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Saturday, July 7, 2012

June June June 2012

Am compiling some June happenings in a post. Have to get rid of the piccys in my laptop and transfer them to an external hard drive & CD.

Next post will be compiling happenings in May.

Talking about food and places I went for makan in the past 2 months. As for work , biasa lah.....routine kerja macam biasa. Bila kena mengajar , had to force this lazy bum of mine to go to work......aaaaarrrgghhhhhhhhh.....super malas especially when there's morning classes.

Let's put our minds off work and talk about food , shall we? Hehehe.....

There was a day in June that I did some cooking.......a quick one....I made Bakso. The simple way of preparing Bakso that I picked-up from an Indonesian family friend. I guna bahagian daging cincang yang ada tetel or lemak-lemak. Throw them in the pot and in goes some chopped garlic. No oil used coz you'll get loads of fat oil from the tetel-tetel. Quickly fry the garlic & daging tetel. Add water , simmer till daging masak. Then only you add the beef balls as it's already pre-cooked. Then add white pepper & salt to taste. Bring to boil.

Dulu I guna Bebola Daging jenama Kami but I later discovered that the family prefers Bebola Daging jenama Azmy. More meatier and delicious. At my favourite Warung Suwarno , they used sayur sawi untuk dimakan sekali dengan sup bakso yang panas-panas , kat rumah.....I guna baby bak choy. I love the taste of the simple soup. My comfort food.

Tapi.......tengah-tengah I dok sibuk masak bakso , Ashel datang ke dapur and he saw the meatballs. Dia minta I buatkan "bebola daging dengan sos"....those were his exact words. I understood that he wanted the meatballs spaghetti sauce. Bahan ada , so kena-lah buatkan jugak. In the end , we had Spaghetti Meatballs & Bakso for our lunch & dinner.

Was at Seoul Garden.....the reason to come and eat here,,,,,,,the thinly sliced marinated beef! Arrrgggghhhh.......don't care if other diners are crazy of its steamboat by stuffing varieties of fish-balls & dunno what other flavoured fish-based balls in their soup. Many were seen grilling seafood & other meats on the griller.....but I'm here for the beef. We'll have round and rounds of grilled beef here at Seoul Garden. Grilled well done for MP and medium rare for me & Yna. Yummy! Udang celor dalam chicken soup. Ashel loves them. Whenever we go for a steamboat dinner , plain soup or chicken soup will be our choice coz MP dislike Tom Yum soup. The Korean chilli dipping sauce was mild and just nice for us. I like the garlic + soy sauce dip too. Kimchi's another favourite :-)

This was taken at Tony Roma's , Pavilion. Belanja MP for Father's Day lunch. Not on Father's Day itself but the treat was for the occasion. Sebenarnya I dengan anak-anak yang nak makan sangat kat sini....kali ni MP ikut je.

As always , it was a full table. 2 servings of Kickin' Shrimp Cocktails for the kids *with me digging it in too! Mostly trying to finish the salads that my kids left uneaten! Depa makan udang je , yang rumput-rampai depa tinggal kat I...* The kids just loved the prawn cocktails so much. It's delicious. Also ordered Roma's Sampler , a trio of appetizers. It has Onion Loaf + Buffalo Wings & Cheesy Potato Skins.

I had my usual , Ribsssssssss! MP had Fish & Chips. Yna had Shrimp & Salmon Piccata *lupa diambil fotonya* a dish with some rice in it and more ribs for the kids. I was too busy eating food from the starter plate , the shrimp salads , Yna's broccoli , Ashel's fries , my mash......in the end I managed to eat only 1 piece of ribs.

MP can't finish his F&C. Yna can't finish her salmon. The children & I can't finish the ribs.......apa lagi , we had ourselves a tapau dinner from Tony Roma's. *Still have to make that Tony Roma's trip with my singer friend Alvin Anthons...deyy...bila laa weiii...*

Hmmmmm......another yummy thing to eat masa masih panas. Namanya Donut Gebu! Hehehe.....It's huge and memang sangat gebu. Bila dah sejuk pun masih gebu lagi.

Ni gerai Donut Gebu Al Jabbar. It's a stall kat tepi jalan dekat Kampung Pandan Dalam. RM1 each. Kalau yang sik suka manis , request for donuts yang belum ditabur gula or suruh letak gula ikut rasa masing-masing. For me , kuih mesti manis , so no problem with me. Masuk kereta , terus makan. Sedappppppppppppp.

Another favourite sweet treat.

Ashel's become a fan of Baskin' Robins. So since we're still in his birthday mood,,,,,,,why not.

Ashel suka perisa chocolate and my all time favourite is Pralines n Cream with Maple Walnut topping. Heaven!

June 30th , tamat kontrak sewa studio kat Galaxy Ampang Shopping Centre. Management Galaxy Ampang nak tutup part of the 1st floor at the shopping centre and my unit pun terkena dalam bancian diaorang. We were asked to shift to Ground Floor tapi rasanya tak sesuai laa pulak nak buat studio vokal kat Ground Floor tu sebab kat bawah tu banyak spa , kedai urut kaki & salon. Tak comfortable langsung. Me & Kak Siti decided to move.

Few days before the 30th , sibuk pindah studio. So , tu yang buat 2-3 bulan ni sibuk sikit. Banyak kenangan kat studio ni but no choice , I have to move on. Tak de masa nak feeling-feeling. Angkat barang , masuk lori , jalan!

