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Sunday, August 19, 2012

15 - 21 Ramadhan 1433

We're in the last week of Ramadhan and I'm still updating happenings in my 3rd week of Ramadhan. Goshh! I have to speed up or else I'll end up with lots and lots of pics in my folder and happenings I might forget.

15 Ramadhan (Sabtu)
Iftar @ Sri Noah Residence , Bukit Antarabangsa

At home sorting out baju-baju yang dibeli semalam. Got home yesterday , terus lepak. Letak barang-barang ke tepi......tak larat nak kelolakan.

There you go. All for my 2 kids. At their age , both of them have their own fashion sense already. Yna's into funky outfits. She hates dresses and skirts. I was persuading her to get herself into a checkered Burberry classic A line dress , something a-la Audrey Hepburn.......tapi nya sik mok. Si Ashel pulak......kalau nak keluar rumah nak pakai seluar jeans. Baju pula tak nak t-shirt , dia nak baju yang berkolar. Kalau nak pakaikan dia T-shirt , jenoh kena pujuk , macam-macam janji kena buat and sometimes I had to go through sessi 'gaduh-gaduh manja' dengan anak lelaki I sorang tu. At times he'll cry coz he doesn't want to wear t-shirts!

I was shopping myself too yesterday at Ampang Point.....hehehe! I've been collecting these cotton crepe tops with lace trimmings. Selesa. Buat pergi mengajar. I've collected almost 30 tops of such in various colours :-)

I first bought 10 of these tops in different colours in Bangkok when I was there in 2011. Bought them as gifts and kept aside 4 tops for myself. Bought at RM16 per piece then. I bought 6 more similar tops when I was in Bangkok last February. The tops costs RM18 per piece but this time they were with extra embroideries , wider lace borders & much more stones trimmings.

I saw these tops in Wangsa Walk *like the 1st collection I bought at RM16 with no lace trimmings di lengan* , selling at RM49.90 per top. In Galaxy Shopping Centre pun ada yang jual at RM39-RM49 per top. In KL Festival City ada juga yang jual at RM45. I once bought 2 more tops at those mobile Thai product vendors *sebelah Ampang Point masa tu*. It was sold at RM25 each. I bought 6 more tops at one of the boutique in Ampang Point at RM35 each.

Cukup cukup belanja untuk baju kerja......terlebih suda. Bila kena pergi mengajar,,,,,pakai je lah ulang-ulang :-)

Hari ni masak kat rumah. Sardin lagi. I like adding more tomato sauce to my gravy. Salt & sugar to taste.

Ashel's a big fan.

MP pergi Param. Lauk lain dia yang beli. I masak Sardin & goreng ikan tenggiri je.

Malam MP ada meeting. Just me and the kids at home. Spent our time supporting Chong Wei at the Olympic men singles finals that was airing live on tele. He played with loads of burden on his shoulders........he carried with him hopes & dreams of 28 million rakyat Malaysia. He united Malaysians in those precious 79 solid minutes regardless political views , race & religion. Awesome! Clearly Chong Wei was devastated when he lost the final match , just by 2 points. Both players , Chong Wei & Lin Dan were excellent world class badminton players. Both had super skills it's just that luck was not on our side during this historic game.

It was heart breaking to see Chong Wei trying so hard to hold his tears on the winner's podium. Poor thing. If you are not,,,,,,I'm proud of Chong Wei. Very proud to see our Jalur Gemilang being raised up side by side with the Chinese flags at the Olympics!

Many Tweeted that Chong Wei lost , you know those tweets yang tidak membina & tak mencerminkan semangat ke-Malaysia-an langsung....tweets yang macam depa tu lagi terror main badminton dari Chong Wei *menyampah aku*.....same thing was updated on many FB statuses.......I was like.......common,,,,,Chong Wei tak kalah laa wei! He's an Olympian. He won an Olympic Silver medal dowh! Lu ada? Hisssshhhh......

16 Ramadhan (Ahad)
Iftar @ Sri Noah Residence , Bukit Antarabangsa

Yup! Sambal Udang Petai instant. Using my favourite instant sambal paste , just add the prawns & petai. Hehehe! Am done peeps. Seriously , this sambal tumis paste is superb. No need to add any S&S to it. Everything is just enough , straight from the packet to the wok. Trust me , people will think that you've spent your day grinding those red chillies.....Nope....you did not....hehehe!

Owh! I did quickly stir fry some Lala with garlic & oyster sauce , fried some chicken & tenggiri cuts. Cencaru sumbat yang tak habis semalam boleh dimakan lagi, I goreng balik.

17 Ramadhan (Isnin)
Iftar @ Madam Lim's Kitchen , Jusco AU2

MP nak berbuka kat luar hari ni. OK. Mek ikut jak. We went to Jusco AU2. Buat reservation kat Madam Lim's then jalan-jalan buang masa. Hmmmm....think am gonna get Ashel his first bike. Not now but soon.

Food we ordered at Madam Lim's this time.

Sotong tepung ni mesti ada bila makan kat sini. Tadi kat Jusco , beli sushi untuk Ashel.

While waiting for break-fast , anak sulong Kak Siti,,,,,si Amir came and salam. Nampak suami Kak Siti , Abang Halim tapi Kak Siti-nya tak nampak pulak. See the man at far end in the photo above? Tu lah suami Kak Siti. Kak Siti ada function buka puasa.

My bundle of joy!

NO! We didn't queue up to get the free Baskin Robbins ice-creams......We bought it. Free ice-cream or not........Cheers to Chong Wei!

