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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ashel Is 4!

It's 1st July! Haaahhhhhhhh.......a personal special day for me , myself & I.

Yesterday was 30th June. I have 3 important occasions to remember on this date. First , my beloved grandma Nyonya Jenat Ahmed went to heaven. Few years after that , my step grandpa Selamat Kayit went to heaven and in 2008 , my baby boy was prematurely born.

Ashel wanted a blue guitar cake but due to some technical problems *malas nak story lah* , sehari sebelum hari nak celebrate birthday Ashel baru diberitahu cake yang di-order tak dapat dibuat. Memang bengang sangat tapi,,,,,tak pe lah.....I have to stay sane. Bukannya kek tu boleh muncul depan mata kalau I terus mengarok kat orang tu pun. Mana I nak cari kek gitar 3D warna biru in a day? Unless-lah I boleh buat kek sendiri......hmmmm.....jawapannya , memang lah I tak boleh. So , nak marah-marah pun tak guna. Hajat hati nak kasi kek gitar kat Ashel sebab Ashel personally minta bila I tanya dia nak kek apa....felt so bad for him.

Ashel's birthday falls on a Saturday but I was reluctant to plan to go anywhere on a Saturday. KL traffic....uuurrrghhhhhhhhhhh......malas. So I planned a pre-birthday dinner on Friday. Just immediate family members. Tak pergi jauh , just ke Great Eastern Mall (GEM). I ajak my brother & his family but last minute , they can't join us.

Thanx to Khalil *my vocal student* for helping me out with all the last minute chores. I went out with the kids , fetched my parents and off to GEM. Left the kids with my fasting mom at KizSports & Gym. Biar nenek jaga the kids while me , Khalil & my dad went to have some afternoon snacks at Shyet Li's Kopitiam. While waiting for our food , I ran over to Penang Village to make a reservation for dinner. After tea , I sent my Papa to KizSports & Gym to join nenek while me & Khalil went off to shop for some balloons.

Before heading for the balloons , we went to Toys 'R' Us......to see if there's anything suitable for Ashel. Can't find anything that Ashel would like. Never mind. Hadiah nantilah. We then headed down to Balloon Buzz Party Centre to get 2 bouquets of balloons. Ashel's favourite colour right now is blue. He wants everything in blue. At current he likes Mickey too! By this time , MP dah sampai. I told him to lead everyone to Penang Village while I get things done with the party stuff.

As soon as me & Khalil enters Penang Village , Ashel was so excited to see the Mickey & blue balloons! Tak sabar dia nak main-main dengan belon-belon tu. I seriau je takut meletop depan muka I.

Me and mom....kelakar nenek kena paksa pakai topi bola dengan cucu-cucu dia...hahaha! From stories told , my mom was one hell of a sportswoman masa muda remaja dulu. From All Saints' School to Treacher Methodist Girls' School in Taiping , she was an excellent athlete. Running.....I was told that she can run!

My kiddos in their soccer hat and shades.

The birthday boy.

On to food now.....hehehe! I ordered a feast for us to enjoy. We had Ginger Beef , Otak-Otak , 2 servings of Prawn Curry (I like this one coz it's creamy) plus Sweet & Sour Deep Fried Garoupa.

There's more , we also tried Soft Shell Crab Kerabu , Seafood Tofu , Kangkong Belacan & 2 Style Kailan. Food was good. More menu choices at Penang Village. Service & layanan,,,,,tip top :-)

I reserved this corner with a long table setting for our family dinner.

Lepas makan , cake time. Got these chocolate cupcakes *which Ashel loves* from Delifrance , GEM. Those colourful spiral candles was from Balloon Buzz Party Centre. 4 candles & 4 cuppies for Ashel's 4th birthday!

Khalil tukang melayan si Ashel. Sebelum ambil gambar ni , Ashel dah tiup those candles satu round dah. The moment dia nampak api menyala-nyala,,,,,terus tiup. Kenalah si Khalil hidupkan api-api lilin tu balik.

Tak sabar Ashel nak tiup lilin-lilin tu....

Yay! Done blowing the candles....

Nice to see them like this......ni kira tengah baik laaa coz usually at home......hahhhhhh.....kejap-kejap gaduh , kejap-kejap gaduh........

Exclusive , comfortable & a relax place to dine. Mungkin sebab masa I pergi tu tak ramai orang kot....I like the ambiance here. Friendly staff too.

Before we left Penang Village.......