Ni studio baru kat Ukay Perdana , closer to home. Semalam baru siap cat. Kena buat sikit-sikit dan yang perlu dulu. I have to work extra hard to maintain the new studio..........

This was on June 21st. Yna nak tengok sangat filem Mael Lambong. After so many years not going to the movies , entah apa angin,,,,,,,we managed to persuade MP to join us for a movie! Wohooo!!! I remembered the last time me & MP went for a movie was in 1996 to watch Twister. 16 years dowh! Tapi biasa laa....dia tak laa tunjuk excited ke apa but I know that he was amazed to see how the panggung wayang have changed.......

Before the movie , we had dinner at Box Office Cafe at Wangsa Walk , food not bad.

This was couple of days before Ashel's birthday. Konon nak buat Jungle Birthday Party for Ashel. Me , Ashel & Khalil went to Kampung Kemensah. Nak survey chalet-chalet kat situ. We went to the very end of Kampung Kemensah , sampai jumpa jalan nak ke Bukit Antarabangsa / Ukay Perdana *tapi belum buka lagi , tapi kalau agak-agak darurat,,,,,dah boleh redah dah.* Turun je kereta at the 1st chalet , Ashel baru jalan 3-4 langkah......dia jatuh. Luka lutut. A sign for me not to proceed with the idea kot.....huhuhu! Since we're there , pergi laa jugak tinjau-tinjau kawasan. Ada around almost 10 chalets operating kat belakang zoo tu and a few that caught our eyes like Warisan Rimba , Chalet Rimba Jinbara , Teratak Angah , Isi Rimba & Celi Chalet . We made a stop at 4 chalets.

From my observation.....

Warisan Rimba - OK tapi the man made pool & chalets,,,,,hmmmm.....needs proper maintenance. Surroundings cantik tapi macam tak berjaga.

Chalet Rimba Jinbara - siap ada kedai makan which is good tapi I dislike the land contour....berbukit-bukit. From 1 chalet to another tak family friendly. Those with kids yang nak berangkut macam-macam from the car , can be quite a hassle. For those yang datang tanpa anak kecil , should be fine.

Teratak Angah - Tempat ni happening walaupun masa I pergi hari tu was on a weekday. Ada group buat gathering kat situ. Chalet OK , tempat mandi pun luas but I don't quite like it. Bila tempat ni jadi tumpuan , kawasan sungai tempat mandi tertumpu kat satu spot je......congested. Tapi kalau yang suka ramai-ramai,,,,,this is one fun place. Ada kedai makan.

Isi Rimba - Tempat ni unik , ada paint-ball park tapi macam tak berjaga. Banyak section kat sini tapi furniture-nya berhabuk & lapuk. Chalet was very simple. Ada A hut chalets too. Tapi most chalets & A huts tak de pintu....just tutup dengan kain tirai. Ada berani??? Hehehe....Kalau masa umur I 20an dulu , I'll opt to stay here because this place is unique & but now with kids......I don't think so.....nak mandi sungai kena jalan redah hutan sikit.

Celi Chalet - Tempat ni yang I rasa paling molek dari yang lain-lain. Kawasan bersih. Walaupun chalet-chalet kecil , lebih kurang sama macam yang lain-lain tapi kawasan sekitar bersih dan berjaga. Ample parking. Kawasan sungai nak mandi pun just nice tak banyak batu-batu besar.

Tapi........bila terbayang nak suruh MP datang sini mandi-manda , bbq or picnic.....hehehe! Cancel! Not his thang. I know MP will not game for it. Plus with chalet yang sangat-sangat basic,,,,tak de katil , tak de kipas.....hahaha!....He'll be out of place. So , I'll have to scrape the Jungle Party idea and switch it to dinner at Penang Village :-)

If you are planing to come to any of these chalets and you rely on the net pics for its condition & surroundings , please do more research. If your company is nothing like my town boy partner , then it's fine. You'll enjoy what nature has to offer with its simplicity. Better , if you are in KL or like me,,,,where Kampung Kemensah is just near my home,,,,,,,take time to check these places out for yourself as your picnic trip can either be fun or a total nightmare.

I have no problem coming here for just a picnic and swim and head home afterwards.
Puasa is just round the corner. So in the month of Rejab & Sya'ban , I took the opportunity to perform few days of puasa sunat. Busy kerja , busy makan , busy dengan Nova Nona , busy pindah studio....Alhamdulillah , tak demam...tak sakit. Pening sikit-sikit at times tu,,,,ada lah sebab tak cukup tidur tapi with couple of aspirins , I'm good to go.

Walaupun ada yang pincang dalam my perjalanan hidup 3 -4 bulan kebelakangan ni , I kutip yang positif-positif saja to keep me going. Right away discarded those negative ones. I don't need more shit in my life. I'll try my best to make dysfunctional situations work out fine for me.

A note for me : He's watching me , TQ.

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. Cikgu, teringin sgt nak buat meatball sendiri. terliur sudah tgk bakso yg cikgu buat tu! hahahaha

  2. My oh my... I'm drooling ...

    Yep we r also love azmy meatball less hanyir since semua umat2 dlm rumah I tak tahan rasa n bau hanyir...

    N lamb tu... So far the best for me is from cyberview lodge in cyberjaya...

  3. puas hati baca ntry akak kali nih... ada psl msk2, ada mkn2, ada aktiviti family n mcm2 ada...

    studio akak kt ukay perdana kt bhg mana kak?heheheh sibuk2 je nk tau sbb dh dkt sgt ngn umah...
    dana ada gk baca psl kg kemensah nih.... tp tak penah jenguk lg...