18 Ramadhan (Selasa)
Iftar @ Sri Noah Residence , Bukit Antarabangsa

Hari ni nak masak udang lagi. Biasalah.....ada yang I kopek kulit & ada yang tidak. Yang kulit dikopek tu untuk MP & Ashel. Yang tak kopek kulit tu untuk me & Yna.

Meriah dalam periuk tu.....Jangan saspen OK.......nak masak lemak udang,,,,,,,the dumb cooking way....malas menumbuk & malas nak blend pun ye jugak......hehehe! Then I realized asam keping tak de.....hmmmm.....alternatively , I poured in a bottle cap of lemon cordial.......Boleh kot.....hehehe! Tengoklah rasa lemak ni nanti......

Bila kuah malas I tu dah mendidih , I masukkan santan......2 kotak kecil. Add some S&S to taste. Let it bubble away.

Bila kuah dah mendidih , in goes the prawns and my cili padi. Wait a 2 minutes or so , heat off.

Buat telur dadar with mayo & dashes of fish sauce but not too much of it. Goreng ikan tenggiri sikit. Ulam petai & budu.

Iftar today......Nyum! Nyum! Nyum!

Later.........we stayed up to cheer for the pocket rocket man , Azizulhasni Awang. He did well , looking at his contenders.

19 Ramadhan (Rabu)
Iftar @ Sri Noah Residence , Bukit Antarabangsa

Western food nite. You should see MP's face when all of us wanted some fast food for Iftar today....including little Ashel...hahaha!

Me & Yna's favourite channel to watch together is the Food Network Channel & Travel Living Channel. Even dalam bulan puasa ni pun , we love watching these channels. Earlier we saw this celebrity chef having hot dogs.......siap ada honey mustard , chopped onions & beef chilli.

So I made some honey mustard dip , beef chilli with meatballs , some chopped onions & used bottled hot dog relish.

There you go....we created our own dawg!

20 Ramadhan (Khamis)
Iftar @ Mr Teppanyaki , Jusco Alpha Angle

Hari ni ada vocal class kat Kolej Poly-Tech Mara (KPTM) di Cheras. 1st session with the newly formed choir group. KPTM engaged our studio to train their choir for its coming convocation in October in PICC. Ada lagi 10 sessi with the group which will start after raya. Alhamdulillah rezeki dariNya :-)

After class , me & Khalil joined MP and the kids at Jusco Alpha Angle for break-fast. To kill time , MP took the kids to the playland.

MP had already made RSVP for break-fast at Mr Teppanyaki.

After break-fast , we had to rush to Gombak. Yna ada full dress rehearsal for her dance show tomorrow.

Minggu ni will be their 2nd show at The Weld.

Lepas full dress , kena stay lagi sebab the girls had to polish up on their Arabic number.

While the girls menari.........ibu-ibu pun kena tengok jugak sebab time kena tukar baju masa show nanti , each mom will take charge of their own daughter. Training finished quite late , almost 11pm.....had to.....sebab tarian ni depa baru belajar. Pity the other girls coz they had to go to school the next day. Yna selamat laa sebab she's still on her Summer Break lagi.

21 Ramadhan (Jumaat)
Iftar @ Restoran Al-Az Maju , Ukay Perdana

Show day. The girls were quite nervous sebab takut lupa steps. Lepas semua dah siap , their dance teacher , Teacher Nana gave them some pep talk to boost up their confidence level.

1st half of the dance routine.....tarian 1 Malaysia.

Then.....2 team kena gilir-gilir pi tukaq baju.....bersama-sama bonda-bonda masing-masing pun berlari ke belakang stage....hehehe! Kena cepat takut ter-miss cue lagu for them to go up on stage......

Yna dancing in segment 1 & 2.

Yay! The girls did well. Super proud of them.

Lepas show I had to rush to HQ AADK di Bangi. Ada raptai untuk perhimpunan pagi this coming Monday. By the time raptai selesai dah pukul 5 petang. We drove back to Ampang hoping jalan tak lah jem teruk. Alhamdulillah , jalan OK. We decided to head straight to Ukay Perdana. Buka puasa kat Restoran Al-Az Maju. Sambil tunggu nak buka puasa , jalan-jalan dulu kat Param UK Perdana. Masing-masing beli lauk masing-masing......

Ternampak 1 kuih ni....but I don't know its name. Sedap. Warna putih , buat dengan tepung pulut , kat dalam ada inti kelapa & rendam dengan kuah santan.

Hari ni I makan nasi - telur mata - ayam goreng & sambal belacan. Kat Param tadi nampak sayur kacang buncis. Saja belikan untuk Yna. Tapi bila rasa , Yna tak suka sebab sayur tu tak dihiris nipis macam I buat :-)

Hmmmmmm.........dah nak raya. I masih tertunggak post Ramadhan. Mati lah bertimbun balik gambar-gambar. Apapun , I'll try to write as much as I can and update as frequent as possible. Salam.

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. selamat hari raya kak.... as usual,falling in love ngn dumb cooking akak tuh...

  2. Salam Rima dan Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

    I nak tanya brand you pakai untuk sambal tumis petai tu.Merah betul cili dia.Next time boleh I masak short cut mcm you saja.Jimat masa tapi sedap.
    Second thing I noticed setiap kali you masak mesti guna cherry tomato instead normal tomato yg orang lain guna.Any different dear ? I mean the taste? Teringin nak cuba tapi setiap kali pergi pasar mesti lupa.