On the way to the carpark , we stopped at Pets Wonderland. Saja tengok binatang-binatang yang dijual sampai beribu-ribu ringgit kat sini. We've always enjoyed ourselves watching those pets in their cages.......leka my kids tengok those animals. Si Khalil pulak memang suka bela binatang. Kura-kura yang I bela kat rumah sekarang ni , I beli dari dia lah. My dad pulak suka tengok ikan-ikan kat dalam aquarium.

In the green Milo tumbler.....party packs I made for Ashel's birthday. Dalam tumbler tu I letak sekotak mini Milo + Milo chocolate bar & chocolate balls. Saja buat lebih for giveaways......

Balik rumah......Ashel continued playing with his balloons. Disuruhnya I potong tali-tali belon tu.....dah habis semua belon tersadai kat siling!

He's such a pain in the ass at times. Ada je kerenah dia sampai kadang-kadang tu geram I. But he's one sharp kid. He can be the sweetest thing too. Hahhhhhhhhh.....apa pun , he's my son. My boy. Every morning , bila dia bangun tidur,,,,,he'll come and hug me and lay himself on me for few minutes. He kisses me on the lips. And what melted me is when he said "Ashel jatuh cinta dengan Mama".....brought smile to my face all the time. Another thing is whenever he sees anything with a heart shape,,,,,he'll say , "Hati tu untuk Mama"......such a charmer.

I love you Ashel....

A note for me : On 1st July 2008 , I fell madly in love with you and everyday went by , I have you in my heart , in my mind and in my soul. 4 years now , I carry this big love with me.....I love you,,,,,,yes,,,,,you *wink*

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. Assalamualaikum..pertamanya Selamat ulangtahun kelahiran untuk Ashel..semoga membesar dan jadi insan yang berguna kepada masyarakat dan negara.Secondly sedih tengok pakaian Yna...kenapalah sampai tak cukup kain macam tu sekali?
    firman Allah, “Wahai Nabi! katakanlah kepada isteri-isterimu, anak-anak perempuanmu dan isteri-isteri orang Mukmin, ‘Hendaklah mereka melebarkan jilbabnya” [Al Ahzab:59].

  2. Happy Birthday Ashel.

  3. happy birthday ashel....

    best la macam ni kak irma...rajin update blog...tell us more...

  4. all the best to ashel and you ....

    well to anonymous atas skali tu..aurat wanita tau ke wajib nye bila? budak tu kecik lagi, belum wajib tutup aurat...

    1. nak kena tunggu umo brapa baru nak tutup aurat???16?17?18?...

  5. Happy Birthday Ashel...good to see that MP wearing blue too...hehe...

  6. Dah besar budak kecik ni... i've been following tis blog since he was in ur tummy.. hmmmm making me feel old... nanti one fine day i might read ur entry on d preparation of his wedding pulak... ;)

  7. To AnonymousTuesday, July 03, 2012 12:49:00 PM

    nak tunggu besar panjang dulu ke baru nak tutup aurat..???jangan main2 dgn hukum akak oiii...dari kecik la kita kena asuh dgn hukum hakam ni..bahkan umur 7 tahun pun kita dah wajib ajar anak bersembahyang tau..

    lagipun saya nampak Yna tu pun bukannya budak kecik lagi..badan pun dah dara sunti..saya dan anak2 pada mulanya minat jugak dgn group Nova tu ,tapi bila tengok penampilan mereka saya jadi menyampah dan putus minat,nak seksi lah tu kononya tapi tak bertempat..

  8. Happy birthday to Ashel!!!
    He looks great and handsome with the new hairstyle!!

  9. i blum baca tp nk wish hepi 2th besday dulu.. huwaaaaaa ashel dh besoo.. huwaaaaa

  10. woahhhh ashelll... charming sungguh mulut manis!!!!

  11. Ashel dh hensemmm! Epi beday dr aunty * hugs n kissess*

    For u kak : really missedd ur dumb cooking session!!! Rase nk makan kuetiaw goreng ala akak tp cari resepi dh takderr huuuhuhu

    P/s banyak sunguh lalat ala kak noripah :p

    miss u kak!

  12. Ely - TQ beb....memang sangat manis macam....*wink* hahaha!

    z - TQ sis. Kak Rima dah buka BBB3 for the kuew teow recipe. As for the Kak Noripah's , biar lah depa....lagi Kak Rima berkata-kata , lagi depa nak debate. You've been reading my blog so I guess that you will not judge me based on apa orang tulis but by what you've read. TQ dik for being supportive. Kiss kiss.

  13. Yeayy , thnks kak for sharing ur recipe :) betul tu kak, toksah dilayan. Yg penting kita enjoyyyyy <3<3