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Thursday, September 13, 2012

2nd Syawal - Dari Kuala Ke Kuala

2nd day of Syawal , from Kuala Lumpur we headed to Kuala Selangor for a short family escapade. Memang rasa hati tu nak balik Taiping , nak balik Kelantan jumpa family members yang dah lama tak jumpa.......tapi I have to be honest,,,,,,I just cannot tolerate the extreme traffic jam phenomenon. MP lagi lah.....he's happy that neither me nor my parents made any plans untuk balik kampung & what nots. Tapi kalau dah terpaksa,,,,,,have to put the traffic jam problem aside,,,,,kena lah balik kampung jugak. But in our case , we have a choice whether nak balik kampung or not for raya coz my parents is here in KL and MP's parents dah tak ada. Yang ada di Johore Bahru is only MP's siblings and cousins plus his aunties in Muar.

Before pun bila tiba musim perayaan , jalan jem teruk juga,,,,,,,,but since this couple of years back it became so so bad. A major reason why we did not drive long distance during this festive period lately like we used to do :-(

Took us 2 hours to reach Kuala Selangor from Kuala Lumpur. Jalan sesak , starting from the LATAR Expressway exit heading towards Kuala Selangor. MP tak ikut expressway , dia ikut jalan Sungai Buloh-Paya Jaras. Checked-in kat De Palma Inn Kuala Selangor. Made my bookings a month before raya.

Took the Junior Suite coz katanya it's suitable for family.

Just a chalet with basic amenities. OK lah.

We didn't have our breakfast this morning , so after things settled with the room,,,,,,,lapik perut dulu dengan bekal yang dibawa. Then rehat kejap.

Around 3pm-ish we headed to the Coffee House. Late lunch. Customer lain tak de kat dalam Coffee House , 1 jam lebih baru semua food sampai. I faham , tak de staff sebab raya but patience were running thin for MP....hehehe!

Lepas makan , hujan...........the kids dah eager nak swimming. Kena tunggu hujan berhenti dulu baru bawa budak-budak ke pool.

Kids and water.......can't separate them!

I chaperoned the kids to the pool , wore my swim gears underneath my top......kalau perlu baru masuk pool,,,,,,if not just watch them from a near distance :-)

MP came 10 minutes before I called the kids out of the pool.

Nite comes.......we find our way to the Firefly Park at Kampung Bukit Belimbing. We are all first timers. Tak pernah tengok the real firefly except for the Firefly aircraft....huhuhu!

We're all excited except for MP. He will never show his excitement in any circumstances. Oh! Well...what's new.......hahaha!

While waiting for our turn to take the boat ride along the river......saw my BIL Kadir's photos at the park. It was pics of him in the late 80's I think.

We were there around 8:30pm-ish but had to wait till 9:30pm baru counter ticket dibuka balik. Masa kita pergi , ramai visitors......so ticket counter kena tunggu team kat boat roger-roger yang pengunjung dah makin kurang di jetty,,,,,,,then baru counter ticket mula jual ticket balik. Ooooo.....macam tu pulak sistemnya. Another thing , kalau hujan or water tide naik or current air kuat....they will not operate the firefly tour. All for safety reasons. When we completed our tour it was drizzling , sampai kat park entrance,,,,,,,terdengar visitors yang dah sampai tapi team di ticket counter tak boleh jual ticket atas arahan team di jetty. Team di jetty kata arus air dah makin deras. Memanglah frustrated tapi the park kena jaga visitors safety.

Pics above was taken from the net coz we were not allowed to take photos during the tour. Lampu mobile phone pun tak boleh nak flash around.

Dari KL dah plan nak ke Firefly park di Kampung Kuantan as it's the most talk-about park when it comes to fireflies. In-fact on the way to Kuala Selangor town pun dah nampak signboard ke Firefly Park Kampung Kuantan. MP pun dah tanya-tanya-kan jalan ke park tu dari budak front desk kat hotel. Tapi tadi masa tengah tunggu hujan reda sebelum bawa budak-budak swimming , I took the opportunity to browse the net for infos on the firefly park at Kampung Bukit Belimbing.

Hmmmmm......the first thing that hit me was the boat! Di Kampung Kuantan guna sampan. Di Bukit Belimbing guna a covered fiber-glass boats. Price is slightly higher di Bukit Belimbing @ RM15 per pax. Di Kampung Kuantan @ RM10 per pax and the sampan can accommodate 4 person.

Apapun it's up to one's preference......as it was raining earlier, with a toddler in tow , having to take a river tour in the darkness of the night.......hmmmm......we went with the fiber-glass boats at Bukit Belimbing.

It was an amazing sight when we got to get closer to the Berembang trees along the riverbank of Selangor River,,,,silently viewing the fireflies flashing luminous flashes of light that is truly a magnificent sight to the eyes of the beholder. Thank you Allah for this 8th Wonder of the World :-)

Done with fireflies , now nak Jalan Jalan Cari Makan pulak. Banyak info dalam net katanya the best place to have a seafood lunch or dinner is at Pasir Penambang. It's obviously a Chinese fishing village......fine with me. My parents pun OK dengan kawasan Cina,,,,,,tak de hal. In-fact we've lived next to a Chinese cemetery back in Taiping.......huhuhu! According to friends & what I read in the net , it's OK for Muslims to eat at seafood restaurants here tapi......dunno why,,,,,,we don't feel quite like it.

We saw few Muslim families dine here that nite but it just didn't convince us enough though. Even asked for an opinion from an experienced tour-guide friend of mine about eating here,,,,,,I was told that none of the restaurants here were being certified as Halal from JAIS or JAKIM. Hmmmmmm......how laaa?

