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Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Is Our Merdeka Song?

August is coming and I have a duty to start listening to various patriotic songs , to prepare myself......mana tahu ada request dari group-group choir yang me & my team ajar,,,,kalau-kalau nak kena nyanyi lagu patriotic during their perhimpunan bulanan or any of their Merdeka functions.

At the wee hours *sambil layan the Olympic Games on TV* , I take a listen at our new Merdeka song. Katanya Mr Rais wrote the lyrics. To me it smells more towards politics rather than emphasizing the Merdeka spirit in the song. The song kept reminding us about what the government had given us and now we must keep our promises.....hmmmm.......what promises have we made? Owh,,,,,,promise to vote the government back is it? Oooooo......in other words , they give and we must pay back laaa.....I see.....Again? This is a Merdeka song , si? Lirik bulan ada , matahari ada , BR1M ada , TR1M ada , even Kedai 1 Malaysia pun ada but not a word of Merdeka in it.....My bad if I understood the song wrongly.

Then........I found a link to the song below. I don't know the title of the song but the song has similarity to the our Merdeka song. Even the key *nada lagu* was being arranged in the same key as in the original song. Cuma tempo lagu Merdeka 'kita' diperlahankan dikit jak. It was said that the song below originates from Indonesia , a song sang by a group of Christian worshipers praising the Lord. Sik ada hal lah mun nya lagu apa tek , mun menar nya meniru lagu orang lain......aiii sik bagus bah.

The power is in our hands.......if we feel that the new Merdeka song will be a disgrace to us in the future when the world know that it's a work of plagiarism *since source of information is just at the tip of your finger* , so we shall speak up.

Owh! Well , If you asked me,,,,,,,DJ Fuzz & Altimet's "BANGKIT" has better message to lift up the Merdeka spirit. A much needed spirit , especially for the younger generations to absorb.

Same case with our 55th Merdeka logo..........the people has spoken through various platforms to address disagreement on the design of the logo. Whatever the explanation given by Rais or the officials , the public can clearly see that the said logo has everything to do with the up and coming GE. Finally the government has decided that to replace the 55th National Day celebration logo with the standard 1 Malaysia logo after a week of public outcry.

As a Malaysian I've always loved this PSA (Public Service Announcement) video, "UNDILAH". Many familiar faces and MP's from both government & opposition parties participated in the making of this clip. Too bad it was being banned for TV. Leave aside political views , I simply like the composition of the song. Kapish!

********** Tak larat , dah pukul 4:30am. Nak kejut Yna for sahur. Sambung esok. **********

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. Oh dear! Habisla kene haruk dgn indon2 lagi ... Thks to our minister yg sgt 'bijaksana' ... Are we Malaysian tht dumb & talentless to d point of keep on 'mencilok' from indon ... this is what happen If we hv one decision maker like pak rais... on d logo pulak is more like a banner to me rather a logo.. Refer to FB ramai budak2 grafik (out of frustration) yg reka logo for our merdeka day yg sgt cantik2 .. Why dont open the competition like b4...

    Teringat isu tarian tor tor pun pak rais jugak yg claim ours... ada apa pak rais dgn indon ni...

    In the end adakah penyokong BN je yg sambut merdeka based on d song & logo... but thank god pak rais dh claim tu bukan logo hari merdeka .. agaknya lps semua org dh kecoh2... now pls remove the song too.. and get local talent to do so.. Haishhh

  2. Eh bes lak lagu undi tu. kenapa kena ban plak kan?.. kalau u upload di FB sure tersebar luas lagu tu...heheh..

  3. kenapalah lagu lagu sekarang bunyi macam sarkis je..ni lah akibatnya kalau muzik tu hanya guna programmer je...situlah drum..situlah gitar..situlah bass..situlah keyboard..etc..(kes nak jimat kos pemuzik )..
    rindu nak dengar balik lagu2 macam zaman rock kapak 80an...lagu2 zaman tu penuh jiwa

  4. setuju amat......why not just play the negara at public places at certain time/period...9am, 12pm 5.30 pm ...some country does that...tourist pun ikut respect....I love my country...

    ntah apa apa...kalau nak ubah...ubah la kepada yg lebih baik....jgn syok sendiri...

    eh..i lebih lak dari tuan tanah...geram.... macih

  5. i rasa kan...tak payah la nak tukar everything on earth in Malaysia to 1 Malaysia concept...adakah jika nanti lain PM, konsep dan segala usaha baik ni berkubur sebab org baru lain konsep lak..ada ke continuity....buat je lah utk kemajuan negara dan rakyat..takde slogan pun takpe..nak bodek sgt pun, sikit sikit utk sudah la..ni segala benda nak letak konsep 1 Malaysia.. I sokong government, but i think some people overdoing it...Dulu Tun M, buat berbagai bagai development ...tak perlu pun slogan...haiyaa...just do it man!!!!