir-akhir , more daun kesum + bendi + tomatoes. Verdict , tunggu MP makan....hehehe! He said OK je.....Yay!

The other day I went to pasar malam kat Ukay Perdana.....beli tahu putih. Apa lagi.....buat my tahu sumbat daging laaa. For those yang tak pernah tengok my post on this tahu sumbat,,,,,it's a repetition lah ye....

Lama tak buat jugak tahu sumbat ni.....First kena buat inti daging. Tumis chopped garlic with some chilli paste & minced beef. Then add finely chopped iceberg lettuce. Sumbatkan beef mixture dalam tahu. Then buat egg mixture pulak. Eggs + fish sauce *garam pun boleh* + white pepper. Beat the eggs well.

Next , celup-kan tahu dalam egg mixture & goreng. Tu je. Siap. You can eat it with any sauces you like. I like mine with cili padi or kicap ABC. Selalunya bila I buat tahu ni , it will be my ONLY tahu lunch & dinner.

On one fine day , anak-anak nak pasta tapi tak nak yang berkuah. I pun buat version yang I suka.....Using EVOO , saute chopped garlic & yellow onions , then add minced beef + salt & black pepper. Added some sweet cherry tomatoes.

Next just add cooked pasta to it.....mix well. Done.

Ni dinner untuk malam-malam Super Spontan goes live on TV. Fast food nites!

Macam-macam ada....Fish Tofu with Thai sweet chilli dip. Just plain burgers & cheese sausages. And my favourite would be , hot dogs with butterhead lettuce + relish. Along with dashes of mustard + mayo + chilli sauce & black pepper.......yummy!

Hari tu dapat beli stock Ikan Pekasam. Dah masak & kasi 2 bungkus kat my parents.....now tinggal lagi 2 bungkus stock Ikan Pekasam kat rumah. Fasting month coming , nak kena beli lagi. Sekarang susah nak cari petai yang dah kopek. Dulu kat Giant Bukit Antarabangsa ni ada jual , tapi since 2 years back , jarang-jarang nak ada. Dapat beli petai ni pun kat Hero Taman Dagang. Sebungkus almost RM8.

My favourite dish time puasa. Makan lauk ni pun dah OK. Goreng Ikan Pekasam , then tumis bawang merah & cili padi.

Then hancurkan ikan pekasam tu kasar-kasar....mix well dengan bawang & cili padi.

Add petai at the last minute. Heaven! Yna pun layan lauk ni. Yay! Ada geng.

Ni masa nak pujuk Ashel to cut his hair. Dari pagi dok pujuk dia tapi dia tak mahu. Promise dia nak belikan toys , nak bawa dia sana sini.....baru dia nak ikut.....tu pun he wasn't happy about cutting his hair.

We went to Kwik Cut Jusco AU2. Mula dia tak nak masuk kedai , tapi bila nampak ada motor & kereta mainan kat dalam salon tu.....dia masuk jugak....hehehe!

While my son was cutting his hair.....I took the opportunity to chop off my locks as well. Too long and it needs trimming. OK lah....just nak trim je pun , kat salon mahal pun....trim-nya sama jugak....hehehe! RM15 for mine and RM10 for Ashel.

Masam je muka Ashel throughout the hair cutting process....hehehe!

There you go......the before and after photos......

Pasar Malam......dunno why but am fine with going to pasar malam and eating pasar malam food. Mungkin most celebrity is not game for it for whatever reasons they might have but for me.......baik sayur ke , ikan ke , daging ke , ayam ke.....sama je macam beli kat hypermarkets or supermarkets. Quality wise.....I tengok OK je. Boleh je dimakan bila sudah dimasak. Kadang barang basah yang kat supermarket-supermarket pun kualiti teruk.

Tak selalu , tapi bila terasa nak pergi ke pasar malam......I will go. Tak de rasa malu. Usually I'll go to pasar malam kat Taman Dagang , Taman Melawati or Ukay Perdana. Sometimes lepak makan Bakso kat pasar malam Taman Dagang dengan my students. Kat sini our favourite is to buy Kulit Ayam Goreng.......waaaaa.....best! Another of my favourite is Jantung Ayam Goreng. 1 cucuk ada 5 jantung ayam....hmmmm.....that's jantung from 5 ekor ayam already. There was a day when I bought 10 cucuk jantung ayam goreng.......do your math......I just took home with me jantung ayam from 50 ekor ayam! Hehehe!
Since May lagi dah mula angkut-angkut barang dari studio Galaxy ke studio UK......kat studio baru nak makan senang. Bawah studio kedai makan mamak , Restoran Ali Maju.....macam-macam ada. Bila ada kelas pagi,,,,,,Capati & Potato Dhal will be my favourite choice here for breakfast.

One day I took the kids & Yna's friends to TGV Cinema at Wangsa Walk. Ingatkan nak ber-movie marathon. The kids nak tengok Nongkrong & Baik Punya Budak.....tapi under 18 years old tak boleh tengok pulak. Laaaaaaa......Awat macam tu.....Kat rumah bukan main promote kat Astro First suruh langgan filem-filem ni. Tak de pulak depa advise home viewers that the movie's for PG13 ke or 18+ ke.......censorship for TV and movie kat Malaysia ni lain-lain ke? Hmmm......no idea. Logic-nya kalau status filem kat panggung 18+ or 18SX , automatically kat TV Malaysia pun sama lah sebab yang tukang censor filem-filem Malaysia ialah LPFM.

Kaedahnya , pergi panggung nak support filem Melayu tapi budak-budak tak boleh tengok. Naturally , parents pun tak tengoklah movie Melayu yang ' the making of ' & promo-nya amat hebat di TV-TV Malaysia. More or less 2 minggu filem Melayu ditayangkan di panggung , Astro First dah promo suruh langgan filem-filem terbaru tu. Katanya , something like bringing the movie to your home lah with only RM15.

Penggiat filem berkempen nak suruh penonton pergi panggung tapi Astro First sogok penonton suruh tak perlu pergi panggung , tengok je filem terbaru kat rumah......Achaner tu? Bila filem Melayu keluar kat Astro First maknanya DVD copy pun dah keluarlah......Bila penonton beli DVD cetak rompak , orang filem mengarok sebab tak pergi panggung & beli dvd haram yang harganya RM8 sekeping. Tapi bila langgan filem kat Astro First kat rumah & penonton tak perlu pergi panggung , depa diam pulak......Cetak rompak lagi besar tu kot , dengan cara paling halus......to me , having Astro First doing this.....it will not help the local film industry in the long run. Just my 2 cents worth *wink*.

Roger! Selamat update May. Next on to my July & ramadhan updates. Bear with me peeps.

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