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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Diwali

Long overdue.......

Firstly , I hated the new blogger outlook kat dashboard. Tak suka. Dah bertahun guna format lama , tetiba ditukar pada yang baru ni......kekok nak menulis. Ada some good features that comes with this new outlook but I just don't like it.....plus am gonna have to move to a new blog address soon. Due to no more photo space for me to upload my pics onto BBB4. 

Anyway,,,,,back to updating this blog of mine. Lama sepi. Tuan tanah busy.....hehehe!

Sabtu lepas (November 24th) selesai sudah Majlis Pembukaan MAHA 2012 di MAEPS, Serdang. Glad that the Ministry Of Agriculture's choir performed well. The choir group sang 3 songs at the opening ceremony. Been working on this project since June. Now , I've another one or two rehearsal sessions with the choir before their closing performance on November 4th. Will upload some photos later. Tengah edit......

In between my busy working schedule , I managed to squeeze in some time for mi familia. 

In honour of my Ceylonese grandpa (on mom's side) , I took the opportunity to introduce Diwali to my kids. Yes, besides being partly Chinese,,,,,,am partly Indian too. Proud of my roots.

On Diwali Eve recently , I took my kids to visit the Batu Caves in Selayang. A famous Hindu shrine in KL. The last time I visited Batu Caves was back in the late 90's with my friends.

Beautiful work done on the Lord Murugan statue.

Some may be uneasy with me visiting Batu Caves and I'm not going to say "ada aku kisah" or anything. Let's educate ourselves with some facts first. OK....let's open up a little bit here. Yes , it's a place of worship for the Hindus......but it's also a tourist attraction site. Visitors from all over the world come to visit this very temple daily and I think we locals should too. Not many Malay visitors were here during my visit but I can tell Muslim tourists from Indonesia were there that day. We did the same when we travelled overseas to China & India. Without hesitation we'll visit their Buddhist & Hindu Temples. We did the same in Bali by visiting the famous Tanah Lot Temple & other Hindu temples there. We have no sceptical feelings when we visited the Oh! so many Wat Siam in Thailand.....come on now , don't look at me as if I'm an apostate. Shishhhh.......

I was there with my kids & 2 vocal students , Khalil & Ikhmal. We had a fun time feeding the birds. Ashel was so excited to be surrounded by the pigeons. He was happily running around & chasing those birds away!

Our next mission......to climb a very steep flight of 272 steps all the way up to the cave. It's free , no entrance fee.

Before we start climbing , we bought some drinks. As you go up , make sure to hide your drinking bottles sebab ada monyet-monyet yang berkeliaran kat tangga , they'll come to you sebab mahukan minuman dalam botol tu. 

I took my time. Penat siol!

The kids dah lama sampai but they had to wait for me....hehehe! Akhirnya sampai jugak ke atas......time to enter the cave.


Exploring deeper into the cave.....

More shrine in the cave......

Hmmmmm......there's a Dark Cave. Dunno what's in it....

Turun dari gua......another round of playing with the pigeons! 

We continued exploring the site by visiting these colourful stalls that's situated outside of the temple. 

Brightly coloured flowers everywhere , all set for Diwali the next day.

Oh my goodness......an array of Indian sweet treats for Diwali! Eh.....tart nenas pun ada OK.....that's new....hehehe!

I went nuts tasting these delicious sweet stuff. I love them. 

Ghee Balls , Milk Candy , Coconut Candy.......arrrghhhhh......sweet heaven!

I bought those sweet treats. They're not cheap as its basic ingredients consists of fresh cow's milk , sugar & ghee. I spent almost RM100 buying bits of what I like. I bought 2 types of milk candy. The one from this small milk bottle shape stall sells milk candy that's not too sweet but has a very creamy taste. OK for me but I love the sweeter ones that I bought at a different stall *wink*. 

Later we joined MP at Ali Maju Restaurant in Ukay Perdana. We had a hefty Indian dinner. Cheese Nan , Chicken Tandoori , Chapati , Prata......simply delicious Indian food.

Yes! My Indian sweet treats all for me , me , me.......

Happy Diwali to me.....hehehe!

A note for me : One day , I would like to make a trip to Sri Lanka. There's no chance of me meeting family members of my late grandpa , Abdul Raman but enough for me to just be able to explore his land of birth , knowing that I am part of it too. I've never met you Dada Gyi and never will but you are inside of me no matter what. With love.

Photos copyrighted to VOCALWEALTH NETWORKS. Unless expressed permission has been granted by Miss Rima Rashidi, you may not copy any images from this site. Using images from this site without permission is prohibited.


  1. seronok tgk si ashel ngn brg merpati tuh heheh... tak slh rasanyer akak pg ke bt caves...kire mcm history or geography lesson utk yna ngn ashel, dulu abah dana penah keje sbgai pembantu am kt sekolah tamil, n setiap kali diwali msti abah akan bwk balik muruku n manisan2 dr cikgu2 yg sambut diwali... kiteorg 1family mmg suke.. n skrg bile kami dh bsr nih, bile time diwali msti teringat saat2 dulu time lyn segala muruku n sweet2 time diwali...

  2. Salam,

    Lamanya tak jenguk BBB... Good to see all is well on your side..

    I love gulab jamun & ghee ball... My fav.. one Punjabi restaurant at masjid India has all these n the capati superb..soft & 100% atta flour..

    Bila nak bersuwarno lagi ye masing2 bz.