So frustrating , Pasir Penambang is a major tourist spot in Kuala Selangor. Many Muslims makan kat situ by word of mouth punya Halal certification. Baguslah kalau memang ye seafood restaurants kat situ Halal but it would be much better kalau betul-betul dapat Halal certification dari badan berkuasa. Kalau Pasir Penambang ni bukan tempat tarikan pelancong , macam kat pasar Cina biasa je,,,,,,tak de hal lah.....but it's a tourism product of Selangor,,,,,rasanya State Government ought to do something about it.

We took a short walk around Pasir Penambang *parking can be a nightmare!* , banyak produk makanan laut kering yang dijual,,,,,ada yang jual pakai timbang kilo dan ada yang dah dipaketkan. Almost all makanan laut kering yang dipaketkan ada logo Halal.

Since tak jadi makan seafood kat Pasir Penambang , we headed back to Kuala Selangor town. Drove uptown and saw a 24 hours Mamak restaurant , Restoran Sri Kassim. Mamak pun Mamak lah der......tak de hal.....janji Halal. Walaupun kat dalam restoran tu ada ayat Quran bergantungan.......I tengok je my Papa. He will only eat when he's really convinced that it's truly a Mamak restaurant. Melilau mata dia tengok waiter & serba-serbi kat dalam restoran tu.....hehehe! Bukan apa , banyak kes lately,,,,,,,ada yang ambil kesempatan atas logo Halal & sesuka hati gantung ayat Quran dalam restoran untuk nak kabur-kan mata pelanggan Muslim. Masih ramai orang Islam kita yang confuse........tentang India yang beragama Islam & India yang beragama Hindu. Makanan yang dijual kat restoran masing-masing boleh dikatakan sama je. Ada roti canai , ada briyani , ada kari ayam , ada kari kambing & other delicious Indian food. Tapi yang bezanya , satu kedai India Muslim yang kita panggil Mamak dan yang satu lagi kedai pure Indian. Kalau kita yang Melayu Islam ni makan kat kedai Mamak.....Insya'Allah , makanan yang dijual tu Halal sebab depa pun Muslim jugak. Tapi kalau kat kedai India? How sure are we that the chicken or mutton is Halal? Kadang-kadang kita terlupa kat situ disebabkan the cuisine served at both restaurants are similar :-) I do eat at Indian restaurant and my favourite restaurant is Raju's in PJ. I ate there coz the restaurant is Halal.

Kalau ada Indian or Chinese readers......harapnya janganlah kecil hati sebab issue Halal & Haram is part of Islam. It's part of my religion.

I have a close family friend , an Indian Uncle who's a Christian. I used to celebrate Christmas with his family when I was living in Taiping. The last time I celebrated Xmas with him & his family was in the early 2000's. Tak ingat the exact year. Went to his home in Ipoh with MP , Yna & my parents. His name is Paul Selveraj and I call him Uncle Paul. He respected my family & his other Muslim friends as he fully understood that the Halal & Haram issue is a big thing in Islam. What he did was , whenever he wanted to invite his Muslim friends for any makan-makan session at his home , he'll only use cooking utensils & plates that he had specially reserved for his Muslim guests. Uncle Paul akan beli ayam & daging & etc dari orang Islam. *TQ Uncle* Well,,,,,,back to Sri Kassim..........."Batcha'.....mee goreng Mamak satow!..."

By 10pm-ish.....dah balik ke hotel. Tadi singgah 7/11 beli jajan.......kot-kot lapar malam-malam nanti. Cuaca memang sejuk sebab by the time we got back to the hotel,,,,,dah hujan renyai. Baru 2 hari raya , TV pun memang berderet tayang show & movie raya. Apa lagi , layan TV aaaaa,,,,,sambil tu boleh online *kali ni bawa WiFi sendiri*.....jimat sikit , kalau guna WiFi hotel sejam mana cukup , mesti nak berjam-jam....hehehe! Kalau nak WiFi free kena ke lobby area. Tak kuasa. Cuma lupa bawa extension plug & plug adapter. Dah suruh MP bawa , dia lupa. Kat bilik ni ada 3 plug point. 1 untuk TV, 1 untuk fridge, 1 free. Gadgets yang nak kena guna letrik 1 WiFi , 2 laptops & to charge 1 tab , 1 Ipod Touch , 4 mobiles , 1 PSP.........hehehe.......Called house-keeping , nasib baik depa ada plug adapter......

Selamat satu lagi update post-raya. 2 more to go....eh 3 more....eh many more le.....hehehe! Tunggu!

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. Good entri... Cite ttg halal ni teringat i few yrs back... a fren of mine ajak makan Thai food at tmn dagang yg kononnya famous sgt tu... Sekali lalu terpampang signboard besar dgn iklan tiger beer.... i ty dia sure ke halal... dia ckp halal... Then i ty dia balik kalau halal mana tanda halal dia ... Dia jwp balik halal tgk tu ramai Melayu pakai tudung makan... AHAHAHHA... ketawa besar i... tanda halal ada bila org2 bertudung makan... sorila gerak hati i say otherwise... terus tak jd makan... Bak kata arwah ayah i tu psl perangai org2 Islam sekrg makin teruk byk sgt makan yg haram ... jd darah daging..

  2. seronok....
    anak2 akak mmg suke sgt berendam.... jd ikan duyung
    kalu balik ke terengganu pun ada 1 tempat utk tgk kelip2.... nnti kalu balik sana lg nk bwk aiyan pg tgk, msti dia suke... skrg dh bsr skit dia...

  3. kesian orang bandar ...hari raya pun tak sudi jengah adik beradik sedara mara di kampung hanya atas alasan takut jalan jem...sanggup pi beraya dgn kelip2 kaedahnya....

    1. raya dgn serangga tak payah susah payah hidang lauk pauk...heheheheeh

  4. Anonymous - it's my raya , not yours. get lost!